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I get a lot of questions about how I’ve made specific parts of the model and even though I like helping people I don’t have the time and possibility to help everyone with specifics. I made most of the model 10-15 years ago so for most parts I don’t even remember specifics and I don’t have any pictures to use for “making of” montages. When I started making miniatures I loved figuring out what materials to use for specific things and I don’t want to take away that joy from people but here below I’ve listed the basic materials I use in all my models.

Over the years I’ve gotten more knowledge about building and I’ve started using fancier materials but when I started out I used mostly pizza boxes. Sometimes I still do. You can do wonderful things with just the most basic materials. This is the case with the Phantom model as well. 

If you are going to build a theatre set model I suggest to build it with a wooden frame. Even though the individual set pieces don’t weigh much on their own, everything put together will be a heavy load. You don’t want the model box to start collapsing.

For everyone asking: how did you make/ what is ___ made of?

If it is a rigid structure it’s made of wooden sticks, balsa wood, cardboard, Kapa board and/or flower wire. I nowadays use mostly white cardboard that I have in different strengths (1mm, 1,5mm, 2mm…)  I cut it with knives to get exact results but scissors work fine too. Kapa board is a wonderful material but a bit expensive. It’s a foam board coated with cardboard and it’s good for light and strong structures. If you strip away the cardboard from one side you can sculpt the foam to make nice surfaces like for example stone walls. If you are starting out with building models cardboard will do just as well for basic structures. Balsa wood and wooden sticks that you get from hobby stores are a bit expensive as well but they are vital for tiny structures to turn out good. Balsa wood is a really soft wood that is easy to cut and sculpt and is great for everything that needs to look like wood.

If it looks sculpted it’s probably made of super sculpey or hot glue. Super sculpey is a wonderful polymer clay that hardens in the oven. I’m sure other polymer clays work just as well. I don’t just sculpt hard objects like statues and decorations. I sometimes make things that are actually soft objects out of clay as well because they are easier to mold into believable replicas in the scale stage models are made (1:25). For sculpting with hot glue check this out: hotglue sculpting

If it looks like canvas it probably is but there are exceptions. Making drapes in miniature form is tricky since canvas doesn’t crease so well in small scale. I make drapes from everything: canvas, paper, napkins, hot glue, Kapa board, sculpey…. My best advice is to just experiment and see what works best for you. For my printed drapes check this out: paisley drapes 

If it has a painted surface or picture it is painted. I use acrylic paints because they don’t smell and they dry quickly. They are easy to thin out and blend together. I sometimes print out stuff but the prints are usually of my own artwork. Sometimes I use watercolors but only for painted backdrops that I then finish with details with acrylics. If you are mimicking a real surface always use plenty of picture reference to get the colors right. And be sure to check if the surface you are trying to recreate has a glossy or matte finish!

If the surface is rich with decorations I’ve glued some on :) You can do wonderful surfaces with ready made decorations, for example cake papers, trimmings, beads and similar stuff. I make a lot of my own decorations with molds and super sculpey but you don’t need to go so hardcore for good results.

Glueing: I’ve never really used any fancy glues. Hot glue is wonderful for quick building and I use it a lot. Nowadays I also use white glue which is good for paper and wood. It is brilliant when you get to know it. I used to hate it because when going to school it was used for everything and I felt it never dried and only made a mess but I’ve really changed my mind about that.

Layers layers layers…

Maria Björnson’s designs are all about layers, decorations upon decorations especially in the costumes. But this is something to remember when making set models as well (and this is not Phantom specific in any way) The more detail and layers you put in structural detail and paintwork the more it’s going to look like the original because the real sets are heavily detailed and richly painted. The tough part is to make the details small enough. When I started out I was satisfied with the sets looking good from a distance, as if someone was sitting in the dress circle and seeing the whole stage. As I’ve progressed I’ve wanted more and more detail and now I wan’t to be able to cram the camera onto the stage for closeups. 

These pictures show a piece of the proscenium arch made out of a pizza box, some balsa wood, white cardboard and polymer clay glued together with white glue and painted with layers of black and gold acrylics. As you can see it’s an easy build, no magic going on. It’s the attention to detail that makes the end result work..

So it’s not so much what materials you use, more how you use them. And most definitely how you paint them. I’m always amazed how different materials can blend together after a good paint job.


