phantom replicas

does anyone remember that one magical time when one of the non-replica Phantom productions put out a promotional pic from Masquerade where Christine happened to be standing in front of a chorus member whose gloves were the exact same color as her dress at just the right angle that it looked like she had arms jutting out of her boobs

good times


Palais Garnier inspiration in different non-replica ALW Rooftop scenes

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Examples of tall Phantoms in the ALW replica versions:

  1. Tim Martin Gleason, USA (ca. 185 / 6’1”)
  2. Peter Jorde, Denmark (193 / 6'4”)
  3. Steve Barton, UK/USA (ca. 191 / 6’3”) 
  4. Norm Lewis, USA (ca. 188 / 6’2”)
  5. Nic Greenshields, UK (ca. 193 / 6’4”)
  6. Flemming Enevold, Denmark (ca. 185 / 6′1″)
  7. Howard McGillin, USA (ca. 194 / 6’4”) 
  8. Brad Little, USA/World Tour (anyone with numbers here?)
  9. Ivan Ozhogin, Russia (anyone with numbers here?)

Umm, have you guys seen this? It’s gorgeous…yeah.

Source: Opera Nationala Bucuresti