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I live in north carolina. theres a myth that a dead girl will ask to hitch hike in your car if youre driving and i think if you look at her when she gets in she gets mad. i think it goes once you get to her destination she'll disappear and youll be lost forever. im starting my drivers test soon too

There’s a phantom hitchhiker in MA too, so I understand. Good luck on your test! 

The Bridgewater Triangle

The Bridgewater Triangle is an area of about 200 square miles (520 km2) within southeastern Massachusetts in the United States. Since colonial times the area has been a site of alleged paranormal phenomena, ranging from UFO and “black helicopter" sightings (including many with multiple points of corroboration including police and a local news team), to poltergeists and orbs, balls of fire and other spectral phenomena, various "Bigfoot" sightings, giant snakes and "Thunderbirds”, as well as the mutilation of cattle and other livestock.

Historic places and landmarks:

Hockomock Swamp

Central to the area is the mysterious and largely untouched Hockomock Swamp, which means “the place where spirits dwell”, and which was called “The Devil’s Swamp” by early settlers. The Triangle also contains several Indian burial grounds, as well as significant sites used by both natives and colonists during King Philip’s War, which is said by some to be the source of several curses on the nearby land. According to one tale, the Native Americans had cursed the swamp centuries ago because of the poor treatment they received from the Colonial settlers.

Dighton Rock

Also found within the boundaries of the Bridgewater Triangle is the Dighton Rock. The source of great controversy, the rock contains a number of inscriptions by possibly pre-Columbian visitors ranging from Vikings, to Portuguese to Phoenicians (characteristics of each of these languages can be found on the rock.)

Freetown-Fall River State Forest

Another area of unusual activity within the Bridgewater Triangle is the Freetown-Fall River State Forest. The forest land and that forming the town of Freetown was purchased from the Wampanoag Tribe in 1659, and many Native Americans have claimed that the odd and evil events which transpired over the preceding 350 years are the result of a tribal curse. For decades the Freetown State Forest has reportedly been the site of various cult activity including animal sacrifice, ritualistic murders committed by admitted Satanists, as well as a number of gangland murders and a high number of suicides.

 Paranormal activity in the Triangle

Common to most of these areas is a mix of reported phenomena that includes reports of UFOs, mysterious animals and hominids, ghosts and poltergeists, animal mutilations, as well as in more recent history reports of clandestine military activity including mysterious unmarked helicopters. What is perhaps most notable about the Bridgewater Triangle, however, is that this reported activity for the most predates that of other areas, dating back to colonial or pre-colonial records.