Phantom Glue - Brainbow

2014 Wrap-up: Mike Gowell (Phantom Glue/Wormwood)

The next installment of our year end wrap-up comes from Mike Gowell, guitarist of Phantom Glue (and just recently a member of Wormwood). I’ve known Mike forever, so having the opportunity to release the Phantom Glue - Angels of Meth demo was a personal highlight. I like this list because Mike talks about both the lows and the highs of his year.

(+ me, - wifey) Surprising my wife w/ an 86 maple fretboard Les Paul Custom (that I bought for myself). Surprise!

(+) Appreciating more than ever a marriage that includes being able to surprise my wife w/ said guitar and not end up divorced. (Nothing good doesn’t require an enormous amount of continuous work and effort.)

(+) Successful integration into kindergarten (despite a brutal 1st couple weeks) for Thing #2.

(-) Insane amount of homework for Thing #1 in 2nd grade, and me raging against and then giving up on trying to understand 2nd grade level Common Core math homework.

(+) Thing #1 and Thing #2 both winning 2nd place trophies in their 1st martial arts tournament

(-) Struggling and still failing to not attribute all of Thing #1 and Thing #2’s shortcomings and anxiety directly to myself.

(+) Cave In/Doomriders live at Doomriders 10 Yr Anniversary show

(+) Negative Fun/Antiquated Technologies releasing Phantom Glue’s 1st and only demo tape (2006 Angels Of Meth demo)

(+) Joining Wormwood

(-) Recording of Phantom Glue’s 3rd record getting extremely delayed

(+) Recording of Phantom Glue’s 3rd record getting rescheduled (soon)

(+) Actually practicing guitar (ie. copping Billy Gibbons, Buddy Guy and Angus Young licks) and making progress

(-) Consistently feeling like a fraudulent/inferior guitar player

(+) Making a concerted effort to realize any outside attention/appreciation of my musical output ultimately has zero impact on the day to day quality of my life.

(+) Earth - Primitive and Deadly

(+) YOB - Clearing The Path To Ascend

(+) Swans - To Be Kind

(+) Triptykon - Melana Chasmata

(+) Old Man Gloom - The Ape Of God

(+) James Ellroy’s Perfidia

Grab a copy of Phantom Glue’s Angels of Meth demo on cassette or as a name your price digital download.

Grab a copy of Phantom Glue’s excellent 2013 LP, A War Of Light Cones or as a name your price digital download.

Phantom Glue come into focus
Cellars by Starlight
By REYAN ALI | January 23, 2013 

That monster looming over Old South Church was only the beginning. On the cover of Phantom Glue’s self-titled 2010 release, a gigantic, satyr-style beast lurks around a gray Boston, with the Copley Square house of worship standing in the foreground — still undisturbed, if only momentarily. Glue vocalist/guitarist Matt Oates designed that scene’s art and calls it “sort of a dystopic, inverted, historical, psychedelic nightmare.” Based on the sparse details he provides about A War of Light Cones (due via Black Market Activities soon), we can expect yet weirder images from the four-piece and their sludgy, distortion-soaked metal.

A War of Light Cones involves the Founding Fathers experiencing an alternate, psychedelicized reality where anything they meet could be a horror. “It’s just creating a history that is a different one than the mainstream history,” the 38-year-old Oates says. “In a way, you take the idea of colonial charters and morph them into things like, ‘What are they bringing back to the crown?’ It could be weird, magical things. It’s not meant to be a positive thing. It’s like a nightmarish history in a way.”

Variations of “nightmarish” and “psychedelic” come up repeatedly as Oates describes his band’s work — which makes sense, given that Phantom Glue trace their roots back to Slayer, the Jesus Lizard, and cult post-hardcore act KARP. After coming up in punk and hardcore outfits, Oates was deep into metal when his stint in Hydrahead Records’ the Never Never began steering him in another direction. “Towards the end of that band, I started to get into Deep Purple — proto-metal, '70 metal. It was not as intense as Emperor or something today, but it was just heavy,” Oates says. “We broke up, and that idea stuck with me for current projects.”

Formerly called Angels of Meth, Phantom Glue’s tangled history dates back to the early 2000s; they once practiced in a now-condemned “mildew sweatbox.” Nowadays, they share a nicer-sounding North Beacon Street space with Doomriders, Whitey, and Zozobra, and are, by all indications, still on the come-up. Since they recorded A War of Light Cones with Converge guitarist/GodCity Studio chief Kurt Ballou around a year ago, they’re wading through newer material. The freshest stuff isn’t anchored in another high concept (yet), but knowing what Oates digs about aggressive music, a thoughtful surprise should pop up. “If you listen to [aggressive music] more and more, you hear the nuances and you develop an ear for that,” he says. “It’s more sophisticated than people think. I kind of like the idea that it is looked at as less sophisticated in a way. It’s a nice relief from some things.”

