phantom harlock

Captain Harlock playlist

Fitting songs for Captain Harlock, Tochiro & other Leijiverse characters

Soul of a Vagabond - by Stratovarious (Captain Harlock)

Brothers Under The Sun - by Bryan Adams (Tochiro [singing to Harlock])

Mysteria - by The Rasmus (Emeraldas)

Stardust - by Xandria (Harlock and/or Emeraldas)

Plunder - by Bloodsimple (Captain Harlock [singing to Tochiro])

Eyes Wide Shut - by Blessthefall (Tochiro [singing to Emeraldas])

If I Could Be Where You Are - by Enya (Emeraldas [singing to Tochiro])

A Thousand Letters - by Xandria (Maya X Captain Harlock)

Bells of Freedom - by Bon Jovi (young Captain Harlock and Tochiro)

Destiny - by Syntax (Tochiro Oyama)

The Fight - by The Rasmus (Phantom F. Harlock II during WW2)

Everybody Wants to Rule the World - by LORDE (Queen Promethium)

Goodbye Beautiful Day - by Aviatic (Tochiro Oyama, as he is slowly dying)

High Hopes - by Pink Floyd (live cover by Nightwish) - (young Captain Harlock and Tochiro)

My December - by Linkin Park (Captain Harlock)

Our Neverworld - by Xandria (Tochiro X Emeraldas)

Paradise (What About Us) - by Within Temptation (Warrious Zero X Marnina Oki)

Seawinds - by Therion (Maetel)

Stray - by Steve Conte (Captain Harlock)

Wings of Destiny - by Rhapsody of Fire (Phantom F. Harlock I & II, [remembering their Germanic Arcadia and the freedom of flight])

Tear the World Down - by We Are the Fallen (Maetel [singing to Promethium])

Break - by Three Days Grace (Tadashi Diaba)

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If anyone has a song suggestion for a certain Leijiverse characer please PM me about it and I will add it to the list. However, please refrain from sending me pop or rap songs or songs with profanity - I will not include them.