* 300-year History of UFO Sightings: The first UFO sighted over Bridgewater was in 1760, described as a “sphere of fire” that cast shadows in broad daylight. Another was sighted on Halloween night in 1908 by two undertakers. Dozens more UFOs have been seen in the vicinity from the 1960s through the present day. During the 1970s a number of UFO reports originated from the area of the Triangle, including an account by multiple witnesses at Joseph’s Restaurant in Rehobeth in 1973, reports form two Boston radio reporters (channel WHDH) on March 23, 1979 and more recently as reported in the Sunday Enterprise local resident George LaCasse saw a red-light flying erratically.
* Bigfoot sightings: There have been several reported sightings of a bigfoot-like creature in the triangle, usually near the Hockomock swamp. Joseph DeAndrade claimed to see a half man and half ape creature entering the woods near the swamp in 1978. Local resident John Baker also reported seeing a large hairy beast in a river in the swamp while canoeing. In an earlier report in 1970, the creature allegedly picked up the rear end of a police car with two officers inside
* Thunderbird sightings: For decades reports of giant birds or pterodactyl-like flying creature with wingspans 8-12 feet have been sighted in Hockomock Swamp and neighboring Taunton, including a report by NortonPolice Sargent Thomas Downy.
* Assorted Strange or Out-of-Place Creatures: reports unusual animals date back to pre-colonial times, with more modern reports from a variety of government and other officials have documented unusual animals including alligators, black panthers, giant turtles as well as a giant snake “as thick as a tree trunk” reported by Civilian Conservation Corps workers in 1939.
* Phantom Dogs: In 1976 an Abington resident reported seeing a large phantom dog with red eyes was seen killing two ponies. The witness, the ponies’ owner, said the beast ripped their throats and was almost as big as the ponies themselves. Responding to the incident, Abington Police officer Frank Curran engaged the suspected animal, fired his weapon with no affect.
* Mysterious lights: One of the most common phenomena observed in the area is “spooklights” or the will-o’-the-wisp, sometimes known as ghost lights, a phenomenon typically seen in boggy or swampy areas. Mysterious lights also appear along train tracks every January, and foxfire has often been observed within the swamp.
* Animal Mutilations: Various incidents of animal mutilation have been reported, particularly in Freetown and Fall River, where local police were called to investigate mutilated animals believed to be the work of a cult. Two specific incidents in 1998 were reported: one in which a single adult cow was found butchered in the woods; the other in which a group of calves were discovered in a clearing, grotesquely mutilated as if part of a ritual sacrifice.
* Murders: Among the recorded homicides are over a dozen confirmed murders in the forest over 1978 to 1988. Another gruesome discovery by Freetown police, following the report by the victim of a previous sexual assault at the site, was an underground bunker otherwise hidden from view. Upon investigation police found a number of strange objects, including small chairs with belts or restraints, seemingly made for children.
* Mysterious Tombs: When archaeologists excavated a burial ground located on Grassy Island in the Hockomock Swamp and opened the graves, the red ochre within the tombs mysteriously bubbled and dissolved.Photographs of the site would not develop. (source: A Prehistoric Skeleton from Grassy Island, Edmund Burke Delabarre, American Anthropologist, New Series, Vol. 30, No. 3 (Jul. - Sep., 1928), pp. 476-480)
* Satanic Rituals: The Freetown-Fall River State Forest (within the Triangle) has been the site of several gruesome murders linked to admitted Satanists or otherwise consistent with Satanic Rituals. Local graves have been disturbed with skulls stolen, in some cases later found in the Freetown Forest. Sites have been found with evidence of ritualistic animal sacrifice. Since the 1980s many instances of sacrificed cattle and goats have been invested or otherwise recorded by the Freetown police.
* Reports of Black Helicopters: Local resident Mary Lou Jones-Drown reported hearing “very loud helicopter noise” in Rehoboth on June 25, 2002. No helicopters were apparent in the air when the noises were heard. She was able to locate and interview witnesses who told her that mysterious helicopters “equipped with spotlights” were seen flying over the Palmer River School on the north side of Route 44. A local farmer reported “two black helicopters with spotlights were flying in formation above the trees. The choppers came from the southeast, from Mount Hope Bay in Swansea.” Another report concerning July 56, 2002, described “it was like gray camouflage or a striped helicopter type.” Similar reports were made August 7-9, and again on August 15, 2002. (source: Joseph Trainor, “UFO Roundup,” July 9, 2002)
* Indian Curses: According to one tale, the Native Americans had cursed the swamp centuries ago because of the poor treatment they received from the Colonial settlers.
* Ghosts: Visitors to Hockomock Swamp have experienced such haunting activity as the smell of smoke when there is no fire; a bonfire atop a rock that mysteriously vanished and ghostly voices in the Algonquin tongue.
* The Phantom Hitchhiker of Route 44: Many people have encountered the spectre of a long dead hitchhiker along the wooded area of Route 44 while driving from Seekonk to Rehoboth. The man is sometimes well kept, other times he is dirty with his clothes in disarray. A few details that remain constant in every encounter: his hair is always red, and he’s always dressed in a plaid shirt. One woman reported running over a man fitting that description late one night. The man seemingly appeared out of nowhere, and the woman, taken by surprise, had no time to prevent a collision. When she jammed on her brakes, and leapt out to investigate, she found no evidence of anyone being in the road at all. She did hear, however, a cackling laugh emanating from the woods alongside her. Frightened, the woman returned to her car and continued on. A few minutes later, the same thing happened again. The man appeared, and once more she hit him. Too frightened to leave her car, the woman rolled down her windows to inspect the road. As before, there was nothing or no one to be seen. The disturbing laugh returned, this time much closer, as if a few feet from the car. Sufficiently terrorized, the woman peeled out at full speed.

