pharaoh atemu

I love this picture to death. The expressions are just so very perfect.

Yugis barely believing what he sees with that teary and surprised expression and Atemu just smiling reassuringly at him. Everything in this picture is on point!

It gives me so much feels really.

Puzzleshipping is easily my most emotional ship by far.


The Feels of Yugioh

Okay so as a child why did I never realize that Yugi needed to give up his damn wish to get Atemu’s name!?!!? Like this was 12 years ago and I vaguely remember that episode of him saying that. I knew he cried saying that Joey, Tristan, and Tea were his wish.

So that meant he had to give up his wish of his friends, but as we see in that episode(Season 5, episode 214), he didn’t give them up.

They made it and did get Atemu’s name, so I guess that means his wish is saved, right? WRONG!!!! That was just his FIRST wish, we all do remember this right???

Yep that’s his second wish! To see Mou Hitori no Boku again, at least one more time(as said in the manga), but to be with him again was his wish. So he didn’t give up his first wish, which means he had to give up his second wish! Yes you hear me!! There was a price for Atemu getting his name, it wasn’t that he HAD to return to the afterlife…it was that Yugi had to give his wish in exchange, he didn’t give up his first wish, and so his second wish, had to be given back. In return we…Yugi….gave up his closest friend ever….in order to help his best friend, he had to give him up….such a sad sad anime behind all those cards games and friendship speeches! Now I am going to go cry my eyes out!

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Ok so that’s exactly how I usually would picture Yugi in Ancient Egypt stories. (Unless it’s a slave fic again XD)

It just suits him so perfectly well. He’s confitent, cheecky and absolutely adorable in this picture to the point where I would propably hug him to no end. I also support the color scheme of Yugi having the deep violet/purple colours whereas in my imagination Atemu is usually the one to get all crimson cape and eyes. Anyone agreeing on that?

Now let’s talk about Heba for a little bit.
I really love the Idea of the same meaning for the Egyptian name and especially if it’s a fanfic where Yugi/Heba is really born in Egypt I quite like the Idea of it since his love for games and that he is excellent at them just shows that it’s still Yugi all the same.
But I kind of got stuck on the Idea if it’s time-travel fic, with Yugi being so desperate to see Atemu again that he risks to go back in time, that he would choose the name Schay/Schai (=Ancient Egyptian God of Desitiny). Idk why but this thought really got stuck in my head and now I cannot imagine a more fitting name than Schay for Yugi to choose if he ever goes back in time to see Atemu again.
For me it’s just very fitting that Yugi, who definitely strongly believes in destiny (as much as Yami/Atemu for that matter. I mean come on, all the destiny speeches clearly show you thatXD) would undoubtly believe that meeting Atemu was his destiny. Even so much, that he would believe that going back in time is his destiny as well. And that’s why I kind of got stuck with the name “Schay” for any time-travel blindshipping fanfic.

If you know the artist please send me the link so I can credit the wonderful human who made this piece of art.


First, I’m sorry if I was wrong with some english words, I’m not English or American.
Then I want to tell you why I’ve decided to do this: at the start I wanted to see if the manga and the anime where so accurate to write in true ancient Egypt’s language Atemu’s name, and oh my god I’m so happy they did.
I haven’t used any internet for this: actually I don’t trust it when it comes to ancient languages. I just have a book (a serious one, not one for kids) that teaches how to read hieroglyphics, so I used it.

If you want to ask me something, just ask, I’m here c:
I hope you can read well