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So since I’ve been listening to the Phantom of the Opera, I’ve been talking with @pendleton-mod about it and his demon character, Daemokus, is very much a good fit for the role of the Phantom. We also both agreed that Sweet makes a very good Christine. However, the nature of their relationship is much different from that of the original Phantom and Christine.

Sweet belongs to me

Daemokus belongs to @pendleton-mod/ @pendletondreadful


Oooops my hand slipped…

I was kinda caught up on the idea with the “danny stuck in a cave” thing so I did some more stuff for my own amusement xD

Also I made my very first own little ghost oc :D Yes he’s got a name and yes he’s got a backstory… As if someone other than me cares xD

Maybe more stuff soon…? :D

reaction compilation #61

on page 29, frisk finally exited the ruins!

this is so sweet! thank you so much.

they’re at least a little mad.

relatable content.

gotta set the atmosphere! the door is also covered in frost.

i think we’ve established that getting closer to chara is a bad idea.

i mean yeah.


high praise! thank you.

  • Me: Y'know what I love?
  • Anyone that's known me for five minutes: We know! You love Nicktoons Unite. You love to add ChalkZone and Bunsen is A Beast to the mix. Sophie is your biological child and Jimmy, Goddard, Timmy, Cosmo, Wanda, Poof, Danny, Sam, SpongeBob, Patrick, Tak, ZIM, GIR, Manny, Jenny, Mr. Blik, Snap, and Bunsen are all adopted by you. You've watched gameplay of Nicktoons Unite and all the episodes of the series's. Twice! WE KNOW!
  • Me: Oh okay...