phantom of the opera

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Omg what about Erik not knowing what to get his s/o for christmas and when he told them that they said "It's alright, you being happy is the best gift already" (I CAN'T I HAVE A LOT OF FEELS)

He’d blink at them and be all 


and then he’d start blushing and crying because he’s feeling so much he doesn’t know how to deal with it. 

Omg what a cutie ugh ;’3333

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YOU’RE RIGHT, HE DOES! Hmmm…. Erik doesn’t celebrate Christmas because he finds the whole thing rather ridiculous but he yearns to spend it with someone just once to find out what it’s like. Christine finds out because she’s Christine and he can’t deny her anything and she convinces him to go to Mass with her even though he doesn’t believe in any kind of deity, and on the way home it starts to snow and she looks so beautiful with snow in her hair and her cheeks all pink that Erik has to cough and sort himself out while they’re walking and she takes his hand in hers and just smiles at him and right then, Erik looks up at the sky and thinks maybe, just maybe, this may well be the first of many happy Christmases for him. <3333
Wraiths of Wandering Chapter 31: Realisations and Confessions, a phantom of the opera fanfic | FanFiction

Antoine dozes, Konstin receives two very different callers, and things come to a head for Marguerite

Just one more chapter left after this one, and then the epilogue.

And the one chapter needs a bit of work, but I’m not in the mood to deal with it yet so please review!

that feeling

when you’re sitting in a theatre waiting for a show to start and then you hear the overture begin and the lights start to slowly come up and you get goosebumps and you know that you’re about to witness the beauty that is live theatre for the next two hours and you get excited and emotional and it just reminds you even more of why you love theatre

popular musicals renamed

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phantom of the opera: Guy Just Doesn’t Know How to Deal With a Crush

les miserables: Revolution, Drinking, and Tears

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dear evan hansen: Anxious Child Worsens Anxiety with Lies

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Appreciation post for everyone who works backstage on a production

The set designers, the costume designers, the theatre techs, everyone who cleans up between shows. Everyone who works just as hard as the actors and without whom there would be no play, but who get no credit.

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What if I handknit scarf, hat and gloves for Erik for christmas cause it's cold down there and also because he's a cutie 💕💕💕

He’d thank you sincerely, paying particular attention to unwrapping the gift slowly, savouring it because no one’s ever gotten him a gift before and he’d fold the paper up and you know he’s gonna save it to remember this moment by, he’d gasp quietly and thank you just as quietly, his whole frame shaking. Depending on how emotional he already is he’ll either play something for you by way of thanks, hug you and that leads to NSFW happenings ;) or he’ll go out and buy everything he can think of that you might like just a little in an attempt to repay you, so to speak. He’s a dork <333333333