The area within the Triangle, centering on the Hockomock Swamp but also including developed areas of neighboring towns, offers the odd mix of paranormal phenomena associated with other areas of Native American historic significance. Similar reports have been made of areas such as Uintah County, Utah, the San Luis Valley, Yakama Indian Reservation, Elbert County, Colorado and Sedona, Arizona. Common to most these sites, the several areas within the boundaries of the Bridgewater Triangle were the locations of some of history’s bloodiest battles during King Philip’s War.


Bridgewater Triangle. (2013, January 1). Retrieved August 31, 2014.

Haunted History Time!

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Roadkill - Part 3

Word Count: 2065

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Warnings: Language

Series Rewrite Masterlist

“Oh, baby, it’s been a long night.” Dean patted and caressed the Impala. You let out a tiny laugh and got in the car. Dean dropped his bag in the back and climbed into the driver’s seat while Sam opened the back door for Molly. Climbing into the passenger seat you sighed and leaned your head back. Dean glanced at you but he didn’t say anything, although you were sure he wanted to.

“Alright, let’s get you out of here.” Sam said to Molly.

“I’m not going anywhere until you tell me what happened to my husband.” Molly said forcefully. “All this time…I’ve been looking for him, and you knew that…you knew that Greely killed him, didn’t you? He’s dead.”

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The Hitchhiker who was the Phantom of a Hitchhiker

Okay so, guess what. There was a guy, right? And he was out driving around in his car. He really liked just driving around. I mean he was young, so it was like “hey, here’s the whole world,” you know?

Also, he had a coat on because of how it was fall. He had a coat on even though he was in his car and it wasn’t even that super cold out. He was still wearing a coat. And driving a car. Oh, and it was night out. Night as hell!  

This guy in this story didn’t have a policy or anything about picking up hitchhikers or not picking up hitchhikers, but I mean honestly, he’d never really seen one until this night, which all this to say the guy saw a hitchhiker. A pretty young girl. So he asked his brain, “If I pick up this hitchhiker, am I obligated to a pick up all future hitchhikers?” His brain shrugged. This guy was like “fine, okay, whatever, brain,” real cutting, and he pulled over.

If you want the truth, he unlocked the door. Then she opened the door and got in the car and that’s about everything there is to that part of the story.

“Where you headed,” the guy asked. “My name’s RJ,” he said in voice that felt like he was pretending to be about three years older than he was.

Rather than answer the guy with words, like you’re supposed to in society, this hitchhiker just pointed. Spooky, right? A little. He was all “okay much?,” And went where she pointed. He didn’t say “okay, much?” He just thought it.  

Oh also? She was shivering too, the hitchhiker. Like a lot.

So this guy in this story, I think his name is RJ, he’s nice. He offers the hitchhiker his coat. Maybe his heater was broken, I don’t know. She took his coat, smiled at him a little - like more than a polite thanks, but less than like “oh my god, you’re my hero about it,” and then continued to guide him down the roads they were driving on out to other roads.

It’s not the way hitchhiking works, I bet. Where the hitchhiker calls all the shots. Usually it’s “where you headed?” and then the hitchhiker says their ideal destination and the driver says “I’ll take you as far as …” wherever he’s going. But this guy was the kind of guy who goes wherever a pretty girl tells him. That’s his deal.

Anyway. They get to a place. A cul de sac or something. She holds up a closed fist like a military guy, as if to say “stop” and he does. He drops her off at the top of a long driveway. It’s a little totally spooky. There’s like mist or something, you know what I’m saying?

Foreshadowing of some sort happens here. You just know the guy’s gonna come back tomorrow to get his coat (that he is forgetting to get back at this point) and he’s gonna find out some crazy business about this hitchhiker who as far as he knows is not a phantom. So she takes off. And he drives away. And on his drive home, he remembers about his coat but decides to get it the next day. It’s late.

