phantom of the opera
Wraiths of Wandering Chapter 22: Coming to Terms, a phantom of the opera fanfic | FanFiction

Marguerite receives a visitor, Christine muses on time, Konstin contemplates several things, and Antoine cannot help his anxiety.

Another whopper of a chapter, but overall I’m fairly happy with it. Also it forced me to think about dates, which was Not Fun, so please do review!

If Phantoms Had Last Names that Described Them (Pt. 1 of 2)

*WARNING* Possible spoilers and personal opinions!

Mr. I-am-accurate-to-the-book

Mr. You-never-stood-chance-competing-with-two-hot-guys-and-the-stage

Mr. Loves-music-above-all-else

Mr. I-am-so-sorry-your-directors-were-high-on-acid-when-they-made-you

Mr. You-are-disturbingly-insane

Mr. I-am-the-most-accurate-version-to-date-and-I’m-a-badly-animated-short

Mr. Completely-badass

Mr. Adorable-cinnamon-roll

Mr. You’re-an-embarrassment-to-musicals-around-the-world


Repeat after me: Professional recordings of musicals are the key to the revival of musical theatre within popular culture

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