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does anyone remember that one magical time when one of the non-replica Phantom productions put out a promotional pic from Masquerade where Christine happened to be standing in front of a chorus member whose gloves were the exact same color as her dress at just the right angle that it looked like she had arms jutting out of her boobs

good times

The poster for “Phantom of the Opera” in Gothenburg, Sweden. They’re doing the Finnish non-replica production. (from the designer’s Instagram)


Hello! I have a Phantom Instagram (@/theoperagirls) where I do little mediocre reviews on lovely different ladies who have played Christine. I love to feature under appreciated or just down right obscure ladies! I have decided to convert my rows of dedication to tumblr, I made a set for Monika Sommerová a long time ago, but I felt it was time! Here are the three photos I posted on Instagram (with the reviews!) This review is based off of one full show audio!

1)! I’ve decided to do my next row on a Czech Non-replica Christine, Monika Sommerová! Every single time I see the Think of Me video from a television special. The one where she sings to the camera, I fall in love. The Czech production is a non-replica, meaning different costumes (including deformity at times!) and different sets, but the same music! The only non-replicas I’ve seen have been European productions in other languages! (Unless you count the new restaged US tour as a Non-replica). The audio I’ve heard of Monika (aside from television specials) Has been Monika as a principal Christine opposite Marian Vojtko and Tomas Vanek. Now to get to the Monika! Her voice is SO beautiful, I can easily get passed the fact she’s not singing in English, because I love her voice so much! Monika has such a strong sound, and seeing her sing, she makes it look and sound so easy to sing Christine. Which makes me so jealous, not many can do it! Monika’s Think of Me is very light a cheerful (as it should) and she sounds like she is having the time of her life. Her angel of music was very nice, and I really enjoyed the Meg they got together very well! Little Lotte (!!!)Tomas has a lovely speaking voice, and when he started singing I could hear his charm! They sounded so Dreamy together at this time. So now we come to the title song (the audio sounded a little muffled) Monika had a great grasp on her lower range, giving her such a rich sound. Marian Vojtko is a Phantom with a voice like marble, smooth but spotted and rough a times. They could’ve fit a little better together, but individually they are stunning, together good, just not phenomenal. In I remember, Vojtko got so rough sounding, it was believable that he was so scary! He was wonderful! In All I Ask of You Tomas sounded so nice, like silk! Also Monika, breathtaking as usual. I do wish there was a little more emotion from Monika in All I Ask of You though. I love this photo so much, this costume is so lovely. The gold dress and cobalt cloak fit so well together. I also love Raouls grey jacket. What a sweet moment this is!

2)I’m picking up at Masquerade, Monika and Tomas’s “Think of it..” was urgent when needed, I really enjoyed it. Monika’s Twisted made up for what I previously said about the lack of emotion in AIAOY She sounded so distraught, and like she was crying. In Wishing, I was amazed at her voice yet again! She really has a great control over her voice. She was full of emotion which I really enjoyed. In PONR both Marian and Monika were fabulous! Monika sounded scared but knew what she had to do! In Down Once More, I was a little disappointed in the lack of anger in Marians voice in the beginning. The Final lair however, was amazing. Monika sounded angry with the phantom, her “Tears..” was so pleading and angry. Monika’s “You deceived me…” got powerful at the end of the phrase, very well done. Then Marians short “You try my patience” was so off putting. Monika sounded very sweet before the kiss. Marian cried when the couple left, I was left so sad. So overall you can tell I REALLY enjoyed the Czech cast. Monika is easily one of my favorites, hands down. I love this set and I’d love to see the stair case in the title song put into the replica show! I love the wedding dress a lot and want to see more of it. The deformity is very gruesome, it’s such an effect.

3) I love the way Raoul in this production looks, he looks opposite to the book, but I still love his look. I also really love the grey coat. Here is another look at the All I Ask of You cloak and a little of the gold sleeve. I really like the pieces together. The silhouette has a beautiful slope. I love this shot! Once again I must say, Monika Sommerová has a wonderful voice, please check her out!

All photos are from my camera roll, of photos I found on Tumblr I’m sure. I usually get my photos from @glassprism and @operafantomet so they might from them. I made the post so long ago!

anonymous asked:

Name 5 things about your room that you like and then anonymously tag 5 other people.

Thank you Anon! Just five things? I guess they have to be:

1. My monkey music box replica from phantom of the opera, that actually plays masquerade! It’s exactly like the one in the show! I love it so much!

2. My record player with my endless collection of musical theatre records

3. My typewriter! It’s so cute and I love it!

4. My collection of signed pictures from my favourite musical theatre actors! I have Sierra Boggess, Ramin Karimloo and Anna O'Bryne to name a few!

5. My Bluetooth jukebox speaker. It looks so great in my room and is really cool!


Umm, have you guys seen this? It’s gorgeous…yeah.

Source: Opera Nationala Bucuresti