So. Next day. Guy finds the place. Thanks to his Garmin, which got him home last night by the quickest route and made it super easy to find the place again. The Garmin is so easy to use – it’s just intuitive. It’s reasonably priced and you’ll never get lost again. Garmin – don’t just get there. Arrive.  

The guy parks at the top of that long driveway from before. You remember. It’s steep and the guy’s car is long in the front. It’d scrape if he drove down the driveway. So he gets out and when he does and looks around, there’s that feeling of foreshadowing again. No mist though. You just feel a little spooked. More you than the guy, even. You’re ahead of him. That’s part of it.

So the guy goes down this steep driveway and rings the bell of the house. There’s only one house down there. Sometimes you get a driveway like that, it splits off. But not this time. He rings the bell and some lady answers. Not the same lady. An older lady. The guy explains his situation. That he dropped off a hitchhiker girl there last night.

The guy gets no response. The guy describes the girl a little and still. Nothing. Cold fish. It’s like – “what?” But then what he does is he goes into even more detail and the lady freaks out a little.

She lays this on him “it sounds like you’re describing my daughter. But it can’t be her,” and it’s like instead of the lady freaking out, the guy starts to.  He goes “why not?”

Are you ready for this? The guy isn’t. This woman says, about her daughter, who they were talking about, “She died ten years ago last night. In a terrible hitchhiking accident on Foxhound Road,” which is actually the name of the actual road where the guy picked her last night up, by the way.

“Holy cow,” the guy says, only he doesn’t say cow so much as what comes out of a cow, and I don’t mean milk. “That means that the hitchhiker I picked up was her ghost. Or phantom.”

“Obviously,” says the mom. “That is the most logical conclusion you could draw.”

So the guy leaves, because what else could he do? He leaves all like "whoa.”

The mom watched him go, the guy. When the guy was good and gone, she closed the door and she and her daughter who was totally alive giggled and high fived. They put that guy’s coat on the pile with the others. Five years later, they would open a used coat store. And they would get rich off it. Just absolutely butt-ass rich.

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is there anything about north carolina?!? i love your blog a lot btw!!

north carolina has quite a lot of stuff!

-the beast of bladenboro, an unknown creature that killed a bunch of pets and livestock in the 50s and drank their blood

-the catawba river runner

-the santer of lumberjack lore

-the lake norman monster

-bigfoot reports

-the devil’s tramping ground

-the devil’s footprint

-a demon dog

-bigfoot sightings

all sorts of phantoms!

-chimney rock apparitions

-the brown mountain lights

-the mako light

-crybaby lane

-the pink lady

-other hauntings

Vanishing/Phantom Hitchhiker

Usually these spirits are of people who have died in some kind of accident on their way to somewhere emotionally important to them. There have been dozens of versions of the phantom hitchhiker story but it usually starts with someone picking up a hitchhiker to suddenly find that they have disappeared at some point during their journey.

Some known phantom hitchhiker locations include:

Annie’s Road, United States – Haunted by the ghost of a woman who was killed in a car accident.

N9 Road, South  Africa – The Uniondale Phantom Hitchhiker is a ghost of a young woman (usually with green trousers and short hair) called Marie. She was on her way to her parents house with her boyfriend to tell them about their engagement when the car crashed and she was killed. Since then she has been seen hitching a ride of multiple drivers along the road side. In one story a motorcyclist picked her up and after driving for a kilometer or two he glanced back to see that she was no longer there. Worried that she might have fallen off the bike he turned around and searched the desert road, finding nothing but the helmet he had given her to wear.  Motorcyclists have also reported looking down while driving to find a pair of ghostly arms wrapped around their waist.

Jamestown Road, Jamestown, North Carolina – This road is no longer in use and the police of the town will fine anyone caught stopping near it. A young woman in a party dress has been spotted standing at the underpass and trying hitchhike her way back home. It’s said that she was on her way home from a dance when she was murdered.

M1, Belfast, Northern Ireland – Is haunted by a phantom nurse who appears near the bog that runs alongside the motorway. When picked up she talks to the driver of the car, complaining about the amount of accidents on the road, before disappearing.

I could probably write a massive list of these if I did enough research but I think I’ll leave this at four examples.