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do you know if it will have the original English Dub track or a Redub with different actors and changed lines? I just can’t stand Redubs….

I’m assuming it will probably just keep the original dub, since it’d be much cheaper than doing an entirely new one. Plus, if they were to re-dub it, they probably would’ve mentioned that in the press release somewhere, spun as a selling point. So I think it’s safe to assume that it’ll just be the old dub along with the original Japanese language track.

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I'm on chapter 58 and I've killed the charge on my kindle twice reading it. I blame you for getting sucked into it. It's so damn weird but, I can't stop.

You haven’t even gotten to the best parts yo, it just gets better and better.

I’m at 326 and it’s almost 3am, but I’m finishing it tonight hell yeah

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God, I hope I’ve done this right… I tried so much I haven’t done before in Manga Studio 5. I did this with over 10 layers over all. I hope I’ve done the horns well and I really don’t know about the stars…. I just didn’t want to leave the background all blank and crappy… I was wanting to put butts in the background like in the original pic. But I’m still waiting for my tablet to come in and I kinda think this looks cuter.

Kat Naps

Super great ink from spazzykoneko on FA I got from her emergency commission about a month ago. This is almost exactly how I imagined it when I was trying to explain it to Spazzy! I’m going to have so much fun coloring this and I’m going to take my time to get it right.

Just look at that great butt! And sweet face.

And if anyone is wondering why I didn’t just pay more to have Spazzy color it. Technically in a way I did. I payed and ask for this but, Tipped enough for a color to help her and her bro out.