So I was tagged by @slytherin-woolf to list my 10 favorite woman from 10 different fandoms so (in no particular order) here goes!

Rules: list your ten favorite female characters from ten different fandoms and tag ten people

1. Ginny Weasley (harry potter)

2. Mulan (Disney)

3. Marinette Dupain-Cheng (miraculous ladybug)

4. Lucy Pevensie (chronicles of Narnia)

5. Peggy Carter (Marvel universe)

6. Katherine Pulitzer (newsies)

7. Amy Santiago (Brooklyn nine-nine)

8. Max Caulfield (life is strange)

9. Katara (avatar the last Airbender)

10. Winnie Foster (Tuck Everlasting)

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Some of you might remember the challenge I held in June where every participant got a moodboard as prize and because a lot asked for another chance to participate I decided to do another one. So the rules stay basically the same:

The Rules
- follow either my main blog @ibuzoo​ or my writing blog @rmeisel
- like or reblog this post
- create an edit/graphic, picspam, art, video, fanfic or whatever you want for one of my published writing projects, which are: Sunblind, Sunchoked, A Hundred Forevers, Heartquakes, Scourged or Murderer’s Maze/London Bleeding. You can find all the details about the projects on my blogs or you click the links which will bring you to the tags.
- tag me in your edit or use the tag #ibu-challenge. If you’re not sure that I’ve seen it send me an IM or ask so I can check your blog.

And now the best thing: the prize.
Everyone who participates (and I mean every single one) will receive a prize: a moodboard of your choice. You ever wanted a request filled from me? That’s your chance! 
Of course it wouldn’t be a real challenge without a winner, so the Challenge ends on my birthday, November 3rd, 00:00 A.M. CET. I will chose one entry of all the edits you’ve created and that person can chose one digital copy of either Sunblind, Sunchoked or A Hundred Forevers. If you have any questions feel free to leave me a message. I hope everyone will have fun!

Trick or Treat!

Characters: Sam x daughter!Reader, Dean, Cas, Garth, Jody, Claire, Rowena, Donna, Alex (mentioned), Crowley (mentioned), Mary (mentioned)

Warnings: fluffiness and I guess it’s kinda crack ish

Word count: 1.1k

Description: Little Y/N wants to go trick or treating but that’s a little tricky when Sam knows all the real threats out there. If he wants to make his little girl happy, he’s going to need the help of some friends.

A/N: Hi! I love this time of year and I loved this challenge! It’s for day six of @winchesters-favorite-girl 31 days of Halloween challenge and my prompt was trick or treating. I instantly had this idea and could not wait to write it down! Hope you all like it xx Masterlist


“Hey! What’s up with Y/N?”

“What about her?”

“I heard her crying in her room just now. Is she okay?”

“Urgh, it’s my fault. She want to go trick or treating like she’s seen in the movies and I told her no. Of course I had to. We can’t take her outside!” Sam brings one hand to his temple and massages it with his thumb and forefinger.

“I see. We could do pumpkins though, she might like that.” Dean suggests, hiding his own excitement at carving fruit- a Halloween tradition he hates to admit he loves, especially with his little niece.

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This simple challenge is for anyone who is trying to learn a language. Every day of November, try to write a sentence or small paragraph containing all of the words for that day! You may conjugate all you want, you may use several more nouns/verbs/adjectives, as long as the prompted words are there and recognizable.

Post to tumblr or write for yourself! And don’t forget to tag with your language and #NVA November, so that others may help and correct you, and so we can see if it’s possible to make weirder sentences than Duolingo.

Vocabulary list below.

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Farm Life

This is for @trexrambling‘s drabble challenge. A resubmit for this challenge, reasons are between me and this darling, but hope this is to your liking!
Prompt: Y=Yearning
Word Count: 595 (I tried really hard)
Warnings: fluff, emotional pain
Characters: John x Reader, Millie (daughter)
AN: This is kinda like a side life for John after Mary, I mean he had one with Adam’s Mom, so completely forgetting Adam (as we do), this could technically be happening while the boys are at Bobby’s!
P.S thank you @thewritersblock707 for reading over this and giving it a thumbs up.

