phantom phamily

Just finished watching the animated POTO adaptation

some thoughts: 

“you don’t need anybody to make a fool of you” YOU GO, GIRL! 

this fucker’s nail game is stronger than mine 


smol vicomte Raholé de Chokeme is verrri angrrrrri

The Persian was too much for me…I laugh everytime he speaks. u kno who ai am am the persan. 

*eRiK sCrEecHiNg*

sweetie it’s not your lack of physical attractiveness that is the problem, it’s your fucking attitude 

that’s some scooby-doo shit 

“I’m ready to die now” me too, my boi, me too

I’m pretty sure he uses his mixtape to heat up the torture chamber, shits fire yo 

My Relationship With LND Explained:
  • Person: So Christine dies in the end, huh?
  • Me: Pssh, yeah in the end of Love Never Dies, which doesn't count. Christine doesn't die, please.
  • Person: Okay, so do you think the ending of the original musical is actually the death of the Phantom?
  • Me: Are you kidding me? Of course the Phantom doesn't die, I mean how would LND have happened?
  • Person: ... but
  • Me: No One Dies.
  • Person: ...
  • Me: It is how it is.

Can people like… stop hating on Love Never Dies? I mean I understand everyone has different opinions, but you know what I say? People are supposed to have an ass, not be an ass. There is no need to spit venom everywhere, making people who actually like the sequel feel bad, tired or wrong for their taste. It’s actually not the worst one besides, if even my mom, who usually does not like non-canon sequels at all, actually enjoyed this one very much, and I enjoy I too. Well, at least Australian production (I have not had the honor to witness London production). Yes, I do understand that people mostly can’t stand how distorted the characters are. I myself hate what was done to Meg and Madame Giry, but we all should keep in mind that ten years is a long time, and people can change beyond recognition, for better or for worse.

Same about 2004 movie. I am not going to roll into the arguments that Gerard, as an unprofessional singer, completely slayed it, that to some people (me including), his raspy, untrained vocal is greatest part of the charm, or that his deformity is very accurate because it’s based on an actual disease that people live with since about the time of Phantom’s timeline (or earlier) to these days. All of that has been already very well laid out by other people, and I am not going to repeat it. It’s, after all, not the purpose of this post.

The purpose is reminding people, especially those who complain about negativity on characters, ships and movies, that by hating on Love Never Dies and 2004 movie they do the same to others. It can be physically sickening, you know, when those two productions mean so much to you.

However I just realized this post makes Phandom seem like a bunch of whiny assholes. THAT IS ABSOLLUTELY NOT TRUE. Phandom, aside this one little thing, is one of the most welcoming (if not the most welcoming) fandoms I have ever been in. Fellow Phamily, you folks rock, all of you!

Highlights of 1989 Phantom

(I was too lazy to do this for 2004 and the memes so here are just 1989)

“Diy with Erik destler”
“Another one bites the Destler”
“suspend me daddy”
“Sing ;) with ;) passion ;)”
“where is my INSOLENT BOI”
“skin me daddy”
“I thought he said Christine dick”
“Dickme down Daaé”
“S A T A N”
“eriks a fruit tbh”
“I mean I’d be jacking off in box five too if Christine looked and sounded like that too”
“Leave Freddy’s dick alone”
“Yeet my angel of music. Yeet for me”
“Erik’s a slut”
Everyone loving everything about Christine
“You can’t spell Richard without rich”
“He can whip me too”
“The chats more rated r than the movie”
“Lily wants that chrussy and megussy”
“Someone upload this to pornhub”
Everyone typing “daddy” when Erik appeared on screen
“Rats” typed about 12 times every time a rat was in the frame
“Rat daddy”
“That ponytail”
“He protec”
“But he also attac”
“Erik testicular”
“He’s a soft boy”
“This Erik looks like snow miser”
(About skinned Buquet’s corpse) “How’d they get my nudes”
“Nose job”
“Red death is hot sorry”
“Murder me daddy”
“You’ll just Daaé”
“Chicken noodle Carlotta”
“Car lot me mommy”
“Rat catcher want that Erik booty”
“Raorichard is daddy”
“Hugh panera bread”
“Play us a song you’re the organ man”
“Watch your skin”
“He stab”
“He burn”
“He die”
“Burn me daddy”
“Bang bang”
“This is not the kind of banging I had hoped for”
“He looks like a sad drama teacher”
“Scalpel me daddy”
“This is why you don’t touch other people’s stuff”
“Bad breakup huh”
“Better than lnd”
“Destler Never Dies”

I just want to take a moment to say

So many of my lovely, loving, adorable, patient, intelligent phan children on here are in bad at-home situations.

And I just.

I love you. And I think that if Erik was real and knew about you and your situation he’d pull some kind of manouver so that you could live your own lives without needing to answer to the authoritarian regime of your parents/society/etc.

