Hello guys!!! With the blog turning 2 years old, Mod Reby and I were thinking we really miss having Pandora Hearts content on our dash. So, to celebrate the series and get back some more PH on everyone’s dash, we will be hosting Pandora Hearts Appreciation Week!! It will be held from Monday the 7th to Sunday the 13th of August!


  • reblog this post to spread the word
  • you can make gifs, graphics, drawings etc.really anything you want
  • tag your post by using the #phappreciationweek in first 5 tags so everyone can see it


  • monday (08.07) : favorite character
  • tuesday (08.08) : favorite development
  • wednesday (08.09) : favorite quote
  • thursday (08.10) : favorite chapter
  • friday (08.11): favorite otp
  • saturday (08.12) : favorite brotp
  • sunday (08.13) : free choice

and most importantly, remember to have fun!!