phantom legion


The Origins And Powers Of The Legionnaires Part 1

originally presented in All-New Collectors’ Edition #55

words by Paul Levitz, art by James Sherman and Jack Abel

fic recs!! (part 13)

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The Legion of Superheroes: Andromeda, Apparition, Brainiac 5, Chameleon Boy, Cosmic Boy, Ferro, Invisible Kid, Karate Kid, Leviathan - Mike McKone

Fairy Tail 180 Characters

Literally Fairy Tail characters can do a complete turn around in like 3 seconds flat.


The Thunder Legion. 
-Earlier that day … Superiority complex through the roof … Trying to take over the guild.
-Later that day … Sobbing messes … Symbolic finger gesture to Gramps … I’ll never hurt Fairy Tail again.

-Grand Magic Games … We’re better than everyone … Strongest guild in Fiore … Fuck Fairy Tail … Sadistic as fuck.
-End of the Games … Sobs … We lose … Fairy Tail is too awesome … Let’s be friends.

-On Tenrou Island … Natsu … Sobs … I want to live … I love life … My existence sucks.
-Later … Fuck the world … Everyone deserves to die … Humanity is a sin … Be and bro and kill me Natsu.

-Phantom Lord Arc … Sadistic as fuck … Takes pleasure in other people’s pain … Fuck Fairy Tail … Nailed Team Shadowgear to a tree.
-A week later … I’m a Fairy … I’m a dork … Shoo-be-do-pop … Guitar nerd … Crying over a cat.


The Origin and Powers of the Legion of Super-Heroes, from Legion of Super-Heroes Archives Volume 2