“The Trapdoor”  layouts, 2014

These are a few layouts for my adaptation of “The Phantom of the Opera”

This is a quick, quiet scene, right before Christine leads Raoul up to the roof of the Opera House.  Just trying to get a feel for how the story-telling and pacing will be as well as other visual elements.  So far, I’m happy and I hope you like it, too!  

 Enjoy!  :)

Love, Beckarooo!

I’ve just read new haikyuu!! spoilers and notice this guy,his name is Goshiki Tsutomo or something..I’ve seen on a twitter lols.He looks so cute and may be he’s a smart player too////(since he is the only first year in the team! Whoa~)

Looking forward to see the translation soon,I really want to know what’s happening especially about Noya and that recieve wwwwwww