pharaoh akhenamkhanen

So what we know of him, or led to believe, is through shadow memories and what the other cast members say about him. So what I believe we know is that the former Pharaoh was a gracious but strong leader who strongly, strongly opposed any sort of war. As long as it was feasible to defend his people without bloodshed, he would find a way. That was the whole reason the items were created, as an ends to means about defending his country when war sought him out. (Which is why I cannot believe Akhenaden though it was just okay to go kill a bunch of people but whatever that’s another story)

His people looked upon him in a very good light and he was probably very sorely missed. He probably worked very hard for them and loved his country and the people within it as best as he could. I think he was probably a very great ruler.

Despite all of this, I don’t think he babied Atem or was super soft with him as a father. I think he probably tried to teach Atem as best as he could as a ruler and not so much as a father (which might contribute to a slight coldness in their relationship but that’s okay I personally counteract this with a nice mother, also another story). In the anime we see him take Atem with him while he’s praying (After he’s found out about what happened at Kul Elna) and asks for the Gods not to punish his son for his mistakes (which they obviously do not listen to). He starts crying and it’s so STARTLING to Atem that his father would do something like this that it frightens him and Atem starts crying. It’s also the place to note that the former Pharaoh had a good heart and sense of right and wrong because the atrocity that happened at Kul Elna sickened him so deeply that it’s said he either took his life in repentance or died in grief.

So I think he was probably a loving father but was stonefaced and tried to raise Atem as best as he could in the mindset that he would be a leader. Not just as his child. I think he probably had a very handsoff approach about anything parental. I’m not saying he was a bad parent, not by any means. I just think to him King duties and learning came first. Atem sort of remembers that his father was good to him too, he was very proud of having his son after all and most undoubtedly loved him with everything he had in him. This I’m not denying, nor am I saying otherwise. I just think that he probably tried to groom Atem for the throne rather than be a father first and foremost. I think their relationship was not strained nor distant just… I don’t know how to put it. More a mentor\student relationship than a parent\child relationship.

It’s obvious Atem loved his father and was disgusted by his dead corpse being dragged around Egypt by Bakura. But this is also in his respect for a great King who he is trying to fill the shoes of. So I think this all fits. Somehow.

But as usual if anyone has any opposition or clarification or other angles (and I’m sure there will be) let me know what you think. And thanks to anon for the message. Send me more questions if you guys have them!

So Idk if it’s mistranslated or what, but in Millennium World Shimon says than Akhenamkhanen ruled Egypt for 40 years. We also learn that he and Akhenaden were twin brothers.

But in the profiles if the Ancient Egyptian characters that was released a couple years ago, it puts Akhenaden’s age at 46 (same time that Atemu was 16).

This would mean that Akhenamkhanen became Pharaoh when he was 6 years old. Not out of the question of course - just interesting. And as a 6 year old can hardly rule a country, that would mean there had to be a regent. I’d suggest Shimon himself, but Shimon is supposed only 57… so he would have been like 17 when Akhenamkhanen ascended the throne.

of course it’s possible and in fact likely that no one remembered that “he ruled for 40 years” line of Shimon’s when making the profiles… seeing as it’s been like ten years since the manga ended lol

also bah I forgot my mental timeline… I know that Mahaad learned the truth of the Sennen Items’ origin when he became a priest, and I *think* that was two years before the Millennium World arc, but can’t be sure… Anyway, that led to Akhenamkhanen’s death, because Mahaad told him and he was shocked that he sealed part of his soul away to be able to help his son fight in the future. The anime version makes it seem like Atemu had only recently become Pharaoh, but potentially it could have been nearly two years… In any case it was a very short reign. :’(

and yes millennium world events dont necessarily reflect what really happened as it was all a game world, but that game world was made of a mix of atemu’s and zorc’s memories so the real thing can’t be too too different.