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Inktober day 2! It’s Ghirahim dressed as the Phantom of the Opera! Specifically, the phantom from that hammy and poorly directed 2004 film (except, unlike Gerard Butler, Ghirahim can actually sing).

Fi is dressed as Christine to match and Ghirahim uses their costumes as an excuse to bust out into song randomly. Sing, my angel!!!!

Do you ever think about the fact that when Danny was originally made a halfa, he would’ve had so much trouble accepting that he was part ghost? Because I sure do.

This kid not only had to come to terms with the very large possibility that he might be dead but he was also raised in a household where he was taught that the very thing he was, were just evil monsters that could not feel human emotions. That’s what he’d been taught and probably believed for the entire 14 years of his life and then he’s thrown into this new life where he is one of those very monsters.

(Bonus: What if he actually never fully accepts it and always has this bit of self-hatred constantly in the back of his mind telling him he’s a complete monster.)

DCI snapchats

crownpit15 (Carolina Crown FE)
coltsquads (Colts quads)
crossmencymbals (Crossmen cyms)
prfe15 (Phantom Regiment FE)
prghostbass (Phantom Regiment BD)
thecpit (the Cadets FE)
crossmenmellos (Crossmen mellos)
bonespit (Crossmen FE)
splantamellos (Spirit of Atlanta mellos)
dragon_pit (Mandarins FE)
spirit_front (Spirit of Atlanta FE)
cadetsbaritones (The Cadets baritones)
soa_drums (Spirit of Atlanta battery)
lastarsfe (Louisiana Stars FE)
RCR2k15 (River City Rhythm)
ccdrumline (Carolina Crown Drumline)
starpit (Blue Stars FE)
coltspit (Colts FE)
mandarinsguard (Mandarins CG)

It’s A Glitch

Technus: Behold Ghost boy for I have Infected your computer!!!

Danny: Heavy Sigh Okay Technus what do you want?

Technus: Evilly Laughs  I will Contaminate your computer and immobilize all functions!!  Then I shall spread your information around the internet, Invading your most personal of PRIVACY’S!!

Danny: SNORTS What are You gonna do? Spread my high score of Wizarding Castle across the globe. I don’t really Use this computer all that much anyways. You won’t find any dirt on m-

Technus: A-Ha!!! I have found a hidden secret folder of private pictures!!!

Danny: Eyes Bugs Out of head Wait N0 Hold on a-

Technus: Clicks folder

Technus: Sees a bunch of sexy Vlad Pictures Pop-up

Technus: ……….


Danny: I can explain….

One thing I’ve discovered in the last few months is an analysis youtube channel that ended up becoming a lot more important than I first thought it would be. 

I’ve been fascinated by ARGs, on-going web series, other dark things, and the work that goes into creating them. A channel like Night Mind just fed into that fascination in just the right way.

Even if I just got into it sort of recently, I have to thank @nick-nocturn for creating something that has so much passion, insight, and ended up inspiring me. Also for reminding me that I do need to sleep…

I can’t wait to see what’s coming up next! Here’s to another year of looking into the abyss, and seeing how it works!

anonymous asked:

Could we perhaps have the boys playing with s/o hair? And maybe their thoughts on having theirs played with... thank you!

((!!!!! wonderful!!! what a good ask……..))


  • It happens during a study date between him and his partner; they run a hand through their hair while looking intensely at their textbook, and that’s when he thinks, “Their hair looks soft.” The way it shines in the light when it hits just the right angle also peaks his interest.
  • And before either of them realize, he’s reached out to comb his fingers through their hair gently. The surprised look on their face is enough to make him smile, enough to make the entire gesture worth it. 
  • “Sorry, I was just tempted,” he’ll say with that same smile on. “What shampoo do you use? It must be a secret, but you can tell me.” They probably spend the rest of their study session lying on the floor together with him still stroking their hair and kissing it. “I didn’t really notice before, but… it’s nice. Your hair, I mean. I like it.”
  • He’s already prone to fiddling with his bangs sometimes when he’s thinking about something, so it would take him by surprise for someone other than him to be touching his hair. But he’d definitely take a liking to it over time, enjoying the sense of praise he gets from it. He’ll smile and nuzzle his head further into his partner’s hand, and settle his hands on their waist for ultimate coziness. and he might also go “meow?” don’t fight me on this


