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With this article I will try to explain why three certain aspects in the plot of P2 impressed me a lot: Namely how P2 included Lovecraft’s writings, how IS included the Heilige Lanze/Holy Lance/Spear of Destiny/Spear of Longinus and how EP included the NWO:


As for P2’s depiction of Lovecraft’s writings it is spot on. P2 does include Cosmicism as invented by Lovecraft namely that humans are basically unimportant overall and overestimate their value. Nyarlathotep does point this out though just like in Lovecraft’s writings he is the one Lovecraft deity who bothers with humanity (in a mischievous way but the others care far less than him).

I also liked little stuff like the Pharaoh reference with Joker’s mask since Joker/Jun is Nyarly’s messenger in IS. Nyarlathotep also uses propaganda (in P2’s case the rumor system) similar to his characterization in the short story Nyarlathotep. Him changing his appearance might be connected to “The Whisperer in Darkness” in which Nyarlathotep takes the place of a folklorist called Henry Akeley. This is probably the basis for Nyarlathotep disguising as the Time Count in EP.

Tatsuya’s scenario goes full Lovecraft mode with references to the stories “The Haunter of the Dark” (in which a cult uses an artifact described as a “crazily angled stone” which is called “Shining Trapezohedron” which summons an avatar of Nyarlathotep), “Cats of Ulthar" (in which Abyssinian cats appear), “The Dream Quest of Unknown Kadath” (Randolph Carter and Nodens who helps Carter in the original story and who is an avatar of Philemon in Tatsuya’s scenario and the castle Kadath in which Nyarlathotep resides) and “Through the Gates of the Silver Key” (Swami Chandraputra), the alien language R’lyehian which appears in “Through the Gates of the Silver Key” and so much more.

Something that I also liked in P2 is how it helped to portray how dreams inspired Lovecraft’s writings. Nyarly after all emerged from one of Lovecraft’s dreams since the short story Nyarlathotep was inspired by one of Lovecraft’s nightmares henceforth why according to Jung Lovecraft deities would be archetypes from the Unconscious.

Nyarlathotep also serves as a counterpart to Philemon regarding the butterfly motif with the black butterfly (butterfly is a symbol for soul and psyche) and also as an archetype. Nyarly is just like Philemon archetypical (Phil is the advisor, Nyarly a devil archetyp) which why both appear in the Unconscious. They reside in the Monad Mandala in the final showdown since according to Jung in the unconscious we discover mandala symbols (can appear in dreams or visions). Monad derives from Leibniz’s Monadologie. Monads are similar to atoms and are described as the smallest individual unit of spiritual substances.

P2 included Lovecraft themes really well, the best I have seen in video games. I have played other Lovecraft inspired games like Koudelka and Shadow Hearts which I like as well. I have also seen Saya no Uta which is also inspired by Lovecraftian themes (it was one of the most distrubing games I have seen). P2 in my opinion sticked very close to the sources in my opinion and portrayed the themes accurately, it’s sad that many people haven’t been able to play Tatsuya’s scenario.


I was surprised how accurately P2 portrayed the legend of the Holy Lance. I have first heard about it when I was 13 and learned about German Monarchy in German history in school and P2 portrays exactly like how I learned it in school.

One of the soldiers, however, pierced his side with a spear, and immediately blood and water flowed out -John 19:34

It is mentioned in the Gospel of John and is basically a symbol for the Resurrection of Jesus happening since his death is confirmed with it. Just like Nyarly mentions in the game Christ’s blood flowed onto this spear.

-Heinrich I.

-Otto I.

The German King Heinrich I. won a battle against Hungary and he claimed that this was because he used the Holy Lance and that the one who possesses the Holy Lance is invincible (which is why Nyarlathotep mentions this rumor after Maya is stabbed by Okamura). Heinrich’s son Emperor Otto I. also claimed that the Holy Lance allowed him to win against the army of Hungary. The lance they used became one of the insignia of the German emperors. It was brought to a museum in Wien (Vienna) to hide it when Napoleon entered Germany. The lance also caught the attention of Hitler and the Nazis. Hitler wrote about it in his book full of crap ideologies and the lance was later brought to Nürnberg by the Nazis.

