phantom tyler

“The Man Behind The Monster” - Digital Oil Painting

This started out as a Doctor Who Beauty and the Beast AU painting, but as I was looking for a nice reference pic of CE as Nine, I found this awesome pic of him as Malekith with the Dark Elf mask in his hand. And suddenly, it was a perfect Phantom of the Opera AU with some BatB overtones! I really like how it turned out. ^_^

This is NOT a Photoshop filter, every stroke is painted by me.

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Happy 25th Birthday, Danyul! @danisnotonfire|| aesthetics lol
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  • What they say: "I'm fine"
  • What they mean: "I'm so confused right now! Troye, Connor & Tyler were seen together! Does this mean tronler is one big happy family again?! Also what's happening with PHAN! Dan said some things during his YouNow broadcast & now everyone is waiting for his new video & think Phan is real & I just want to jump off a bridge while screaming "WHY IS BEING A FANGIRL SO PAINFUL?! AJXJSNSNXJSJN,UGGHHHHH!"