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Nicol Bolas Instructs the Fallen Gods
Voice of All, Flavoracle
Nicol Bolas Instructs the Fallen Gods

MTG Scenes That Must’ve Happened: Nicol Bolas Instructs the Fallen Gods

Nicol Bolas: “Scorpion God, your duty is to kill each of the remaining gods of Amonkhet. You shall not rest until all five have been destroyed.”

Scorpion God: “I obey, God-Pharaoh.”

Nicol Bolas: “Scarab God, your duty is to lead my army of Eternals and wipe out the mortal survivors. You shall not rest until every citizen of Nactamun has been hunted down.”

Scarab God: “I obey, God-Pharaoh.”

Nicol Bolas: “Locust God, your duty is to destroy the Hekma.”

Locust God: “…and?”

Nicol Bolas: “And what?”

Locust God: “That’ll only take me, like, five minutes. What do you want me to do once the barrier is down?”

Nicol Bolas: “You know… locust-y stuff.”

Locust God: “Locust-y stuff? Really?”

Nicol Bolas: *puts hands on hips*

Locust God: *sighs, rolls eyes* “Yes, God-Pharaoh…”

Bringing to life @flavoracle’s excellent goof! Always fun :D

Nicol Bolas: Regula

Scorpion God: @coincidencetheories

Scarab God: Me!

Locust God: @flavoracle

What the fuck is wrong with Shadi? During the decade or so of his death and wandering around as a ghost with the Millennium Scales letting some Egyptian god eat people, did not think ever at one point think to check up on the kids he died in front of. Then he goes to Marik and tells him the Pharaoh fucked his life up. I guess he didn’t check up on Aigami because Aigami went and fucked up on his own life. Other questions: What’s with the turban? I guess ghosts can also change their outfits. How did he pet Yugi’s head? How did he rig that death trap in their school? I don’t know how ghosts work. Was Shadi actually ageless, Yami Bakura called him an old man. Who even was this guy?

About Yugi Mutou, Bullying and Inner Strength

Ok so for the first day of the #FebYgoChallenge I’m gonna talk about Yugi. It’s really no secret that he’s my favourite character and there was never any doubt with it. I’ve waited for a good chance to talk about why I love Yugis character so much, since it’s a very personal matter and has a lot to do with my past and I think this is a good opportunity to do so. 

I actually cannot pinpoint the time where I stared to prefer Yugi over Yami/Atemu. Propably around the time where i started to mature a little and was in the middle of puberty. Yami was always in the lead and always the cool and colledtec one and I admired him when I was a kid and watched the show the frist time around. He was the hero and at first, Yugi seemed weak to me in comparison to Yami. But without really realizing it, during the time I joined fanfiction sites and got into the Puzzleshipping fandom, Yugi just snuck up on me and made himself the number one. His importance for me grew more or less just as he grew within the show. I guess it didn’t hurt that he was usually the main character in most fanfics, usually with everything told from his perspective, either. Before I even registered it I was so proud and inspired by Yugis growth, his strength in kindness, his ability to enjoy life and being playful by keeping his inner child allive….more or less everything he stands for. 

More importantly, though: Yugi shares some very important and strong traits that I deeply respect about him, though i will only talk about the most important two from my point of view.

1. His ability to forgive, or in Yamis words: his kindness.

2. Him overcoming and growing through negative experiences

Now let me explain that a little since it has to do a lot with my character and my past why I love and respect Yugi so much. I am a pessimistic optimist. Meaning I always expect the worst in every situation and out of people in general. It’s been (and is still) pounded in my head by my family and I can’t get rid of that. But, on the other hand, I always hope for the best. That makes me quite vulnerable imo since I usually am either confirmed in my expecting the best or I get strengthened in my by my family often so-called naivity. I feel connected to Yugi in a very basic way: I was bullied myself for a long time. The bullying actually was the strongest around the time I got into Puzzleshipping. Yugi being bullied was something I could relate to on a very strong emotional level, being a every emotional being to the point of it being bad for my health how seriously I take things to heart and soul. The bullying left a deep impact on me. One so strong, that honestly speaking, I am still struggling with overcoming, years after the end of most of it. For a long time, I was wary and cautious about what people think and talk about me, before I learned the first lesson of life being simply to short to be ashamed of things I enjoyed. Neverthelesss, there are still issues left, especially my self-confidence and my insecurities in general concerning social interactions and other people. Another issue: I don’t forgive easily since I get caught up in my emotions, especially the negative ones, even though I try and go slow steps into bettering myself. And Yugi is one of the reasons I want to better myself in that aspect. Yugi is a role model for me in that aspect since he can forgive, and only the strongest persons can. And he defeated the problems the bullying brought and is not socially incompetent but actually quite skilled with other people, that’s very admirable. Yugi inspires me because he went out of everything not only all right, but stronger, more confident and just in generall better than ever. He overcame the negative effects and the weaknesses and even developed strength by doing so. His self-confidence at the end of the show is especially inspiring and I want to follow his example. Furthermore, it’s not only a sign of inner strength but just simply good for the piece of mind and genereall psychologial well-being of a person to leave tings in the past withouth them dragging you down. I still need to learn all of that and it’s a slow process but I am giving my best, because I want to be just as strong as Yugi is.

