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“Phantom of the Opera” by Iron Maiden

Maiden Monday - #4

I’m running and hiding in my dreams you’re always there.
You’re the Phantom of the Opera, you’re the devil, you’re just out to scare.
You damaged my mind and my soul it just floats through the air.
Haunt me, you taunt me, you torture me back at your lair.

When I first heard this song, I was blown away a number of times. First by the opening riff, then by the tempo changes, then by the ending which seems to come so abruptly. Classic Maiden. 

When I saw them a couple ago with a friend who wasn’t really that into them, his jaw was on the floor for most of this song and actually clapped a few times at the tempo changes. At the end, he had a “whoa!” expression on his face and turned to me and said, “They’re so tight!” And it’s that much more impressive now that they’ve added another guitarist.

I also feel this is a hint of things to come for the band. At the time, most of their songs were under five minutes and more punk/glam inspired, although there was definitely a prog rock influence in the band (basically Steve and Dave). Once Paul and Dennis left, they were more free to explore the longer, epic songs and their sound and direction really came together on The Number of the Beast. But it started here.

{Fitzsimmons and The Phantom of the Opera}

“Anywhere you go, let me go too. That’s all I ask of you.”

Jemma Simmons was the star of the opera house.When she was asked about her success, she would always say it was because the angel of music was watching over her. Every night her angel beckoned Jemma to give into the power of the music of the night. But the more she sang the more her angel of music fell in love with her. 

Badly-written little ficlet is badly-written, but it did help a bit. (Also completely unedited, but that’s beside the point.)

Beneath the cut, is a little pre-LeRoux canon Christine-centric ficlet, because her loneliness is all I felt like writing about tonight.

Posting it here, because I meant to do one of the prompt ficlets and did this instead.


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Random Rants Part 1

Okay so hold on. I have some ranting to do.
If you haven’t figured out yet by my blog. I’m a Phan. And no it’s not Dan and Phil. I’m a big fan of the Phantom of the Opera. And I’ve been watching that the 2004 film version gets a lot of hate. Now I’m going to make a list why I think that the films it’s not bad:
• First of all we get to see the Phantom of the Opera in film and that is something that does not happen to a lot of musicals. So be thankful you criticizing fans that we have that
• Two: lets be honest here and say that Gerard Butler is one of the sexiest Phantoms, yeah I know that he isn’t the best at singing but for an actor that is not really in the music industry he was very good.
• Three: Why do people keep saying its bad? Like dude if you don’t like it then try to forget it or just don’t say anything about it. But stop making those of us who do like the film feel bad for liking it. Everyone has different taste and I’m sick of people judging me because I like the film.

That was my rant about the 2004 film version of The Phantom of the Opera. Please don’t start hating on me just because I gave my opinion and feelings about the movie.


Broadway 2013 - Peter Jöback, Samantha Hill and Jeremy Stolle x

Special mentions:

#1: Peter touches Samantha’s cheek
#2: Peter offers Samantha the bouquet quite violently
#4: Jeremy has to help a little bit to get the noose around his neck
#5: Samantha rests against Jeremy’s chest before she protects him
#6: Samantha refuses the veil
#7: Samantha whimpers during ‘you try my patience’

Phantom Feedback #1: Shattered by EliseDaae

Okay, guys, I’m hoping to make karma smile – so I’m starting a new feature on this blog called:

Phantom Feedback

Where I’ll be regularly reading chapters/one-shots written by members of the Phamily and giving honest feedback for all to see! I may be a tough critic, but I NEVER slander a fic! Even if I end up not liking it, my feedback will be positive as possible and nothing but constructive.

This feature is meant to highlight the best of the Phantom writing community and give so, so many deserving authors their proper time in the spotlight. There’s too much talent out there for it to go unannounced.

For this first installment, I’ll be taking a look at Shattered by EliseDaae on ( @elisedaae ).


Title: Shattered

Author: EliseDaae ( @elisedaae )

Summary: From Christine’s POV. After the shattering chandelier and a brief escape from the confines of the opera, words better left unsaid bring Christine far apart from the man she once knew, and guilt overcomes her as she struggles with the way she views her fallen teacher. Will another such escape bring answers to the endless why that consumes her?

Feedback: This was a very interesting alternate ending to the musical - a proposal of an ending right after the chandelier crash, rather than the Final Lair. Told from Christine’s POV made for a lot of introspection about her life and her disillusion with Erik after Buquet’s murder.

The only thing I can really say was lacking was the mention of the shattered chandelier. The murder certainly had an effect on Christine, but the chandelier crash – the event the fic is named after – is barely mentioned. Did no one else get injured or killed? Wouldn’t some act of malice on that scale scare her more than Buquet’s murder? I don’t know, just my thoughts on that.

