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Don’t center on your anxieties, Obi-wan.” — Qui Gon Jinn to Obi-wan, “The Phantom Menace”

I will mend this old wound.“ — Obi-wan to Ezra Bridger, “Twin Suns”

 (Even though Obi-wan’s cameo and his fight with Maul was short and I still highly enjoyed this entire scene. And I don’t mind at all that Obi killed Maul in three moves I was very satisfied. Especially when I went back and noticed that Obi-wan {being the loyal Padawan he still is on the inside} paid tribute to Qui Gon by transitioning into his Master’s stance and form. 

It made me realize how much Obi still misses his old Mentor and that just made me sad. I also notice that Maul {because he’s a frockin evil cockroach} was going to use the exact same sneaky move he used on Qui Gon to trip up Obi, but Obi {because he’s a beast} foresaw this and is like “Yeah, no. Not falling for that.” And just ducks down and slices Maul’s saber in two and right down the middle of his front.)


The game wants us to hate Ryuji so much and I don’t???? get it?????? The whole beginning of the game when Morgana’s the only effin one “guiding” he’s BERATING the poor kid during every battle like “oh ya surprise surprise skull missed a hit cuz he is the literal worst person alive” and I’m so :( cause my boy tries so hard i genuinely don’t know how anyone could not feel bad for Ryuji

And if that’s not heartbreaking enough during *SPOILERS* the whole splitting up thing it’s like…I feel bad for Morgana but we ask him a thousand times what’s wrong and he won’t say and then he gets into that fight with Ryuji and SOMEHOW Ryuji is portrayed as the bad guy?? That fuckin video montage of the like, TWO times Ryuji said Morgana wasn’t as useful as he used to be baffled me because where was the montage of Morgana saying the same AND WORSE to Ryuji??? I can’t remember a single time Morgana said something even semi-nice to Ryuji. I like literally don’t understand how anyone can be like “wow how could Ryuji say that” when it’s VERY OBVIOUS HOW

Even suspending my Ryuji-love for a minute, no one lets Ryuji off the hook like “oh man that wasn’t nice but it’s ok you’re not The Worst.” They act like all he does is be shitty when he’s constantly looking out for everyone EXCEPT himself???? The whole team is like wow fuck u ryuji how could you when it’s clear he feels bad that he lost his cool??? And EVEN WHEN HE APOLOGIES like ok sure not the greatest apology but my boy is TRYING (literally starting yelling HES TRYING at my screen ok) everyone is STILL like “wow fuck u ryuji how could you be so shitty to the cat that hasn’t been nice to you once in the entire game”


To the fans who are complaining about how lame the fight between Obi-wan and Maul was: Here is the reason behind it in Rebels Recon:
  • (Star Wars Correspondent) Andi Gutierrez: The actual duel between the two Masters is very short. Like a samurai film. How did you come to the conclusion that it had to be done this way?
  • (Producer) Carrie Beck: We never entered into this story trying to think about how satisfying that battle should be. It really became about what was the general intention of this moment? And knowing where these two men are at this point in their lives, I think it's important for us —even though on the timeline, we aren't to a New Hope yet— to think about what we know of Obi-wan in that movie and to work backwards in some way to make sure that the characters progression charts appropriately.
  • (Co-Producer) Henry Gilroy: When you've fought someone many times, or face off you kind of know each other's moves. So if you think about it, the build up to this confrontation and the actual Lightsabers hitting each other is actually longer, cause their basically playing it out in their heads and the amazing thing is the move that Maul tries after the initial exchange he actually attempts the move that killed Qui Gon Jinn. He tried to basically bash him with the hilt.
  • (Executive Producer) Dave Filoni: If you talk to a lot of people that sword fight, they'll tell you that people that are very good don't have long fights, it's very quick. And so that scene, it's an homage to the Seven Samurai. I think on one level people would be excited to see another prolonged Lightsaber fight but I just never really saw the confrontation that way because to do that is to say that the characters don't have growth. Yes, it's exciting as an audience member but it's not really a believable thing. The storytelling has to evolve.
  • (People need to take a moment and listen to what Dave said about Mauls death and the fight in general. It WASN'T meant to be a prolonged fight as he said otherwise the meaning of the fight itself would be completely lost.)
Strings of Fate - Part 9

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Summary: Soulmate AU.
Having the ability to tamper with soulmate bonds, you accept to use it and help your friend Natasha tie her string with that of her boyfriend. But after a surprising turn of events, Bucky Barnes turns out to be your soulmate, and in order to keep your promise, it’s your string that you’ll have to cut.

Warnings: ANGST! All the angst.

Word count: 1694

A.N: I am really, truly sorry for this.

James Buchanan Barnes. 

His name is the one on your wrist, was, the name on your wrist, and he remembers Natalia and a conversation he had with her many nights ago, where she mentioned a friend who could tie their strings together.

The whole thing makes him want to scream. He feels shocked, frozen to the spot with the sudden realization that you were his soulmate, and in order for him to be happy, you were the one to let him go.