The lance was saved by the armies of the Allies at the end of WWII and brought back to the museum in Vienna. There were actually rumors that the lance actually sunk in the sea and also that the lance that was brought to Vienna was a copy and that the Allies kept the lance for themselves. However the lance was carefully examined and it definitely is the original lance the German kings and emperors used.

The lance in the game also looks exactly like the Lance in Hofmuseum in Vienna.

The whole portrayal of the lance in P2 also fits regarding New Age Theories regarding the lance like Trevor Ravenscroft’s 1973 book, The Spear of Destiny or the The Mark of the Beast also by Trevor Ravenscroft.

I also like how when Maya is stabbed by Okamura it looks exactly like Jesus being pierced on the right side of his body on artworks. In EP Maya’s wound arises again as a bruise after she meets Tatsuya, described as a stigma fittingly.

I like that the portrayal of the lance legend includes actual legends about the lance and New Age theories which is fodder for Nyarlathotep.

For the lulz:

I have found a typical German treasure hunt movie (there are several ones about the Bernstein Zimmer, one about the Nibelungen treasure etc.) which focuses on the Lance.

Its name is Die Jagd nach der Heiligen Lance (The Hunt/Quest for the Holy Lance). Under the title it says “Jede Schatzsuche begint mit einer Legende” (every treasure hunt begins with a legend) and “Die Heilige Lanze – Wer sie in Händen hält, bestimmt das Schicksal der Welt.“ (the Holy Lance – the one who holds it in his/her hands determines the fate of the World). This movie was released in 2010 from what I have seen however it also seems to be inspired by New Age Theories so I added this to portray how accurate P2 included stuff like this. P2 IS also includes New Age theories about Crystal skulls due to the Mayan and Aztec theme in IS which gives P2 a bit of Indiana Jones vibe.

I have seen several people mention Neo Genesis Evangelion’s lance:

I personally think that Neo Genesis Evangelion’s lance is just using the name for the sake of using the term just like pretty much every Christian term in EVA. Nothing about the actual legend of the lance is actually used except the name.


Nyarlathotep basically makes fun of the Illuminati/New World Order theories in EP since it is the counterpart of the fear of the Grand Cross from IS.

The real Bavarian Illuminati founded by Adam Weishaupt were an Enlightenment-era society who opposed prejudice, religion influencing public life, abuses of state power and they supported gender equality. They were disbanded in 1785 by the government. Rumors about them pulling strings and being masterminds in the shadows still exist since back then though. The NWO/NEW WORLD ORDER theories claim that the Illuminati or organizations similar to them still exist and rule the world mostly via to the mass media which is exactly what the NWO in EP is doing as well. They do pull the strings and the whole theme fits P2’s media theme.

The Kegare energy the enemies try to collect in EP derives from Shintoism. Kegare is the Shinto word for pollution and defilement. Typical causes are death, childbirth, disease and menstruation. It’s closely connected to tsumi (taboo, crime, sin) however in contrast to tsumi, kegare is sometimes also external and it is no form of moral judgment The energy collecting part is the mirror image to what happened with the Masked Circle and Ideal Energy.
you are stardust;
you are the first rain
that ever soaked the ground;
and you are pharaohs
and their golden masks;
you are the dusts of Babylon
and the ashes of Pompeii;
you are both Icarus
and the Sun;
you are Cesar’s blood
and the blade of the knife;
you are the hum of waves,
and the song of sirens;
you are a thousand heartbeats,
and the quiet in between.
You are stardust
and you are the stars,
the moons and the suns;
at once - you are everything,
and you have the world
at your fingertips.
—  m.v., You are a child of galaxies