phantom oops

DCI snapchats

crownpit15 (Carolina Crown FE)
coltsquads (Colts quads)
crossmencymbals (Crossmen cyms)
prfe15 (Phantom Regiment FE)
prghostbass (Phantom Regiment BD)
thecpit (the Cadets FE)
crossmenmellos (Crossmen mellos)
bonespit (Crossmen FE)
splantamellos (Spirit of Atlanta mellos)
dragon_pit (Mandarins FE)
spirit_front (Spirit of Atlanta FE)
cadetsbaritones (The Cadets baritones)
soa_drums (Spirit of Atlanta battery)
lastarsfe (Louisiana Stars FE)
RCR2k15 (River City Rhythm)
ccdrumline (Carolina Crown Drumline)
starpit (Blue Stars FE)
coltspit (Colts FE)
mandarinsguard (Mandarins CG)

One thing I’ve discovered in the last few months is an analysis youtube channel that ended up becoming a lot more important than I first thought it would be. 

I’ve been fascinated by ARGs, on-going web series, other dark things, and the work that goes into creating them. A channel like Night Mind just fed into that fascination in just the right way.

Even if I just got into it sort of recently, I have to thank @nick-nocturn for creating something that has so much passion, insight, and ended up inspiring me. Also for reminding me that I do need to sleep…

I can’t wait to see what’s coming up next! Here’s to another year of looking into the abyss, and seeing how it works!

Story Time

i just,,,, feel like yall should know that my brothers first experience with Dear Evan Hansen was when we were having a conversation and i had one headphone in and was listening to Sincerely, Me while we were talking and i spaced out at one point and just shouted

“I gotta tell ya life without ya has been hard- ‘Hard?’ Has been bad- ‘Bad?’ Has been R O U G H! ’~k i n k y~” when it came up. he looked horrified.

my brother’s first experience with DEH was me, his little sister, shouting kinky at him.

whatever you do, under NO circumstance should you picture little Erik quietly singing Part of Your World to himself alone in an attic somewhere before crying himself to sleep bc now that you’ve thought about it you’re gonna go cry yourself to sleep too sorry

Anyone who’s been around since the early days remembers my FNAF humanification garbage. At the time I was working hard on making cram character sheets, and I had a whole bunch planned that I never quite got to finish. This horrid amalgamation is all of the colored (and would’ve-been-colored for the ones in the middle-ish) pieces that would have been the centerpieces had the crams been filled out.
I felt like I couldn’t truly put that project to rest without putting these up here. Now I feel like I have at least represented everyone, and my mind can rest.
…y'know, until good ol’ Scott does another thing and I have to review it.

If you’re interested in seeing more of this stuff, you can explore my older FNAF stuff here.

Aaaaand there we go. Now. Back to working layouts for chapter 3.
…I need to get a new pen very soon.

dannymay day ten

Wow! Ten days of drabbles my dudes, I can’t believe it. And this one’s a bit angstier than planned. Is angstier a word? Probably not. 

ao3 link here:

prompt: birth/death

He had known the pain of death not once, not twice, but thrice. Most people don’t experience death more than once, maybe twice if they’re unlucky. But Danny must’ve been extremely unlucky, for none alive or dead has experienced the pain of dying in three separate, isolated incidents. Except for a few superheroes, but that’s a totally different scenario.

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