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I’ve gotten to know so many new people on here this last year and I’m thankful enough to be able to call a lot of you really great friends! You’ve seen me go through my highs and lows as well as some extremely annoying liveblogging, you’ve also unwillingly dragged me into a few new fandoms… *cough* Sherlock *cough*. This is just to show my appreciation for you all as well as to hopefully connect a few people that would otherwise never have spoken! Happy holidays everyone!

I was going to sort blogs into categories but everyone has so many fandoms these days, it’s a bit of a jumble!

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I’ve also just realised how many Katie’s and Hannah’s I know…

I’m so sorry if I’ve forgotten anyone! I’m also sorry if I got anyone’s name wrong and I’m really sorry to those people whose names I couldn’t remember!

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1. How would you reinforce your house if you were one of the three little pigs?

Brick. Have to go with brick. I mean you’ve read the story. Got to keep that wolf out

2.The color of your shirt + an item to your right, this is your superhero name. NOW! How screwed would that superhero be in a fight against Batman?

Grey Iphone- A mixture of the white and black Iphone. It’s mediocre cousin and the fight between Batman would be dull as I would have my butt handed to me with ease

3.Time for more serious questions. What is the best experience of your life?

Tie. Getting married and most recently becoming a mom. Both…both are good

4. If you could be any celebrity for a day, who would it be and why? And if you could date a celebrity for a day, whom? Hummm….I guess I would like a chance to be Craig Ferguson for a day just so I could goof off on my own late night show. I would also love to meet Gordon Ramasy and Anthony Bourdain. We wouldn’t “date” but I’d love a chance to go out to lunch, have a bunch of drinks, talk about food and swear a lot!

5. If you went out gazing at the stars tonight, which thoughts would flow through your head?

What will the future be like in 15 years. Will they finally make cameras that fit in our eyes, so we can blink and take pictures? Will email be a thing of the past? Will I finally have saved enough money to travel to Europe? Mostly the future

6.Something you’re currently excited about

Ahh stock boring answer, I’m currently really stoked about being a new mom. If they gave medals out for giving birth and taking care of a newborn, I would wear it all the time. (like some kind of tool, but I wouldn’t care) Plus maternity leave is pretty awesome so far. Too bad I don’t live in an enlightened country in Europe were they give you 6 months off paid leave :P

7. What were you doing before answering these questions?

Trimming my nails. My life is super exciting.

8.Biggest regret of your life

Maybe…not moving to New York after graduation. I would have liked to work in theater since I did go to school for it. But there is no guarentee that I would have secured a decent job. I stayed in my hometown, got married, bought a house so the trade wasn’t so bad. Not really a regret I proably would have tried to intern in NYC but proably still wouldn’t move there.

9. What is your dream job and who would you like to work for?

DISNEY!! (Yes I will sell my soul to the mouse, where do I sign?)I would love to be an artist helping design concept art, costumes for the parks, designs for book merchandise. I want an office full of art supplies and Disney character sketches.

10. If you had a kid right now, what would you name him or her?

Just had a kid! LOL! But the name I had picked out if Felicity was born a boy was Lachlan.

11. The best date you’ve ever had?

My husband bought me tickets to Phantom for my birthday a few year ago when it came to my town. For years I had always had to drive hours away and only could afford the cheap seats. We had great seats this time and it was in the Ohio Theater which reminded me of the Paris Opera, and I got to go to the stage door.

We got dressed to the nines (tuxes and formal gown) and had a blast. (P.S. Everything great is related to Phantom)

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  1. You won 10 million dollars in the lottery. What would you do with it? (Not the most original question, but I’ve always been curious)

  2. You got a box of assorted chocolates from a friend/family member/ lover. Which one do you eat first? (Carmel, truffle, coconut etc?)

  3. If you had to choose one of your favorite movie to remake, what would it be and who would you cast in the lead roles?

  4. Favorite book from your childhood?

  5. Money is no problem, where in the world would you want to travel to?

  6. Money is still no problem, where in your country would you live in?

  7. Favorite Greek God or Goddess?

  8. Favorite period/year/era in history?

  9. Do you have a hobby? What is it or your favorite one if you have more than one?

  10. Would you rather live in a library or a museum?

  11. If you owned a bar or restaurant, what would you name it

punnyrapunzel  asked:

I'm sorry that you're feeling down, because you're way too awesome to feel that way. In fact, when you're feeling down, just remember how awesome you are

I feel as though you might appreciate this use of gif… 

But seriously, THANK YOU. That was such a wonderful pick me up and I really appreciate it.