Originally posted by takeaway-hearts

John watched as YN cradled the toddler against her chest and laughed sympathetically as she stroked the little girl’s hair.
“You’re okay!” She cooed, pulling the girl back to look at the grazed knee, “It’s fine, just a graze.” YN leaned in and kissed the small red patch, wiping the tears from her daughter’s eyes before ruffling her hair.
“I go play?” The little girl asked, running off when her mother nodded.

“You okay?” YN asked John as she pushed off the ground to standing, wiping her hands on her jeans.
“Yeah, just… memories.” He sighed, taking her hand he brought her knuckles to his lips before draping his arm over her shoulder.
“You know you can talk about her, John. Mary was a big part of your life.” YN reassured, watching as his mind faded at the mention of his lost wife’s name.

“Dadda!” Millie squealed from across the garden, John’s head jerked up, a smile gracing his lips. “Push me!” She kicked her little legs on the swing and wriggled her bottom on the seat.
“Here I come, cowgirl.” He called out, kissing YN’s temple before dropping his arm from her shoulder and heading towards the old swing set in the backyard.
YN watched as John pushed Millie, listening to the little girl demand to go higher and the deep rumble that came from deep in John’s chest as he laughed at their daughter.
But a noise in the far distance caught YN’s attention. She looked out over the fields that rose and fell out of her view, then over at the old dog on the porch. She noticed the prick of his ears, the tilt of his head as he listened intently. The slight breeze carried the distant and disgruntled noise of the cattle. The dog was up on all fours looking to YN for a command.
Without another thought she was racing toward the barn, clapping her leg for the dog to follow.

“Where’s Momma going?” Millie asked John as he caught her on the next swing back. They both watched as she reemerged on the quad, the old dog perched on the back, a shotgun across her legs as she sped out the gate and over the rise of the hill.
“I don’t know.” He said, pulling Millie off the swing and placing her on his hip before he started towards the truck. He kept watching till YN disappeared.
“Iss her magic hearing?” She asked, tugging on a tuft of his beard.
“Must be.” He mused, opening the door of the truck. He didn’t bother putting her in the passenger seat, instead sitting her on his lap while starting the engine. The loud rev of the engine almost drowned out the loud crack of a shot, ringing across the farm. He gunned the accelerator, leaving a cloud of dust in his wake.

“You okay?” John called from the open window of the truck as he came to a stop next to the quad bike. YN looked up from the fence as she let the wooden plank thud back into place after fixing it. She smiled, looking towards one of the bulls in the opposite paddock, the cows behind her settled now.
“Only monsters out here,” She said, walking over to the drivers side of the truck, “are the bulls, John.” She raised her hand to his face, stroking his jaw with the back of two fingers, smiling warmly at him. John closed his eyes against her touch, his heart starting to beat again as he savored the moment, and her safety.

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SherryBaby’s 2k Villain Challenge

mySherryBaby14′s Multifandom Villain Challenge! 

I’m so excited to hit 2k followers and I wanted to celebrate by hosting a challenge!  

This is going to be a multi-fandom Villain challenge.   You can write for any baddie: Negan, the Governor, Pennywise, Soulless Sam, Deanmon, Lucifer, Crowley, Kylo Ren, Bucky (I know he switches sides), Loki, the Joker, Deadshot, Peter Hale, Ramsey Bolton, Jaime Lannister (I know…) Max, any Villain you can think of.  

If you want to participate, but want to write for a good guy (Daryl, Rick, Cas, Steve, most of the Marvel universe) I ask that you accentuate their darker side.  

These stories DO NOT HAVE TO BE NON-CON, but if you’ve always wanted to give non-con a try, this is a great opportunity and you can blame yours truly.  They can be AU, smut, fluff, whatever you like (even the bad guys have a soft side).

Below the cut I have a list of 20 prompts to pick from.  Please let me know VIA AN ASK.  You can pick as many prompts as you like, just let me know which one you want and what character you’re writing for.  

They can be reader insert, OCs, or Ships. Whatever pairing you ask.  If it is part of a series, please make it the first part.  (I will reblog all parts that are submitted prior to the end date).

If your fic is over 500 words please include a “keep reading bar”.  I won’t reblog any fic that doesn’t use this.  

The due date is December 15th, just over 2 months. If you need an extension, please let me know.  

When you post the fic, please tag me and use the hashtag #SherryBaby2kChallenge

If anyone wants to contribute with fanart that’s wonderful too!


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