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March 18

Sargon the Sorcerer debuted in All-American Comics #26 (March 18, 1941). He was a stage magician, dressed like a swami complete with turban, to disguise the fact that he wielded true mystical powers, passing off such feats as illusions. As a child, he came into possession of the mystic Ruby of Life which allowed him to control anything he touches. Taking his professional name from the ancient king of the same name, Sargon has had a checkered career, acting mostly as a hero in the Golden Age, aided by his sidekick/manager Maximillian O'Leary as he battled crooks, spies and his azure-skinned archenemy the Blue Lama, Queen of Black Magic. In the Silver Age, his villainous activities were the result of certain side effects of possessing the Ruby of Life.