Erik and Nadir Headcanon

Basically I had this random idea that maybe in Persia, what with all the assassination attempts, the Khanum decided that Erik needed 24/7 protection because even though he was never that seriously hurt she didn’t want anyone to kill her favourite novelty. So Erik is pissed because he doesn’t want anyone seeing him at night, with his mask off and stuff. He won’t tell anyone the real reason but he insists that the only person he will have on guard outside his room is Nadir.  

Fast forward a couple of hours and Nadir hears this ear piercing scream. He rushes in there thinking someone is trying kill Erik. He finds Erik sitting up, crying, barely able to breathe but completely alone. After cups of tea, lots of promises not to judge and a ton of coaxing Erik confesses what his nightmares are made of and him and Nadir talk about everything until the sun rises. This is how they become friends and becomes a nightly ritual.

Drunk Broadway Asks

I’m bored, not drunk, but I have spaghetti and snacks and it’s raining so it’s time for asks!!

Send me the name of a musical and I’ll describe it as quickly as possible and probably as weirdly as possible lol

If I don’t know the musical, I’ll put the soundtrack on shuffle and listen to the first 3 songs that play and try to base it from that and what little I’ve heard about it