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Planned Cosplay Couples

Haruhi and Tamaki

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Haruka and Michiru

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Rei and Nagisa

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Wolfram and Yuuri

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Pokemon (various)

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Hiccup and Astrid

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Milo and Kida

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Anastasia and Dimitri

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Flynn and Rapunzel

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Hercules and Meg

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Thumbelina and Cornelius

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Marshall Lee and Prince Gumball

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Kim Possible and Ron Stoppable

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Sam and Danny (Danny Phantom)

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Jed and Octavius

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Clint and Natasha

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Buttercup and Westley

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Sydney & Adrian (Sydrian/girl!Sydrian from Bloodlines novels so there’s not really a gif for this yet- or, well, I could be wrong. Okay.)

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Steve and Tony

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Merlin and Arthur

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Dean and Cas

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Wolf and Virginia (The 10th Kingdom)

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Buffy and Spike

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Still debating which characters from:

  • The Legend of Zelda
  • Kingdom Hearts
  • Avatar: the Last Airbender
  • Percy Jackson
  • Harry Potter

8 April 2016!

More from the V&A’s Theatre and Performance galleries - my personal favorites because that was what I studied in undergrad. Some beautiful costumes and set models are there as well as some great poster design and rocker outfits. Half of the galleries are updated and they’re beautiful - the other half is still probably about 25 years old and while the pieces are still cool to see the presentation and interpretation is still a bit dated.

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So! I have a BMC AU Idea - Jeremy is an officer of the local police force. The SQUIP, Head Police Chief, is devoting most of his time to arresting a mysterious phantom thief that robs museums for retro electronics, and always seems to elude the police. When Jeremy gets stationed there, he instantly becomes the object of the thief's seduction and romantic interest. The truth is the thief is Micheal, who uses the disguise to add to his collection (and to flirt with his best friend / low-key crush)


Oh my god but what if they already knew each other beforehand? And Michael knows that Jeremy is after him but Jeremy doesn’t know the man he’s chasing is Michael so sometimes Michael just watches him get frustrated and giggles to himself. We could add in a whole “friends during childhood but haven’t seen each other in years thing” and like they go out to lunch to catch up and Jeremy is ranting about this phantom thief while Michael’s sitting there trying so hard not to laugh and give himself away and Jeremy’s just so cute he has to smile :’)


Pre-production character design ideas for the “Spelling Bee” from the 1970 Chuck Jones directed “The Phantom Tollbooth”. Top, Gouache, India ink, graphite, and marking pen on 12 field animation paper; bottom: Cel vinyl on an acetate overlay with gouache, India ink, graphite, and marking pen on 12 field animation paper.  

Finally!- the Quays in their own words.  They’re pithy, erudite, sometimes moody, and always a delight to watch.

This piece from European television from 2002 is also a good survey of their work up until that point.  Slightly not safe for work, for masturbating puppets.

Contemporaneous to their 2012 retrospective.  Why a retrospective now?  Stephen Quay: “[For a retrospective,] I think we should be dead!”

This is actually an edited version of a much longer interview from 2000, which is included in the collection “Phantom Museums”, which I encourage anyone interested in th Quays to seek out.

In the Criterion Collection Closet, they briefly discuss some of their favorite films, including my beloved Vampyr.

From 2009- the Quays answer questions about the way they work.  Here, the interviewer touches on their work as “closed systems”; in this sense, as self- contained worlds, into which enter a disruptive outside force.

Of course, there are more interviews to watch, but Tumblr will only let me post five.  Boo.  If anyone can find any interviews, filmed or written, with the Quays, pre-2000, I would love to see them.  The odd print article from the 1990′s is available, but so difficult to find.  There’s an unflattering write-up from 1996 that I really want to read. Sometimes, the nasty articles are far more revealing than the kind ones.  It takes a special kind of care to be truly bitchy about someone, of course, and it’s so amusing to watch someone impotently steam over someone or something you think is just great.

Our hopes-were a fallacy, the suspicious appearance of the premises and of the staff were a sham, the clothes were real clothes, and the salesman had no ulterior motives. The women of the Street of Crocodiles are depraved to only a modest extent, stifled by thick layers of moral prejudice and ordinary banality. In that city of cheap human material, no instincts can flourish, no dark and unusual passions can be aroused.
—  Bruno Schulz’s Street of Crocodiles (1922)