There are many things that Bucky Barnes regrets. The war, what came after; the pain and the loss that he played a part in.He could write thousands of pages about his wrongdoings, and yet nothing feels as bad as this moment. Because staring at you with tears on your cheeks and your sleeve pulled up makes him feel like the whole universe has reduced itself to the gym; like he’s the earth and you’re the sun and everything within him revolves around you and those three little letters scarred into your inner wrist.

“Y/N-” your name sounds fractured on his lips. Brittle and broken as if the shards had been stuck in his throat and it hurts. It hurts both of you.

Bucky looks at you then, really looks, and he shamefully notes that he feels as though he’s getting his very first glimpse of you. He sees past the tired posture and your hunched back, past the tears on your sunken cheeks and the dark circles under your eyes, and it hits him like a brick: you love him.

And he should’ve noticed it before, how your gaze softens impossibly at the sight of him and how your breath catches in your throat, making your chest heave the slightest bit. He feels like a moron for having missed how you say his name, because even now and in spite of everything, your voice is still laced with a certain fondness and it is exactly your voice that breaks him out of his thoughts for just a split second.

“Bucky” you whisper, feeling your words echo around the vast room “Say something-”

It’s a desperate cry in a sea of rolling thunder. An almost silent plea that you whisper under hooded eyes and with trembling hands, and it registers on his brain that this is the first time where he’s seen you so vulnerable, so stripped of your rage and your cool demeanor; with nothing left to hide now that he’s holding your bare wrist in his hands with as much care as he can muster.

He feels like he might be ready to snap… until he does.

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True brilliance is giving somebody what they need, not what they want

So, I watched “Twin Suns” earlier today.

Yeah, that episode.  Whoa.

I went in like many of you, expecting The Big Fight.  Flips and twists and a bombastic soundtrack (I said to myself – out loud – that they better include “Duel of the Fates”).  I wanted something grand to serve as the proper sendoff to a rivalry that has lasted eighteen years.

And I mean eighteen years in real life.  Remember that, we’ve been watching these two hack away at each other since 1999.  Seen them each rise and fall, only to rise again, and never quite able to escape the shadow that the other casts on their life.  This rivalry has been going on for a generation for us, and even longer for them.

So when it finally came, so fast and so quietly, it was nothing like what I wanted.  But it was exactly what was needed.  Needed for the characters, and needed for the audience as well.

For good and ill, these two have changed over the years.

Maul was always filled with hate and anger – he was a Sith after all – but now it has consumed him.  He’s lost everything he cared for, and everything he worked for, and everything that he thought would make him happy (Or at least content within his power).  As so many Jedi have warned, he is no longer using the Dark Side to fuel his actions, but is ruled by it.  And he is tired.  So tired of always suffering and always fighting and being stuck like this.

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On the obverse, Obi-Wan was always committed and skillful, but now he’s had time.  Time to put aside the anger and hate and guilt and resentment he felt for Maul for all the harm he caused.  It’s true that Obi-Wan never succumbed to the Dark Side while fighting Maul in his younger days, but even he wouldn’t deny that it influenced him, that he wanted revenge for the death of Qui-Gon and Satine and Adi Gallia and everybody else Maul has hurt.  Now, with the simple fact that time can lessen even the worse pains, and also the fact that he himself has grown and matured, he can step back from that.

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It doesn’t mean that Obi-Wan has forgiven Maul.  It means that he is able to clearly and solidly came to the conclusion that Maul has to die, but for the right reasons.  Not because Maul has hurt him, but because of the hurt that Maul will go on to do if he is not stopped.  To use the very cliched analogy, he is a doctor who has to amputate a limb to save the patient: He doesn’t enjoy hacking off a body part, but he doesn’t hesitate because he knows it must be done.

And that’s why Obi-Wan wins so easily, because he decides to win.  This needs to be clear: He doesn’t decide to fight, he decides to win.  You can practically see the exact moment when he realizes that Maul needs to die.  It’s a calm and cool decision, and it is firmly grounded in the Force, and not from any personal urge.  So when Maul loses control, when he is pushed to a mad dash and a doomed-to-fail repeat of how he killed Qui-Gon so long ago, Obi-Wan is just putting a mad animal out of its misery.  Turning a page in history.

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And afterwards, as Obi-Wan cradles Maul as he dies, he offers what comfort he can.  Again, not because he was forgiven him, because this has nothing to do with Obi-Wan.  Instead, it has everything to do with Maul.  With a creature that has been so consumed by hate and pain and eternal fighting that death is almost a mercy. At this moment, Obi-Wan can look past everything that has happened and just accept Maul for what he is right now, and feel sadness for what has come to pass.

And that is what we as an audience needed as well.  To see the final end result of so much strife and struggle.  To see the doomed fall of one who has already fallen so far.  Without dignity or glory or even much of a struggle.  A quiet end that isn’t an anti-climax, but just one man closing the book and moving on to the next.