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does anyone remember that one magical time when one of the non-replica Phantom productions put out a promotional pic from Masquerade where Christine happened to be standing in front of a chorus member whose gloves were the exact same color as her dress at just the right angle that it looked like she had arms jutting out of her boobs

good times


Official Persona 5 Hero Phantom Suit and Mask Cosplay Products Announced

Cosplay costume company Cospa has announced a replica of the costume worn by the Persona 5 protagonist, in addition to a replica of his mask. Both are set to be released in late September 2017.

P5 Hero Phantom Suit

The “P5 Hero Phantom Suit” was supervised by character designer Shigenori Soejima, and will include the coat, pocket handkerchief, jacket, pants and gloves.

Product Description:

Fastening the waist part of the coat and jacket with the inner metal fittings will reproduce the silhouette of the Persona 5 protagonist


With official supervision, elegant shiny synthetic leather was used.
The lining is attached.
As with the original setting, the front of the coat is not closed, the design is intended to be worn open. Whilst buttons are included, it cannot be worn closed.
The silhouette of the large collar which surrounds the face was designed under official supervision.
The characteristic design of the body and sleeves was expected through switching fabrics and giving a stereoscopic effect through the stitching.

Pocket Handkerchief:

An elegant, shiny fabric was used.
In accordance with the official setting, it should be folded into three peaks and placed in the breast pocket.


A synthetic leather with a metallic texture was used. Additionally the slender design was reproduced.
The lining is attached.
The front features a lock type hook for the neck so that it will stay affixed. By opening the front part, the button is hidden.
The distinctive design of the front is completed by sewing on a patch, to give a three dimensional finish.
Adding metal parts to the top of the patch reproduces the design of the original setting.
The round rubber included with the cuffs is intended to be worn over the middle finger. This prevents the cuffs from protruding from the gloves, maintaining the silhouette around the cuffs.


A synthetic leather with a strong texture, excellent stretchability and suppressed gloss is used.
The characteristic design where both sides are bulging is reproduced. A commitment to balancing them has been made.
In order to reproduce the original design, decorative buttons have been added to the front zipper.
As in the original setting, the waist is high.
Rubber on both sides of the waist belt gives versatility in size.
The coat tail is tailored to specific specifications so that is is easy to wear even with a tight silhouette.


As in line with the original design, vivid red synthetic leather is used.
The back side is a mixed fabric of polyester and cotton. As it contains cotton material, it is hygroscopic and has a nice finish.
The wrists are fastened with Velcro.

Purchase Details

Preoders Open:
COSPA Webmail Order: Friday June 9th, 2017
Credit Card Orders: Monday July 10th, 2017
Convenience Store: Wednesday June 28th, 2017
Release Date: Late September 2017
Price: 150,000 yen (162,000 yen including tax)

P5 Hero Phantom Mask

The “P5 Hero Phantom Mask” is a replica of the mask worn by the protagonist of Persona 5, and was supervised by character designer Shigenori Soejima.

Product Description

Faithful reproduction of the color scheme and texture with the use of stereoscopic modeling, resulting in a handmade, authentic mask by a craftsman.
The characteristic patterns for the eyes are painted by hand, one by one.
The base has a white pearl paint finish, under official supervision.
By using urethane material on the back side, it is comfortable to be worn and is made to have a slight gap between the mask and the face.
It is mounted with the inclusion of a rubber belt. It can be adjusted to fit the size of one’s head.
Because it is removable with metal fittings attached to the right side of the rubber belt, it is easy to install, even after wearing a wig.


It is made of urethane resin.


Freely adjustable size, from about 45 cm to about 63 cm.
Mask Dimensions: Horizontal x Depth x Height: about 19.5 cm x about 11.5 cm x about 7.5 cm

Purchase Details

Preoders Open:
COSPA Webmail Order: Friday June 9th, 2017
Credit Card Orders: Monday July 10th, 2017
Convenience Store: Wednesday June 28th, 2017
Release Date: Late September 2017
Price: 24,000 yen (25,920 yen including tax)


Dressing Gown #10

Modeled after Sierra’s version in the RAH 25th anniversary gala, it features a bodice, belt, and skirt made of jacquard silk.  The ruffles (and engageantes) are double-layered: a soft netting layer with scalloped trim underneath, and a cotton eyelet with a wider scalloped venice lace trim on top.  The front and back of the belt are decorated with lush appliques filled with sequins and pearls.  It also features custom bias tape around the bodice opening and an extended train on the skirt.

I want to thank Emily from the bottom of my heart for commissioning me and helping support what I love to do!

Want your own dressing gown or other custom replica, costume, clothing or accessory? Visit and see what I can do, and contact me there! :)

A few in-progress photos coming soon ;)

anonymous asked:

Hello! I've asked you for imagines in the past and I'm really happy about how you write the PT! So, here is the scenario: S/O has a Palace, and all that's left to do is sending them the card. How would Makoto, Ryuji and Futaba deliver the card? Bonus: how would they react if S/O's shadow mocked them after they read the card (you know, when the bosses read the card in the game, their shadows appeared for some seconds)? This last thing only if you want. Thanks for everything!

AAAAAA it’s so flattering to know you like my characterizations!! ;A; Thank you for the request, dear! I hope you like it!


