phantom of the opera


Christine looked down with tortured eyes at the pile of letters on the table before her. With shaking fingers, she picked one up and carefully unfolded it. Scanning the swirling red letters that lay so innocently on the paper, the words branded themselves into her mind.

                                             “My dearest Angel,

                          Your performance tonight was impeccable.

                                  Au Revoir, And I Am Always Yours.”

…And she had believed him, her naive romantic dreams blinding her. Letting the note fall to the floor, Christine buried her face in her hands. God, what had she done to deserve this?

In the brief moment of silence that her frenzied thoughts granted her, she could hear the corps de ballet practicing their routine for that night’s performance. “Oh, Meg! Why did I not listen to you? You warned me, but I did not listen! Why did I not listen?” Desperation and sadness bleeding into her voice, Christine cursed herself.

He and his music had intoxicated her, leaving her bare and undefended. She had been captivated, truly believing all that he said. Maybe he really did mean it then, but obsessions always fade away and are replaced by others.

His voice had created feelings and fantasies inside her that she had never even dreamed of before. Now she realized that it had just been a childish sort of love, innocent and captivated. She had been tricked, almost, into believing what he created.

So now she sat here at this bare table, staring blankly at all of the notes that he had ever written to her. Painstakingly examining each choice of word, each finely crafted sentence, Christine found herself looking for any kind of sign of when he had stopped loving her as he claimed.

Oh, but when he loved her! The world had glowed with a rosy hue, the fires of passion burning just out of reach. The sparks of desire had scorched their skin, but now there was only a sour taste of ash in her mouth.

What a fool she had been! Crumpling one of the notes in her fist, Christine threw it to the floor. Shooting to her feet, she almost ran to the mirror that now only held the memories of him. “You were obsessed with how they saw you, the only thing you thought about was yourself! Even as you claimed to love me -” Punching the mirror, a shriek was torn from her throat as it shattered. Eyes filling with tears, she sank to the floor amidst the broken glass, hugging her knees to her chest and relishing the throbbing pain in her lacerated hand.

Frantically grasping at one of the jagged shards, she held it up to the ray of sunshine that danced in through the lone window. She found herself fixated on the light that sparkled and glinted on the glass, not noticing the thin line of blood that had begun to flow down onto her wrist.

He had wanted her to sing, he had had worshipped her voice.

Perhaps that’s all he really loved…

Now her voice felt tainted, like a bad dream that lingered in the air even after one awoke. Throwing down the piece of mirror, Christine shakily got to her feet. She would never sing again, she swore it on the blood that now dripped onto her dress, staining the pristine white fabric a dark red.

No-one would ever know what had happened in this room today, no-one would ever hear her sing again, no-one would ever see her again.

“…Erik, what have you done to me?”

Now the flames, that had once filled her with love and life, consumed her world.

Raising her head Christine saw, instead of her bare dressing room, the streets of Paris around her. None of the people that were rushing by on the streets seemed to see her. None of the carriages that rattled past stopped to ask if she needed help. She was like a ghost. Empty and invisible, with the noises of the city rising like a crushing wave all around her. And the letters were in her hands.

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Musicals as types of people in school
  • Phantom of the opera: The emo kid with short hair that's always in every singe musical the school puts on
  • Cats: The kid that knows that everybody hates them but they still fight to pursue their dreams/the kid that nobody knows is an acrobat
  • Sweeney Todd: The goth kid who hisses as people in the hallways and only hangs out with like two other people and keeps a diary
  • Heathers: The really popular and preppy girl who's secretly really sad about everything
  • Spring awakening: The kid who makes waaay to many sexual jokes and lost their virginity before everyone else
  • A chorus line: The kid who's never available to do anything because they're at rehearsal
  • Wicked: That one kid that was always ignored in school but grew up to be extremely famous
  • Into the woods: the kid with an unnaturally morbid sense of humor
  • Les Misérables: The kid who's way to into politics and starts fights just about every day
Best Out-of-Context Lines From Musicals

- “Sit down John, you fat motherfucker!”

- “Screw the middle classes, I will never accept them!”

- “Consider yourself part of the furniture.”

- “Now shut your face.”

- “Henry can’t really stay; he’s got rabies.”

- “I love you even though it does not matter that I still don’t know your name.”

- “The internet is not for porn!”

- “Miss America should just resign!”

- “No one keeps a cow for a friend!”

- “Lot 666 then.”

- “Nothing can bend the will like half-Castilian men!”

- “Sometimes my father appeared to enjoy having children.”


You are allowed to like the movie over the stage production. 

You are allowed to walk in a theatre without knowledge of anything.

You are allowed to watch Les Mis, Wicked, Hamilton, or Phantom only and like musicals. 

You are allowed to not be character wannabes.

You are allowed to share the love of musicals without needing to know everything in it. 



Phantom: # I am your Angel of Music. #
Raoul: # Whose is that voice? Who is that in there? #
Phantom (heavy sarcasm): # Maybe the Angel of Music? #