And. I feel so powerless. And I just want you to know that I’m behind you. Some of you have to wait. And some of you can’t run right now. And that’s okay. I want you to know that I’m going to be here in whatever capacity I can fill while you find paths to safety.

seriously having a mood.


Phamily Experiment “Perros-Guirec” 2017

Phandom is international and one of tumblr’s greatest possibilities is to get in contact with every Phan in the world, no matter where they live.

I asked phans if they wanted to get a postcard from Perros-Guirec, before I started my PotO trip to Saint-Martin-de-Boscherville and Perros-Guirec, and decided to pick ten out of all who wanted one, taking care I chose the best country mix. In return I begged them to take a photo of their postcard as soon as they get it and write their country on it, before they post the picture via reblog under this post.

The postcards were put into the mailbox in Perros-Guirec on the 1st of November 2017.

@ofbeautsandbeasts @mazandaroga @mypdo @drawnby27emilys @rienerose @wolfgangamaderik @seams-unusualpdx @atruecountess @littlelonghairedoutlaw @chris–daae , please fulfil your task as soon as you get your postcard, no matter how long it will take until it reaches you (can reallly be a while of weeks or even months!). You are the ones who make this little phamily experiment work in the end. Please don’t forget that and make sure that you post your photo via reblog under the newest updated post. I will always reblog this post when a new picture is added, so that we will have a collection of all postcards in one post at last.

Thank you all so much!

Can I be part of the Phamily?

Hello. I am new to the Phandom here on Tumblr. I am not new to Tumblr or to the Phandom in general, but I would like to get involved in the Phamily. I have been a Phan for about 3 years (seems so much longer!). I consider my transition into a phan when I began writing fanfiction back in November of 2014. I had read the book and watched the 2004 movie long before that and read fanfiction.

NOTE: Please understand I mean none of the following as a boast of my experience or to flaunt what I’ve done. I only include it to show my loyalty and love for the Phandom.

The following are my “credentials”:

Movies/Musicals/TV Shows Watched:

1925, 1943, 1962, 1983, 1987 (1988? I’ve heard both.), 1989 (MY DARLING), 1990 (MY OTHER DARLING), 1991, 1998, 2004, 2014, ALW Musical (watched in 2016), Love Never Dies (with Ben Lewis)

Movies/Musicals/TV Shows Owned:

1925, 1943, 1962, 1989, 1990, 1998 (yes, my friend bought this for me. We have a complicated friendship…), 2004

I am currently working on buying 2014 off of Google Play. I just haven’t gotten together the money to do so.

Books Owned/Read:

The Phantom of the Opera by Gaston Leroux, Phantom by Susan Kay, The Canary Trainer by Nicholas Meyer

I have written many fanfiction books/short stories/one-shots in my life but this a short summary:

Books: 15
Short Stories: 3
One-Shots: 20
In-progress: 4 books

I have said all that to say this: Can I be a part of the Phamily? I love Phantom of the Opera. It is life for me! (I hope everything above proves that)

P.S. If I am accepted, expect lots of likes and reblogging and weird 3 am AU story ideas as well as memes.

In light of recent events

I want to say that this blog is a POTO safe place! I know I’m new to the Phandom, but I’d still like to provide a place where people can share headcanons, scream about ships, and cry bc the Feels™. No one UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCE will be judged on my blog! Not because of ships, headcanons, opinions, ANYTHING. If you’re ignorant just to hurt people, you’re OUT. If you’re unable to differentiate between the wellbeing of FICTIONAL CHARACTERS and REAL PEOPLE, you’re OUT. I just won’t tolerate it 🙅🏼‍♂️ I love you all, remember to try and avoid toxic activity and stay safe! I love you all very much 💞

I considered a “Phamily experiment“

To me one of the greatest things tumblr offers is the contact to other phans all over the world.

So since I am going to Perros-Guirec soon, I wondered if there are any phans out there who would like to get a postcard from this Leroux related place. It started just as a fleeting idea, but developed a life of its own fast …

Now I am going to ask you personally and directly: Would you like to receive a postcard from Perros-Guirec? The only thing I would beg for in return would be: As soon as you get the postcard, take a photo of it and add your country to the pic, post it under the special post I will create exactly for this purpose when I can estimate if that little Phamily experiment could actually have success.

To be honest, I don’t expect so many people to respond or even actually screaming “Yes, please, I’m in”, but just in case I am wrong, I want to add that there is a limit of postcards I would send. Lets say ten.

If there are enough interested people, I will get back to you.

To avoid any problems with parents or anything, I will only write to people at an age over 18 who can decide on their own if they want to give their address on the internet. Sorry!

Tween Erik. Meet him. Go.

So, I’m running a bizarre experiment.

I am going to try to write a phan insert into my gigantic background phic for NaNoWriMo.

(In part because I’m stuck)

Anyone who want to send me squishy headcanons about what you would do if you (aged to be a teen or tween) were a circus performer and you Just Met Erik. He’s like, 14 or something.

Feel free to share, pm, call me a lazy writer etc. 💖