Also, about hallway through there is a tense-shift from present to past. Just watch out for that next time. ;)

“Ignornace was safe. I longed for it, craved it like a drug, even more intoxicated on its promise than ever before.” I liked this line!

“…so deeply intoned in a bitterness that clashed with grief…” I really like this passage also, a nice sensory description of an emotional tone of voice!

“I was that hope, and I had just killed it.” Heartshot! I am now dead!

Overall, this was an introspection-heavy Christine fic that proposes an alternate ending that is neither happy nor sad. A thought-provoking one-shot that I’m rather sad does not have any reviews other than the one you are currently reading.


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rjdaae  asked:

I'd be very interested to hear some of *your* thoughts on E/C, /issues with the phics. My post mainly focused on the treatment of Christine, but there's definitely other stuff as well.

Something that bothers me the whole time reading E/C is when people de-age Erik so that he’s closer to Christine’s age, because I feel that the age difference is one of the fundamental things in the ship. Believe me, I’ve read fics that do it well, but most of the time it makes Erik less damaged and the problem is that he is fundamentally damaged and his character is changed irrevocably by doing that. Similarly, when people write Christine as being 16/17 or basically anything younger than 20/21 it just makes me feel weird - and not just with E/C but with R/C too. I feel like it’s a legacy of the film, and it’s not one that I’m fond of because I feel one of the key things about her is that she’s in her early twenties and she is that bit more mature and world-weary than a teenager.

I also feel that there can be too much emphasis on Christine finding Erik attractive on a sexual level and vice versa. I mean, I’ve written smut for them and I’ll freely admit that but I do think that for both of them there are issues around sex that don’t always get to be explored, and I delved into that a bit in Cartography. I also feel though that on some level sex is something that they’re both uncomfortable with, certainly with Erik and on a lesser level with Christine though I imagine it’s there too. I feel it’s something they have to learn with each other instead of being ready straight away, though that might be some of my own feelings around it getting in the way. That said, the sense I always got off Christine - in LeRoux or ALW and even in Kay - is that she hasn’t yet much considered sex or explored. Even the way R/C is painted in LeRoux is as fluffy more then sexual, and it’s an aspect of her character that I feel needs to be explored.

On that note, I think there is room to explore that E/C is as much about both of them needing to be close to each other in a romantic sense as opposed to a sexual one. It’s something that I explore a lot, or at least try to, but I feel it’s also been neglected quite a bit. They both crave closeness and connection, but it’s something that I don’t find very often in fic. They both want to feel needed by someone, and in that regard I feel they both need to be in a position to take care of someone as much as being the person taken care of.

Something else that needs to be acknowledged is the fact that Erik is bound to have health problems, but I could honestly talk about that for days. And the fact that there are similarities between Erik and Daddy Daaé (even if it’s just music and age) is also something that I want to explore more, and want to see explored more, because it’s bound to have an impact on Christine. It’s something Kay sort of addresses in a weird way (I think, I don’t just remember fully), but I do think there might be room to contemplate it more, even in R/C fic.

There’s general OOC-ness as well that bothers me, though it can often be difficult to figure out the precise thing that’s troubling me. A lot of the very specific AUs on FF.NET are ones that I try to read but I just find the characters are changed too much and I can’t get in on them without being able to figure out just why. I need to think on it a bit more.

Sorry this is a bit rambly! I need to frame my thoughts on it all a bit better :D


“Phantom of the Opera (live)” by Iron Maiden

An awesome version from the 2013 Download Festival. 

i love how they leave Janick alone to play the intro.

One of the notes to the theater owners in Phantom of the Opera says “My salary has not been paid”. Why is the Phantom asking for a salary. What is he gonna do with it? How much is he asking for? Is he paying for a tuner for his organ down in the underground lake? Does he walk out with his mask and big ass cloak to buy more candles from the corner store down the street? Is there some poor clerk who just has to sell groceries to a weird guy in a half-mask who makes vague death threats at him and then leaves once a month? These are questions that need satisfactory answers

Actually, @rienerose has (inadvertently) reminded me of something.

If anyone ever wanted me to expand on any of my (admittedly, many) one-shots, shoot me an ask and I’ll certainly consider it. Some of them, granted, do work best as stand-alone pieces, but others that have a trace of plot to them I might be persuaded to write a bit more on.

(100% proven that even if I’m not taking prompts I am more inclined to write a bit more in ‘verses already existing, like Eva-verse or Rahim-Pharoga-verse)



Phantom: # I am your Angel of Music. #
Raoul: # Whose is that voice? Who is that in there? #
Phantom (heavy sarcasm): # Maybe the Angel of Music? #