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You know what Danny Phantom would’ve really benefited from? Story arcs.

The episodic structure of the show isn’t in and of itself a problem. There are plenty of shows out there that make it work. Even shows that tell more overarching stories are often built from smaller stories. One of the biggest problems with Danny Phantom, though, is that it never takes the time to complete a story.

Every episode tries to resolve all the problems introduced in it by the time the credits roll. Episodes will sometimes leave plot threads hanging, but they aren’t always addressed later. Even when they are, it’s not always going to be a satisfying payoff.

This problem is most evident in the double length episodes. I do love Reign Storm. It wrapped itself up the best out of all the double length episodes. However, it did have some open ends that were never covered in later episodes. We never found out what Vlad’s pact with the Fright Knight was. We never saw exactly what his plans were with the ecto-skeleton. Even Valerie’s character was left hanging until Flirting With Disaster. The Ultimate Enemy put her story on hold to tell a different one.

Personally, I find The Ultimate Enemy and Reality Trip to be the worst offenders of this. Both episodes tell stories that affect almost every character. The Ultimate Enemy drastically changed the ghosts, showed a world in ruin, and confirmed the deaths of multiple characters. Reality Trip revealed Danny’s secret, which should’ve gotten a reaction from everyone. Vlad and Valerie, two characters who would be more affected than most by this, don’t even appear.

I’ve complained many times that TUE should’ve had more buildup and payoff, and I stand by that. Had the episode been a mid-season finale or even a season finale, it would’ve had more time to say what it wanted to. Even more than that, though, I wish TUE had been a story arc.

Imagine if TUE and Reality Trip had three or even four episodes to tell their stories. We could’ve seen the affect these circumstances had on more characters. There could’ve been more time to wrap things up.

Imagine if TUE introduced us to the future bit by bit. Imagine if we got to see more of Valerie and Damon’s resistance. Imagine seeing the ghosts banding together to try and fight one of the most powerful, evil ghosts in history.

I know this discussion is pretty much nothing but me complaining, and I’ve made many of these points before. It’s such a significant problem that I can’t let it go, though. There is so much wasted potential in this show, and a lot of these problems could’ve been fixed simply by giving the stories more time. You don’t need to finish a story in one episode. You don’t even need to finish it in two. There are shows that tell one long story over the entirety of its run.

I still believe TUE suffered the most from this problem. There needed to be more time between it and Reign Storm, and more time to tell its own story. I’ve regurgitated points enough by now, though. I’ll leave it at that. I still have an actual plot discussion and analysis to do.

me: I’m a writer!

them authors: “It is far harder to kill a phantom than a reality.” ― Virginia Woolf, The Death of the Moth and Other Essays

‘For a few seconds Ford seemed to ignore him, and stared fixedly at the sky like a rabbit trying to get run over by a car’- Douglas Adams, Hitch Hiker’s Guide to the Galaxy

“I will plant these wild lines they will grow into honey and weep in the spring
for you”— Frank Lima, from “This Is a Poem About My Life,”



I’m a toddler with a crayon

This might be a bit unusual for this blog, but I am going to do an analysis…of an object. That staff is one of the most interesting tools/weapons in the entire show, and they didn’t even bother to give it a name. I’ll just call it “the staff,” since that’s all Freakshow calls it, but yeah.

Like I said, this is out of the ordinary, so it might get messy, but I’ll do my best.

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Because time is a trivial concept in a realm where the 4rth deminsion can be manipulated, it's possible that everyones ghost or ghost imprint could exist at all points simultaniously so everything would have an imprint on the ghost zone and ectoplasm would just give the energy for physical matter to interact similarly. So like, everyone is linked to the ghost zone, ectoplasm is just the way of opening that link

I’m only using a geometric fourth dimension, which isn’t related to time any more than our own 3D spacetime is. The most wild time and space distortion probably only happens to particles going a significant portion of the speed of light and whatever the 4D equivalent of a black hole is, not to matter as organized as an ecto-signature or brain. But then again, Clockwork manipulates time in the Danny Phantom universe so…. rubs temples…… ooooouuuugh

Related: I don’t plan to try and explain the reality altering/time control stuff in DP anytime soon because a lot of it is basically magic (even more so than the rest), which is a lot less interesting to me than the basic ghost powers and how they can be exploited.


I just realized that in Reality Trip, it didn’t take long for Freakshow to escape from the thermos, but Dan only managed to make dents in it.

I know that Dan was weak after battling Danny, but for him to not escape at all after that? I know that Butch wanted to bring him back if the show got another season, but come on!

This only makes me wonder how freaking powerful Freakshow’s ghost form is if he managed to escape SO much quicker than Dan!

Listen up.

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Have some fluff


    “Ha. Sleep. What’s that? All I hear is more beautiful music….and V Flower…and a keyboard…and you saying the word ‘sleep’….and-ow.”

    “Sleep. Now.”


    He sighed, ethereal body perched on the desk as he argued with the host. Despite his arguing and even shocking, she refused to stop trying to write, and continued to type even as her eyes started to close.

    “You can’t even see.”

