Things I wanna do

A bunch of things not in any particular order:

Write a book
Cosplay (mainly John, Jim, possibly Sam or Dean)
Film for a movie or TV series
If above can’t happen at least be on a set while a movie or TV series is filming
Make various Sherlock fandom related items
Get to meet Martin Freeman
Bake more often

Last but not least: 

Meet a bunch of amazing Tumblr people

No seriously guys I mean this with my all my heart, and a lot of the people I want to meet are you my lovely followers. Gah you guys are just so amazing I can’t even tell you how much I would love to spend even a few minutes with you guys, no seriously really

You guys are so amazing. Some of you have been around for god knows how long. Others, well most, I’ve found through the lovely Sherlock and Doctor Who fandom. Heck some of you haven’t even been around for a month. But all of you mean so much to me because you are all amazing. Some of you have dug me out of the real dark hole I find myself slipping into often, nearly all of you have made me grin and spazz like an utter idiot and have brighten my day. I love each and every single one of you people, I hope that maybe one day I can get the chance to meet some of you. 

Please excuse the sentiment this hedgehog can’t help it

I lurv you all with every little quill I have

Stay awesome and amazing my friends, and know I’m always here if you ever need someone to talk to, I can’t bear to see any of you upset

sonicdeerstalker replied to your postphantomeblack replied to your post: I think I just…

ok, I’m going to reply to phantomeblack here, hello phantomeblack! I get the smiley face thingy because of Loki’s horns!! (And I’m super excited to see that cosplay) and Charles, I will be *so* jealous if you get a Cas coat.

Gabbert would make an awesome Loki

She already has the hair and her face is perfect!



phantomeblack replied to your postI think I just encouraged someone to cosplay I…


I have an army of pet rocks that you can borrow if you ever need it

sonicdeerstalker replied to your postI think I just encouraged someone to cosplay I…

Oooh who? (You’ve encouraged me to cosplay, but somehow I think you might be talking about someone else. Also, is it possible to find trench coats at goodwill?)

Oh my god really!? Okay so that is two people then!

I believe so, I’m going to be hunting through Value Village for my Cas-coat