phantom reality

Date a boy who worships you. Date a boy with talent, intellect, and snark. Date a boy with an angel’s voice. Date a boy who knows more languages than you. Date a boy who can sing. Date a boy who can serenade you with music and roses. Date a boy who kisses the hem of your dress. Date a boy who’s tall, dark, and mysterious. Date a boy who can teach you. Date a boy who would kill and kill for you again. Date the phantom of the opera.

How about a headcannon

SO what if in the Danny Phantom episode “Reality Trip” where, in front of everyone, Danny transforms back. And amongst the shock and awe of everyone in the crowd, Wes stands up and goes “I FUCKING TOLD YOU”
And throughout the whole episode while the Phantom Crew is off saving the world, people are apologizing for harassing Wes about being wrong about Fenton and for claiming he was Phantom. Wes finally goes back to his life as best he can while the world is being saved and all this shit is going down, much like the people of Amity Park basically /had/ to do. But Wes is basically the smug little shit now and is like “haha fuck you Fenton can’t hide now”
They fix reality and everyone forgets, but Wes doesn’t for some odd reason.(Maybe he was snooping around Fenton’s basement or something and the blast didn’t effect him. Much like how the Ghost Spell from “Girls’ Night Out” didn’t effect Maddy Fenton) And Wes goes outside and nobody remembers and the day has FUCKING RESTARTED and he’s like “oH FUCK NO” and Phantom, after flying by Jacks window, flies past Wes with this shit eating grin and Wes just glares at him and screams that he fucking remembers, but Phantom just flies away cause, nobodies going to believe him.

Ok, just a quick idea I had about the 5th season of Samurai Jack.

Everyone is talking about how the psychological effects of 50 years has taken his toll on him, and that the hallucination scenes from the first episode are caused by that alone. 

But I think it’s a lot LESS complicated than that.

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let’s just say there is a parallel universe where Steve Marmel was still the main writer in season 3 and they followed his original plans to make the story darker and have season 3 properly follow up Reign Storm and The Ultimate Enemy.
Somewhere in a parallel universe that version of season 3 exists fully-animated and broadcasted on TV and we would’ve had that instead of Phantom Planet. Can y'all imagine that. Can y'all imagine what could’ve been. Can y'all imagine how different we would all be if those original plans became a reality

Imagine being Tony’s sister and fall in love with Loki

Warning : English isn’t my native language so i am sorry for mistakes guys.Hope you enjoy it.

”Y/N! I just can’t believe you, he tried to ruin our world, to kill us and among billions of people you chose him!” Tony raged. All others were silently watching you two. It was first time when Tony was mad at you,his little sister, who he loves the most of all. “You don’t understand he isn’t the monster as you all imagine!” you yelled at him. “Oh, really? Then tell for God sake who he is? Maybe an angel who misunderstood?” mockingly asked Tony.” Lady Y/N, he is right. My brother is too dangerous for you”, quietly said Thor, “he is trickster he can easily make anyone believe in anything. I am sorry”. “I believe him. Whether you want or not it is my choice”, you whispered and left of room. ”Y/N!” yelled Tony and intended to make you back but Nat stopped him: “She won’t listen to us, Tony. We can’t force her stop loving Loki.” “We can. Take your brother to Asgard. Tonight”, categorically required Tony. “It is not good idea. It will not help her. She loves him deeply don’t you think it will have the opposite effect?” Cap didn’t seem happy to make her suffer because he loves her almost as his own sister. “I am her brother. So let me decide whether it is good or not for her” retorted Tony.

Next morning

“Hey, I am sorry I didn’t come last night you know there was…” you were puzzled as entering to find empty cell. “What did you do to him?” you stormed into the kitchen unable to see anyone just Tony. “To whom?” idly asked he. “Don’t play fool!” “Oh didn’t he tell you? Today is his wedding day. He was engaged long time ago”.  “It is impossible…” the news hit you like thunderbolt. “I told you, sweetie, you shouldn’t believe him. Wanna breakfast?” casually asked Tony. “N-no thanks” with these words just silently walked out. Somehow, you got your room and asked F.R.I.D.A.Y locked door. “So I guess I was just toy to enjoy you…” you burst into crying pressed your pillow to yourself to hide sobs.

Your POV

“Hey, I bring you some books it would be boring sitting here without anything,” you said putting books in special container, “I hope you’ll like it”.  He took a glance and then said with grin “Why does it bother you, mortal?” “I-it is not. Just want to help you”, you shrug your shoulders “By the way my name is Y/N”.

It wasn’t easy to become closer to God of mischief. Every time visiting him was a challenge. However, you figured out it when you didn’t visit him because you were too tired and next day he was especially annoying trying upset you with toxic comments. Firstly, you ignored but slowly it fed you up and yelled, “You are fuckin idiot! I was too tired to come and you the biggest egoist of all nine realms!” you were really pissed what seemed amuse him.” You think it is funny?” you literally growled. “You are gorgeous when you are mad, my sweet midgardian girl” he said with little smile. You were stunned not able to understand his words…


Month later

“What is matter, Bruce?” asked confused Tony. “I don’t know all vitals are normal nothing wrong I don’t know…” “She isn’t ill. She is lost “answered Wanda pointed at your curled body. Nat and Cap are currently trying to cheer you up but you answer them with faint smile and close your eyes.” You know what you should do”, said Wanda “if you don’t…” “Thor can you?” “You know, Tony, you midgardians, are more capricious when it is about yourselves. I guess, Loki wants to see her too. Last time when I saw him he merely spoke me and asked one thing.” “What?” “Is she ok?”

Same day, evening

Monotonous days…day changes night and nothing changes…”Y/N?” it can’t be real. I guess my inflamed brain play tricks with me. However, I want to believe in it. At least it is better than reality. His phantom come closer and stroke your hair. “I believed you when you said I am your love I believed every single of your words, sounds funny doesn’t it?” you let your tears fall, “but I truly love you even if you are phantom of him…” you whispered helplessly. “Am I, my love?” he cupped your cheeks and lifts you“L-Loki?” my eyes widen and all I can do is hug him tightly,” Tony said you…” I know what he said. It is lie. You are the only one in all nine realms who I love. You are my everything”, he slowly kissed you, as you are fragile doll.  He carefully covered you with sheets and said, “Let have some rest, my queen,” “Promise me not disappear when I wake up” mumbled you before you placed your head on his chest. “Promise” .


E5� ү

So… Livin’ Large… At the end it shows that the check that Jack and Maddie were given was worth 1,000,000,000,000,000,000 so… One Quintilian Dollars… that is a lot of money… Fun fact, that amount is more than 1000 times the GDP… OF THE ENTIRE PLANET EARTH! I am really quite amazed that the Guys in White have that kind of authority. Not to mention that that is more money than is in existence. Welp, I hope that destroying the entire world’s economy was worth that!


I just realized that in Reality Trip, it didn’t take long for Freakshow to escape from the thermos, but Dan only managed to make dents in it.

I know that Dan was weak after battling Danny, but for him to not escape at all after that? I know that Butch wanted to bring him back if the show got another season, but come on!

This only makes me wonder how freaking powerful Freakshow’s ghost form is if he managed to escape SO much quicker than Dan!

That awkward moment When the Supergirl writers think they wrote a entire season around this amazing character that the fans are going to love *WHEN WE ALREADY HAD A ENTIRE CAST WE LOVED AND ALL THEIR SCREEN TIME WAS TAKEN AWAY* and they think we’re going to be gutted by Kara having to send him to the fucking phantom zone when in reality we’re all going to be celebrating harder than ever because that garbage fuck boi ruined season 2