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The Phantom Tollbooth (1970, USA)
A disenchanted young boy returns home one day to find a strange tollbooth in his house, he enters through to discover a strange and imaginative world.

After Warner Bros’ classic cartoon department closed, a now independent Chuck Jones created his own studio with a production deal by MGM creating The Grinch, The Dot and the Line, and a series of Jones-directed Tom and Jerry cartoons. For his one feature film Chuck Jones chose to adapt Norton Juster’s strange Alice in Wonderland-like fable of wordplay and idioms, The Phantom Tollbooth, using both animation and live-action to tell the story. Jones originally produced the film in the end of the 60′s, but due to management changes and eternal studio troubles at MGM it was dumped into kids matinees in 1970. Norton Juster himself hated Jones’ adaptation and was further upset when the film was well-reviewed.

Can I find this? Sure. Warner Archive has available Phantom Tollbooth on MOD DVD and their digital services, recently remastered from Warner’s archives. No Blu-Ray is planned at this time.


Phantom (Acoustic) | Circa Survive


Hey so this video changed my life 3 years ago you should let it change yours


Pre-production character design ideas for the “Spelling Bee” from the 1970 Chuck Jones directed “The Phantom Tollbooth”. Top, Gouache, India ink, graphite, and marking pen on 12 field animation paper; bottom: Cel vinyl on an acetate overlay with gouache, India ink, graphite, and marking pen on 12 field animation paper.  


Sorry for the inactivity!!! I’ve been working on A LOT of stuff for Kraken Con! It’s only a one day con but I’m bringing two costumes with me! Well. I wasn’t supposed to but on a whim I decided to cosplay Danny Phantom. Got this stuff all last week and put everything together in a weekend. I love Danny Phantom what quality childrens media. This wig sux tho it was $9 on ebay and ive never seen a wig so thin. I made it pretty passable looking tho.
Expect LOTSA pics of this one in the future!!!

also danny is clearly a transboy and so am i so isnt it obv why id need to cos him??