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Happy ValenSTEIN’s day!

I made you all Valentines because you’re all the best <3 I hope you enjoy some Frankenstein, PotO, and @fantome-stein cards!

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LEGENDS: A little bit early but here is my now second annual Halloween tumblr post.

My last one exploded on tumblr and got over 18,000 notes. 
You can find that one HERE

Who else is excited for Halloween?! I know I am…


The Danny Phantom/ Ben 10 crossover event IS FINALLY HERE! Happy 13th anniversary, Danny!

If you comment on my work or posts with the following:

“Great work but I hate the ship-”


“Its nice but could you do this ship-”


“I prefer this ship!”


“[Insert ship that takes one character and replaces another] forever!1!!/is best!!!”


“I hate this ship. [Character A] should be with/likes [Character B]”


“If this ship becomes canon I’ll kms #[shipname]”


“All these shippers are [insert derogatory comment/accusation]”


“Why ship this when you can ship-”


“This ship has no appeal for anyone because it doesn’t appeal to me personally!”


“Why can’t you write this ship instead of-”


“I hate your ship 😌😌😌”


“This isn’t possible because only canon-”


“No no no no [insert incoherent screams of frustration] THIS IS BAD ITS NOT WHAT I LIKE 😒😷😡😤”

[BLOCKED 😌☺😃😆]

“I don’t like this can you do-”

“No thanks”

“[Continuous asking after rejection]


“I headcanon this. Its canon now. Its law. Cuz I like it. You’re wrong for going against it. You’re [insert whatever uncreative insult that has already been thrown in my face]”


I don’t think I can make myself any clearer. This goes for all sites that I’m on. I shouldn’t have to have a zero tolerance policy but here I am. Not only does this happen on my work, but others. If you don’t have anything positive to say, don’t say it. If you hate my ships, you don’t have to tell me? Or other shippers? Do you but not on our posts. If you choose to do it anyways, guess what!

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by Tim Odland


Universal Studios is trying to reboot their Monster franchise, starting with the new Mummy movie.

This could be super exciting for us Phantom fans though, because The Phantom of the Opera is one of the original universal monsters.

Soooo there’s some talk about movies they’re planning for sure to produce, but if their plan for a Marvel like series of movies go well we could potentially see a new Phantom movie ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Let’s all pray that universal is good to us