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According to this, the Egyptians believed that the soul was made of 5 parts. (This post will basically be the summing up of the Wiki article, and the Yu-Gi-Oh! perspective).

1. Jb (Heart) - The seat of the will, emotions, and intentions.

2. Sheut (Shadow) - It contains some portion of the person it follows. Pharaohs kept boxes with pieces of their Sheut in them.

3. Ren (Name) - As long as a name was still known, the person’s soul still existed. Remembrance of the names of the dead was very important for this reason.

4. Ba (Personality?) - Basically, your Ba is who you are. But inanimate objects could also have Ba, so it wasn’t something strictly living. It lives after the body dies. It is depicted as a human-headed bird. It’s nighttime flights causes dreams. (On that note, I’m really interested on where the heck my Ba goes every night.)

5. Ka (Life) - As long as your Ka was in your body, you were alive. When it left and united with your Ba, you were dead. This one is simple.

So, we know that, in Yu-Gi-Oh!, people’s ka could become/were physically incarnated as monsters. The strength of your ba determined the strength of your ka. Whether your ba was good or evil also influenced your monster.

Some monsters were made of their owners ba and ka, and these were especially powerful, as well as emotive in their card forms (Blue-Eyes White Dragon, Dark Magician, and I assume Dark Magician Girl as well).

Monsters were capable of possessing people, either destroying and then assuming the place of someone’s ba, or assimilating it into themselves (again, see BEWD).

@microraptorglider and I have been discussing the Yu-Gi-Oh! incarnation theory pretty intently, and I think these ‘5 parts of the soul‘ thing might help with that.

Kisara’s, Mahad’s, and Mana’s ka/ba/ren/sheut/jb are all in their monsters. They can’t be reincarnated. Mahad’s and Mana’s souls are in the afterlife - but not Kisara’s, which I’ll get to later.

Grandpa’s, Kaiba’s, and Ishezu’s souls are composed of their own jb, their own sheut, and their own ba. Grandpa had his own ren as well. But Kaiba and Ishezu had their past selves’ ren and ka. Their past selves’ jb, sheut, and ba were what we saw when Atem went to the afterlife and we saw Seto, Mahad, etc. waiting for him.

Atem has his own jb, ren, and ba. But he was dead. So Yugi had his ka, and also, I believe, his sheut. When a soul died, the ba and ka are supposed to unite as one. Atem’s ba and ka did not, so Atem’s ka in Yugi did not have the Pharaoh’s ba to match his ka, giving him a different personality. Atem was Yugi’s ‘dark other half‘, so I assume that Yugi also got his sheut from him, as Atem no longer had a physical body. (Basically, same thing applies for Bakura/Thief King)

Kisara … urgh. She’s a weird one. BEWD stole/possessed/destroyed/was(?) both her ba and ka, but she was probably born that way. (Was she that way from her very conception?) She has so many question marks by her name, it’s hard to say how she fits. I’m gonna try this …

  1. Kisara’s jb is not the same as BEWD’s jb (It’s an engine of destruction, she was sweet, naive, and mostly harmless)
  2. Kisara’s sheut is the same as BEWD’s (She does have an airy, non-human quality to her, possibly because she has a dragon’s shadow/awareness of herself. BEWD actually is her sheut too, maybe.)
  3. Kisara’s ren is not the same as BEWD’s (Her soul and the BEWD’s was pretty close to one and the same, but they were not the same-named creature, I THINK. This one could really go either way. Does remembering BEWD mean Kisara is remembered forever? Is Kisara living in BEWD’s name?)
  4. Kisara’s ba/ka, as we have already said, are BEWD.

But her soul was not in the afterlife, even while Mahad and Mana’s were. Obviously, her soul is still living in the BEWD. More likely, she actually doesn’t have a soul of her own that can go to the afterlife, as both her ba and ka are in the BEWD. I mean, she does (possibly) have her own ren, but as her name was never remembered throughout time, it was probably destroyed - or something.

{Of course, if her ren was also the BEWD’s ren, than she would still be alive, only inside of the BEWD. That part of her/its soul would be wrapped up in BEWD’s existence, its ka and ba. So, in other words, if they have the same ren, then Kisara is just the BEWD anyway, basically.}

In the list above, I mostly just went with my gut feelings. For all of them, it really could have gone either way. Like I said, we just don’t know anything about her. She’s the crazy exception to all the rules, or maybe we just don’t know the rules.

Any questions, comments? Go right ahead. I’ll get back to you as soon as I can.