Note: please forgive me any spelling or grammar mistakes, it’s 7 am in the morning after an all-nighter but it was just too important of a post to delay^^


Here’s Hiiragis parents!

Sho never mastered his quirk correctly so all he can do is make little flames with is index fingers; you’ll never need to worry about forgetting your lighter with him around //sHOT. He’s a bit awkward but he’s very smart and a really good daddy cook!

Tina in the other hand is very outgoing and loud, much like her son (she used to be the class delinquent back in the days so she can be rather brute and rowdy)- She’s a hair stylist! Her quirk gives her the ability to turn into any type of hound dog, her fav being Pharaoh hound :)

Some family life?

You could say the house is a very boisterous place with Hiiragi and his mother yapping at each other on a daily, and/or getting into some sort of argument. Nonetheless they make up fairly quick once they realize it was over silly things. Sho doesn’t usually step in if he’s around because he knows things will be fine. (he’d probably be making some sweets for them after they’re done with their bickering.)

Any pets?

Nope, no pets sadly.

How good is he with making his own food?

Hiiragi is actually fairly good with cooking! Sho teaches him everything he needs to know <:3c

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hanzo shimada is the punk that trips over his own shoelaces, probably carries snails over the road so they don't get run over and cries when he sees jesse's shirt ride up when he stretches bc he's just so gay

Oh totally! Especially at the gym, seeing jesse in those tiny short shorts, finally getting a better look at those soft thighs. And my god does the gay hit him H A R D. And jesse looks over and gives him the sweetest smile. Genji is just in the background having the time of his life.

Call out post

-incredibly kind
-talented as fuck
-one of the most creative minds I have ever met
-a genuinely hilarious and fun person
-did I mention talented? This girl can write a goddamn story
-like seriously I’ve read her stuff that ISNT fanfiction and oh boy 👌🏻👌🏻 quality content
-she’s a top quality person all around to be honest
-also shes cute as fuck. Have you seen her? that face? That’s an A+ face right there.

(Honourable mention:
-draws cool things and supports me and all of her friends
-will cosplay fanfiction characters which is absolutely amazing and one of my favourite things about her
-will work herself into the fucking ground because she’s so dedicated to churning out quality content, and while she definitely deserves breaks more, it always pays off)

I could honestly make this post 5x as long and still not cover half of what I love about this person, and I’m sure other people would have more to add.
She deserves the world and I love her.

Goddess Of Mystery (Ahkmenrah)

Part 1/17

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Part 6 Part 7 Part 8 Part 9 Part 10 Part 11Part 12 Part 13 Part 14 Part 15 Part 16 Part 17

Summary: A teenage girl runs to the museum every night for the safety from her parents. It was the same thing every night, talking to the Pharaoh while he still slept in his sarcophagus. Although, tonight was different, and she gets sent back in time to ancient egypt.

Words: 1635

Originally posted by seraphsfire

        I ran down the streets of New York City, heading towards the one place that gave me the serenity I so desired. Bumping in to many of workers heading home for the night, and tourists exploring the night life of the city, I mumbled a short ‘sorry’ towards them as I continued to run. To run towards the one place where I was free from the judgment of my parents and others- The Museum of Natural History. Reaching the museum, I went up the steps taking two at time. It was impressive I didn’t trip, seeing as that I was still wearing those 6-inch heels that my mother forced me into wearing for her gala.

      Stopping right in front of the doors, I tried to compose myself as best I could. Straightening out the two-piece white A-line gown and wiping off the smeared mascara from under my eyes. It was a few minutes after closing, but 10 minutes before it was sundown, there was still some light so it was easy for me to find my way to the museum. Even if it was dark, I still wouldn’t be able to miss this place because of how frequent I visit it as soon as it closes. It was safe to say that the night guard and I were friends- although he was more like a father figure to me than my own father is. One of the many doors was always unlocked for me, and it was the same one every time.

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