phantom reality

How about a headcannon

SO what if in the Danny Phantom episode “Reality Trip” where, in front of everyone, Danny transforms back. And amongst the shock and awe of everyone in the crowd, Wes stands up and goes “I FUCKING TOLD YOU”
And throughout the whole episode while the Phantom Crew is off saving the world, people are apologizing for harassing Wes about being wrong about Fenton and for claiming he was Phantom. Wes finally goes back to his life as best he can while the world is being saved and all this shit is going down, much like the people of Amity Park basically /had/ to do. But Wes is basically the smug little shit now and is like “haha fuck you Fenton can’t hide now”
They fix reality and everyone forgets, but Wes doesn’t for some odd reason.(Maybe he was snooping around Fenton’s basement or something and the blast didn’t effect him. Much like how the Ghost Spell from “Girls’ Night Out” didn’t effect Maddy Fenton) And Wes goes outside and nobody remembers and the day has FUCKING RESTARTED and he’s like “oH FUCK NO” and Phantom, after flying by Jacks window, flies past Wes with this shit eating grin and Wes just glares at him and screams that he fucking remembers, but Phantom just flies away cause, nobodies going to believe him.

visions of god awaken in the dreams of pisces. consensual reality is crude for pisces. and they are not living in fantasy, they are living in another climate and time, a sculpted phantom of reality, just as real and meaningful. there can be a psychological anguish in pisces, a difficulty integrating their many views, shadows, mysteries, and voices into one symphony

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Here you are, daylight’s star, made out of miracles

Perfection of your own, you alone, O so incredible 

Each atom sings to me,

Set me free from chains of the physical.”

O free me, O free me… 

The mirror melts, I’m somewhere else, inside eternity
Where you on outstretched wings, sing within, the Garden of Everything 

Where memories call to me, backward dreams? Or phantom reality?

Call to me… they call to me…

は って
い あなたのもとへ
いつかは ひとつにがる
ってける あなたのもとへ

My song will now ride the wind
Back to you, so far, far away
One day, the sky will connect as one
And I’ll be able to cross it, back to you 


I just realized that in Reality Trip, it didn’t take long for Freakshow to escape from the thermos, but Dan only managed to make dents in it.

I know that Dan was weak after battling Danny, but for him to not escape at all after that? I know that Butch wanted to bring him back if the show got another season, but come on!

This only makes me wonder how freaking powerful Freakshow’s ghost form is if he managed to escape SO much quicker than Dan!

snaffleflux  asked:

ALTERNATE REALITY PRT 4: (Last one, promise) Until one day the kid finally manages full tangability. It doesn't matter who's the first to actually talk to him, but what does matter is the fact that the child seems to be in awe of them, not blaming them a bit and at first goes on about how cool they were and how many other people they managed to save. The kid ends up hanging around when he has the strength and power. And over time, he's able to use power.

Whoops. Answered this out of order. Well either way that’s ended up adorable.

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