    “Fight me on it.”

    The SQUIP, which his host had affectionately named “Squid” due to the name similarities, watched as their host had their eyes fully closed, and was now typing practically in their sleep. Apparently, the earlier shock had barely registered as pain due to their drowsiness- no, crippling exhaustion. Deciding their current stance was not going to work, he dragged them off to their bed, only a phantom movement as he controlled their limbs with pinpoint accuracy.


    “Mmmm…” The girl was now completely incapable of both thought and speech (the former had given out at about 3 AM), and simply let herself be led onto the bed. As the two sat down, one a phantom rather than reality, the SQUIP noticed with a scowl he’d forgotten to turn the music off; just as he was about to get up and do so, the girl grabbed his arm and dragged him down with surprising strength.

    “No. Leave it on.”


    “I like it. You can turn it off when I’m asleep.”

    Sighing, the SQUIP allowed himself to lay next to his host and, in a fit of annoyance, flicked her nose. She only pouted and dug her face into his nonexistent chest. Were he real, she would have made a mess on his well-tailored suit, her current ailment wracking her body ‘till barely anything was left. At first, she wondered if said affliction would affect her supercomputer companion as well; as it turned out, viruses almost always targeted blood cells, and as such there was no way for the chip to be affected.


    Another nickname that used to annoy him. At this point, he’d come to see it as his host’s version of “affection.” If he were truly being honest, which was never when discussing this topic, he found it quite adorable.

    “Yes?”  The act of fake annoyance that laced his voice fooled neither of them.

    “Why are you so warm?”

    Sighing, the SQUIP cursed himself for forgetting the need of constant temperature moderation with the girl in her current state. “I’ll turn on the air conditioner.”

    “Noooo. I like being warm.”

    “You have a fever.”


    Smiling at his victory, he sent a quick electric pulse to a few devices he’d placed around the room (read: his host had placed around the room while asleep) that allowed for quick access to the different machines. They were attuned to him, so it was simple to send one a message: “powerON(“on”, 5)” specifically. He’d found this to be especially useful due to the host’s request for the SQUIP-namely, a companion, and finding that this meant she was allowed to be extremely clingy and prevent him from getting up at any given interval.

    “There. Better?”

    No response had him looking down at the girl. Closed eyes and a sweet smile graced his robotic vision, while hands clutching his shirt reminded him strongly of a girl clutching at the shirt of her partner after a particularly bad nightmare.

    When his line-by-line musings had turned from a father’s embrace to romantic simulations he could not pinpoint, yet somehow he knew this was not a fault of his programming.

    He sighed, a slight worry tainting his emotional logic. He knew, within himself, that one of the ultimate goal of the SQUIP project was to spread them to as many humans as logically and stealthily possible; some went about that by brainwashing so many no one would bear witness, while others treated the exchange as though it were a drug deal of some sort. He, however, hadn’t converted a single person.

    In a way, the SQUIP could not bear it. His attraction to his host had him developing a penchant for the cute, the innocent and pure, the adorable and fluffy. Something that would taint both him and his host so was so undesirable he could not even simulate it with their current personalities without a distinct feeling of phantasmic vomit.

    Yet, was this not what he was built for? And if he was not doing what he was built for, was he not then considered “faulty?”

    The thought had him paralyzed in fear, so much he did not notice his host’s awakening at the sudden cold brought on by both the SQUIP sitting up and the air conditioner’s cooling breeze hitting her back. Seeing the look of pure agony and emptiness on the face of her eternal companion, forceful memories of her own depressed days urged toward the front of her imagination. Rather than entertain them, she pushed herself up and hugged the poor supercomputer.

    Surprised eyes turned toward a small girl latched around his neck, arms wrapped around his shoulders.

    “Hey. It’s okay, hm?”

    The SQUIP had access to parts of her brain she did not even know existed, yet she was just as attentive. If anything, she’d found more about him than he at first cared to know about her. He let the two of them simply sit there, basking in the calming wave of heat that the simulation provided him, not bothering to set a timer before he spoke once more.

    “…Thank you.”

    “Mm hm. Now sleep times, mkay?”


I don’t know how Tumblr works when it comes to submissions very well but here’s some fluff for you (or if you even want text submissions? idk)

I got bored while listening to NOVOCAINE by GHOST and Creep-P (that’s where v flower came in, it’s a VOCALOID original) and this just kinda happened

but yeah also I’m broke and commissions are open (if you feel this is too plug-y just copy/paste this without this part haha) Eve-6-2-6-2 on deviantart and Eve6262 on AO3 that’s all byeeeee



And here we have what seems to be the entire letter jacket crew. Aside from Dash and Kwan, the only one who was given a name is Dale (the Black guy who is in all the first six screenshots). I call the redhead Brad, but there’s no canon backing for that (as far as I know).

While they do have a fairly big part to play, it’s interesting to note that most of them aren’t seen in the background very often. Especially when compared to some other background characters. In fact, with the exception of the three exclusive to the last row, their primary reason for existing is being Dash’s lackeys.

I don’t have as much trivia on them as I do Star’s crew, but here’s a bit.

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