Care Package

Title: Care Package
Author: Chatterboxrose/phantomofarose
Rating: PG
Status: Complete

When Blaine receives the first package in the mail, it’s a surprise. The sight of the New York address makes his heart skip after he stands at the mail box in confusion for a few long moments. It’s from Kurt.

Adorable, schmoopy klaine feels, that is all. 

Oh, there you are. I’ve been looking for you forever - Scarf

Do you ever sort of wish you knew where people you were friends with in other fandoms from your past ended up? Because my all time favorite Danny Phantom fanfic writer fell off the map years ago (I was thinking of her fics recently and went to her old pages and she hasn’t updated since 2012) and I’m like…..where did you go? Like I don’t update my Deviantart/ anymore but I’m still online, just different places. 

So hey, WingsofMorphius, if you’re out there: hey! I know most of the times we talked I was basically praising the ground you walked on so you probably don’t remember me, but it’s PhantomofaRose! 

And boy, does it seem weird to think of myself as that old pen name.