ND Research Resources Pt. 2

Here’s part 1

The Phantom of Venice

Commedia Dell'arte characters

 The Haunting of Castle Malloy

A Brief History of Irish Castles

Ransom of the Seven Ships

Sunken Treasure: The search for Atocha

Warnings at Waverly Academy

The Mystery of Edgar Allen Poe

Six Creepy Tales by Edgar Allen Poe

The Raven (1915 silent film)

Trail of the Twister

Worlds Most Deadliest Tornado

Shadow at the Water’s Edge

Japanese Ryokans

How to Make an Easy Bento

The Captive Curse

Grimm’s Fairy Tales

Alibi in Ashes

He Walked By Night (1948 Noir film with subterranean tunnels)

Tomb of the Lost Queen

Nefertari, For Whom the Sun Shines

Journey Through the Valley of the Kings

The Deadly Device

The Life of Nikola Tesla

Binary Tutorial

Ghost of Thornton Hall

Oak Alley Tour (the plantation Thornton Hall is based on)

Ghost Hunting at Oak Alley

America’s Castles - Grand Plantations of the Old South

The Silent Spy

The 39 Steps (1935 Scottish spy movie)

The Shattered Medallion

History of the Shattered Medallion

Labyrinth of Lies

The Gods and Goddesses of Greek Mythology

Sea of Darkness

Aurora Borealis Time Lapse

Iceland’s Ice Caves

Midnight in Salem

Salem Witch Trials

The Crucible

when ur restoring a big mosaic in the main room with subpar matierials but you still adore the shade of crimson and the color is superb but you got some dust on urself you gotta brush off of your sweater that you bought at some shady little thrift store that also sells red dresses and blonde wigs and the money you got was from dancing in a cat suit at a club and the job you’re doing rn is finally paying enough for you to quit your job dancing in a cat suit but now the club is asking for more dancers and this american girl apparently got a job there and is running around in that same cat suit AND a locket from some bloke named Ned and you don’t know if she knows how much that cat suit meant to you in a metaphorical way bc it was both something that kept you alive and well bc it made you money but also a secret source of shame and that american girl keeps staring at your working on your mosaics and you don’t know if she really likes tessarae the same way you do but she gave you one to hold on to so maybe she does but where did she get this tessera and how and why does it keep making this beeping noise almost like it’s tracking you and is that pen over at that desk making that same noise oh and here’s that american girl back again but this time she’s wearing a baby mask

  • nancy in VEN:yo the name on this crate is the same as the one on those letters helena dropped that i saw several days ago for 0.7 seconds
  • nancy in MED:who's sonny joon i've never heard that name before in my life