AND VERY QUICKLY, some of my favorite parts of the show: 

  1. Christine making this beautiful, euphoric expression when Phantom calls out to her in Angel of Music
  2. Raoul being absolutely adorable in Notes I and his interactions with Meg 
  3. Wandering Child–O M G. Brad’s voice sent shivers down my spine. And at the very end, he makes the most heartbreaking and almost pleading “NO! Don’t go!” before getting angry
  4. In Final Lair, after Christine gives back the ring and Phantom declares his love, she hesitates a moment, begins to run away, turns around as if to come back, then runs off the stage! /weeps
  5. Phantom’s physically painful second “I love you” on his knees, rocking back and forth, while clutching the veil against his chest

I was a complete mess by the end, btw. It’s amazing I looked fairly presentable during stage door because I scared the couple beside me when I was trying to keep my sobs in during Final Lair.