pharaoh life

Patti Smith, 1976, by Lynn Goldsmith. 

“I don’t consider writing a quiet, closet act: I consider it a real physical act. When I’m home writing on a typewriter, I go crazy. I move like a monkey. I’ve wet myself. I’ve come in my pants writing….Instead of shooting smack, I masturbate – fourteen times in a row…I start seeing Aztec mountains…I see weird things. I see temples, underground temples, with the doors opening, sliding door after sliding door, Pharaoh revealed – this bound-up Pharaoh with ropes of gold. That’s how I write a lot of my poetry.”

~ Patti Smith in 1971, from Patti Smith: An Unauthorized Biography, by Victor Bockris and Roberta Bayley 

In Life you Must...

Forgive like Yugi Mutou

Dream like Anzu Mazaki 

Defend like Jounouchi Katsuya 

Support like Honda Hiroto

Work like Seto Kaiba

Aspire like Mai Kujaku 

Fight like Bakura Ryou

Teach like Suguroku Mutou

Overcome like Malik Ishtar

Change like Pegasus Crawford

Sacrifice like Pharaoh Atem

and most importantly

Love by putting them all together. 

What the fuck is wrong with Shadi? During the decade or so of his death and wandering around as a ghost with the Millennium Scales letting some Egyptian god eat people, did not think ever at one point think to check up on the kids he died in front of. Then he goes to Marik and tells him the Pharaoh fucked his life up. I guess he didn’t check up on Aigami because Aigami went and fucked up on his own life. Other questions: What’s with the turban? I guess ghosts can also change their outfits. How did he pet Yugi’s head? How did he rig that death trap in their school? I don’t know how ghosts work. Was Shadi actually ageless, Yami Bakura called him an old man. Who even was this guy?

Random YGO Thought

All right, the following scenario: One of your duelist dorks (Yugi, Atem, Seto, Joey, etc.) marries, the ship doesn’t matter just….marriage, ok.

You can’t tell me that the decision on who of the couple keeps his last name WON’T be decided by the means of a duel. They literaly save the world with dueling, major and minor fights are solved by dueling, you can’t tell me that they wouldn’t settle the last name thing with a duel.


Is it possible…?

Could it be you…?

We already had accepted the fact that you had gone Home…

Though our bonds through Time, did not weaken in the least…


Is it really possible for you to come back…?

But maybe…

The truth is, you never really left.

And that somewhere in Time, we are all fated to meet again. 

This pending comeback has had me reflect on all the years that has passed. It might sound fickle or childish but this show came and left me during a time of really painful moments…moments that lead me to who and where  I am now. 

Moments that opened and closed a lot of doors for me. Memories that still challenge me ‘til this day.

That’s why…maybe that’s why hearing about its release has had me emotional. For many fans it might be the fun and games of dueling that has lasted this past 20 years. But for the lost me, the game and the friends I met through it was an added bonus (but in no way much less). As Atem was finding his way back Home, the questions he had regarding himself, regarding who he was and who he  is, and who he can be…the purpose and wisdom behind every moment, every memory… all that struck a mighty chord in me. 

So now….this. This makes me look back, and reevaluate myself again. In this journey of coming and going, arriviniving or returning…

Who have I become?

Being part of a group project is infuriating when you’re trying to get in contact with your group members but they seldom respond. We’ve got a presentation coming up, people. Look alive.

I get that people are busy. Hell, I’m busy. I’ve got more papers due than I can keep track of. And we’ve already established that meeting up in-person outside of class won’t work because of conflicting schedules. Our professor suggested we Skype which I thought was a great idea so I emailed the group with my Skype username like let’s just find a way to collaborate. We don’t have much time but no one has responded to it in 5 days. None of them have even added me. This is really beginning to frustrate me. I loathe group projects.