  • “You’re pretty,” he blurts out without thinking as he’s staring at his partner too closely one day. Immediately flushing red once the realization sets in, his hands are suddenly waving all over the place as he tries to explain, “I-I mean, for real, you’re like, gorgeous! Not just in your body either, it’s like… like your whole personality just freakin’ glows! Y-Your eyes sparkle, your smile’s the best, and your hair is-” he stops. Blinks. Reaches out a hand to pat them on the head. “-really effin’ soft!” 
  • Soon he’s laughing nonstop and using both his hands to mess up their hair, pleasantly shocked at how different it feels from his own hair. If they get mad at him for ruining their hair, he’ll just give them a big grin. “Hey, then I’ll fix it up for you! C’mere.”
  • He says that, but soon they’re sitting in his lap and all he’s doing is running his fingers through their hair over and over again… it’s okay, though. He means well.
  • Ryuji doesn’t have much hair to play around with, but he’d probably like for his partner to gently massage his scalp with their fingertips from time to time. It’ll put him to sleep almost instantly. Other times when they’re alone, he’ll blush a bit and say, “…Hey. I’ve been a “good boy” lately, right? So…” he tips his head down. “Do the thing? Please?”


  • He’s definitely taken lots of time to study his partner’s hair before, mesmerized by the way it moves in the wind, shines in the light, the way they would run their hair through it; the urge to touch it is almost unbearable whenever they’re alone together.
  • When his partner wakes up one day, he’ll give them and their tousled hair a fond smile. “You still have bedhead. Come, let me fix it for you. It would be a waste of your beauty.” He’ll sit them down in front of him and brush their hair, reveling a bit too long in the sensation of it slipping between his fingers. It’s incredibly pleasing, and before either of them know it he’s dropped the brush entirely and hugged his partner from behind.
  • “Forgive me,” he’ll mumble after a moment of letting the surprise settle in. “I was… suddenly overwhelmed by the urge to hold you. I feel as though having your hair between my fingers is incredibly soothing. Soothing, and yet… why does my heart feel the opposite?” He’ll then just nuzzle his way into their hair, stroking it, memorizing the feel, the scent; everything.
  • Doesn’t have much of an opinion on having his hair played with, though he just finds it incredibly amusing of his partner. He’ll tilt his head a bit in confusion when they start touching it, softly asking questions: “Is something stuck in there? I was working with paint earlier, and it does sometimes find itself tangled in my hair if I touch it without thinking…” “Does this amuse you?” he’ll ask. “If so, I won’t object, but… do try not to make too much of a mess out of my hair.” he’ll lean his head into their hand later anyways though he’s soft


  • He’s always found their hair to be alluring, but no other time is this more apparent than when they lay across from him, eyes soft and drowsy. Something in his heart would melt, a switch would be turned, and the all-powerful instinct to protect something so sacred would completely take over him. 
  • Normally he’s careful with physical contact, but he wouldn’t be able to resist, and gently places a hand on their head to stroke their hair lovingly. “I hear parents often do this to their children as a way of praise,” he’ll whisper with a wistful smile. “Odd, isn’t it? But… I feel as though I understand it a bit more now.”
  • He spends the night running his fingers through their hair until they fall asleep, and stares for a while at their sleeping face. It perplexes him that someone could find such a repetitive gesture that relaxing. He’ll take one of their hands and place it on his own head, not quite fully understanding, but smiles anyway at the silliness of it all.
  • “Having fun?” he’ll chuckle a bit as they would fumble around with his hair, brushing it and tangling it through their fingers. Honestly, he would secretly love having his hair touched and played with, as it would make him feel wanted and secure. He might even try new shampoos in hopes of making it nicer to smell or touch. and maybe he’ll shiver if you tug on it but you didnt hear that from me