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REVIEW: Phantom Glue - s/t

See: here I was thinking that Boston was all three-cornered hats and funny accents and cream pies when along marches Phantom Glue (not to be mistaken with female ‘80s power metal band Phantom Blue or ex-thrashers Phantom Crew). The band opens fire from the get-go with “Ross the Boss,” a chuggy, two-minute Karp “Octoberfleshed” number complete with a growling, spitting vocalist and a couple of totally fucking badass guitar solos. But then — boom — two minutes, over. Wait – what? Come back, bastards!

But over the course of the next six tracks, Phantom Glue gives you everything they’re made of: drippy sludge. Hardcore. Stoner rock. Blues. And I wouldn’t go so far as to say that the band is reinventing any of those styles, but it’s the way Phantom Glue mashes them all together — especially from track to track — that’s unique. A band who wears its influences sleeve-side (Karp, the Melvins, High on Fire, Electric Wizard), Phantom Glue seamlessly jumps from the Sabbath-y meanderings of “Phantom Glue” to “Black Tar,” a song thick with Fu Manchu riffs and crackling vocals. And then from there to “Scabman” a breakneck fast/slow/fast spine buster. It sounds spazzy and frenetic — and at times, it is a little. But all together, what Phantom Glue has created here is an album. A headbanger’s journey. A fast punch to the gut that shows you every goddamn thing they’re capable of. It’s a warning: this is what they can do. And they will be back, with much, much more. 

This review first appeared in Decibel No. 72.
Freshen Up Friday: Rejected! You Bastards! Plus New Stuff!

 Welcome back to another edition of Freshen Up Friday, fiends! I apologize for no post yesterday but I figured no one would care being that it was National cookout/family/friends/drinking Day yesterday. My thoughts on our country lately leave me feeling fairly unpatriotic so I thought it best to just leave it be. But there is lots of “New” to get to today.

 First things first, even though he doesn’t read my random babble, I owe my roommate an apology. I ranted & raved for Hump Day – WTF! about him interrupting me and yada, yada, yada. I was a bit harsh and anyone reading that might think that I’m a perfect roommate living with an imperfect one. This is most certainly not the case. First, I am a moody motherfucker which can be difficult for anyone to put up with yet my roommate puts up with my bullshit on a daily basis. I can be a real fucking prick at times so he deserves as much or more sympathy than me. Second, yes, I felt a little guilty after I looked back at what I had written since I was pissed off and pretty much just bitching. I think I’m different than a lot of writers in that I actually deal with interruption pretty well 99% of the time but every once in awhile I have a day where I don’t and that was me the other day. So to my roommate I sincerely apologize, I’ll try not to be such a dick in the future. Ha, who the fuck am I kidding? Sorry, I’ll continue to be a dick so thanx for putting up with my miserable ass.

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Phantom Glue - Phantom Glue

Phantom Glue mp3 download


Phantom Glue album:

  • Artist - Phantom Glue mp3
  • Album - Phantom Glue mp3
  • Year - 2010
  • Genre- Metal


  • Brainbow
  • Phantom Glue
  • Ross the Boss
  • Pilgrim
  • Gog and Magog
  • Black Tar
  • Scabman

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Its not that I cant tell whether or not I like their debut CD in fact, Im really. Matt sang in the Huguenots. Limited Edition Transparent Green w/ White Splatter or Transparent Red w/ White Splatter PHANTOM GLUE | blog on Myspace PHANTOM GLUE’s blog on Myspace. Review of Phantom Glue - Self Titled | Metal Review Stoner-sludge foursome Phantom Glue may hail from Boston, but their music shows signs of ascending a Holy Mountain and passing through Seattle in the mid-80s and New. Phantom glue Music, Lyrics, Songs, and Videos by Phantom glue at ReverbNation The Big Takeover: Phantom Glue - Phantom Glue (Teenage Disco. Phantom Glue Free listening, concerts, stats, & pictures at. Phantom glue | Allston, MA | Metal / Stoner | Music, Lyrics, Songs. They have been bringing their. Social entertainment powered by the passions of fans. Phantom Glue make me scratch my head