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I saw Phantom Vegas when I was very young and vaguely remember a part where the Phantom was hanging from the center of the auditorium where the chandelier would be. Was there anything of this sort in the show, and if so during what part?

You are absolutely right!

The Phantom - or rather, a double - could be seen hanging from the chandelier during Il Muto, when taunting Carlotta I think, and it looked like this:

(a gazillion thanks to whoever took this photo)

so i actually have like 20 ship doodles that i made around 3-4 weeks ago on paper that i kept in a digital file and they’re just. laying there. waiting to be completed but itll never happen

ill never finish this one drawing but it’s cute and also one of my very few ship arts that isn’t tied into some gross surreal absurdist humor. 

maybe someone else could complete it for me… who knows.. give it ur best shot

edit: yes you’re free to finish the pic if you want, send it to me when ur done