C'mon dude, you can do this…

The knowledge that his beloved S/O had developed a distorted Palace was agonizing in itself, but delivering the calling card required to force their Treasure to manifest was proving to be quite a difficult task for Ryuji. The sooner he deposited the card into S/O’s carry-on, the better; yet, why was he suddenly overcome with hesitation? Perhaps it was fear that hindered him; far too many times had he been exposed to the horrendous monsters that the cognitive rulers transform into, and he was beyond terrified of witnessing what kind of corruption had festered inside of S/O’s heart. 

However, Ryuji reasserted his determination as he beamed at an incoming S/O; now was not the time for cowardice. It was transparent that S/O was suffering greatly, as evidenced by their twisted heart, and he’ll be damned if he ever abandoned them in their crucial time of need. He tugged S/O into a secure, loving embrace, and then he slipped the calling card into the opened zipper of their bag, wincing as he did so. 

This is for their own good, he mentally reassured himself.

Ryuji commenced walking S/O home, idly chatting with them until the couple approached the front door of their residence. The blonde parted with a kiss, then he concealed himself behind a nearby wall, lurking in the shadows to observe their reaction to the warning. They retrieved the bag from their shoulders and fumbled around inside for their keys, inevitably noticing the vibrant scarlet of the calling card. Swallowing the lump in their throat upon recognizing the significance of the paper, S/O shakily read what was inscribed. Ryuji unemotionally spectated as the area surrounding the duo was blanketed in darkness, the S/O that he loved now substituted by a gruesome, warped replica.

“The Phantom Thieves, huh…? Fine. Let it be war, then. They can’t do anything, anyway… no one can. They’ll end up leaving me, too…”

A deadly needle of pain pierced through Ryuji’s heart, yet oddly enough, their words were exactly what he needed to hear in order to strengthen his resolve. 

Wait for me, babe… I’m gonna take away the pain.


A study date; Makoto ascertained that slipping the calling card into a textbook would be the ideal method of delivering the calling card, as it was innocuous and inconspicuous. Surrounded by the decadent aroma of the diner, the student council president anxiously waited for S/O’s arrival as she tapped her pencil against the tabletop with her chin perched on her hand. 

Truthfully, she dreaded the suspense of distributing the card; she had experienced that with her dear sister, and Makoto had rather hoped that personally delivering another would never be mandatory again. 

Alas, S/O had swung the door open, and Makoto acknowledged that there was no going back now.

Not that I had planned on it, she thought. This hurts, but it must be even worse for them.

S/O mirthfully approached Makoto, their eyes glimmering with life despite being dull before they had entered the vicinity. She reciprocated their smile, although her heart ached upon pondering what sort of misery S/O must feel on a daily basis to produce such a reticent, unfeeling expression. 

Maybe I’m overthinking it…

Contrary to the overwhelming apprehension assimilating inside of her, Makoto displayed a sprightly demeanor as she handed S/O the textbook. They pried it open to reveal the familiar dichromatic card lodged between the pages. A chilling shiver rocketed down S/O’s spine as they scanned the words plastered against the crimson paper. Makoto cringed internally from the sudden blackness that permeating the area, and she choked back the gasp that threatened to escape her throat as her ruby gaze fell upon S/O’s repugnant Shadow.

“What a joke. Well, a good show needs an audience, and what better host than a failure like me. I’ll give them everything they want to see.”

Makoto’s former uncertainty vanished in sync with S/O’s unscrupulous doppelganger, and a perplexed S/O inquired as to why she appeared so hardened all of a sudden. Makoto hastily reverted to her placid expression and explained that she was devising strategies for an imminent test, which could hardly be considered a lie; Palace infiltration certainly was challenge that required excellent foresight. However, her heart was set, and Makoto was wholly prepared to aid S/O via any means necessary.

I’m going to move forward… and I’m taking you with me.


The means by which Futaba was to convey the calling card was rather rudimentary, yet the emotional hill that she was to triumph in order to accomplish that was more strenuous than the hacker had initially conjectured. She accepted that this crucial step was necessary to liberate S/O from the traumatic contortion that deteriorated their well-being, and her conviction was as solid as diamond; the inner torment that Futaba was inflicted with, which resulted in her spawning her own Palace, was something she never wished upon anyone, especially not S/O. 

However, she couldn’t seem to force her thumb to press the digital ‘send’ button on her cell phone’s keyboard. She had ensured that no one would be able to trace her message, and she had even hacked into S/O’s camera to survey their reaction upon receiving their designated warning. All preparations were complete, alas, doubt had usurped every nerve in Futaba’s body, paralyzing her as she reclined on the bed. She sealed her eyes and shook her head, almost as if she were attempting to scatter the lingering indecision.

I have to do this. Those horrible things that I felt back then, before everyone saved me… I won’t let S/O go through anything like that!

Sealing her eyelids shut, she rapidly pressed the luminescent screen, the chime of the message being sent reverberating through her eardrums as she silently infiltrated S/O’s camera. Futaba had to admit that she felt comparable to a repulsive creep, but there was no alternative for her. She scrutinized S/O’s bewilderment from being sent such an abrupt, enigmatic text, and Futaba cringed when their typically adorable face morphed into a grotesque duplicate.

“It’s always something… is my happiness a sin against humanity? So be it. If it’s war these alleged thieves desire, then I’ll be happy to give it to them.”

Futaba scoffed once the apparition had dissipated, and she hurriedly terminated the program she had utilized to expropriate S/O’s camera.

There’s more to life than war, S/O, she thought, a newfound obstinacy steadily corroborating her willpower. I guess you’ll see soon enough.

The poster for “Phantom of the Opera” in Gothenburg, Sweden. They’re doing the Finnish non-replica production. (from the designer’s Instagram)