phantom escalator

Name Calling

Danny: Morning Wes

Wes: Grins 

Wes: Morning Daniel ~

Danny: Head whips back

Danny: Eyes Turn Green

Danny: What did you just say?

Wes: I said good morning Danie- 

Danny: Slams Wes into the lockers

Danny:  Don’t call me that!!

Wes: Cheeky smile 

Wes: Or what… Daniel?

Danny: Growls

Danny: Scans Wes's body

Danny:  mmmhhhhh

Danny: Grins

Danny: Slides a hand up Wes’s shirt

Wes: Dan- Dann- w-wait- what! What are you doing!

Danny: Presses mouth to Wes’s neck

Danny: Breaths out Say my name, Wes

Wes: Daniel w-we’re in school!

Danny: Hums while rubbing soothing circles on Wes’s hips

Danny: That's not my name Wes

Wes: Dann- S-Stop it someone might see~ Low hisses

Danny: Kisses Wes’s neck Mmmhh doesn’t concern Kiss Me

Wes: Nghh

Danny: Trails kisses down Wes’s Collarbone

Wes: Okay, Okay, Okay! D-Danny, please.

Danny: Please What?

Wes: Whimpers

Wes: Pl-please stop k-kissing me

Danny: It doesn't Kiss sound Kiss Like you Kiss want me to stop~

Wes: Wiggles 

Wes: Danny please~

Danny: Keeps Kissing

Wes: Teary-eyed

Wes: N-No more please~

Danny: Grins

Danny: No more?

Wes: Whimpers

Wes: Yes, yes, no more, please~

Danny: Well since you asked so nicely baby~

Danny: Backs away from Wes

Danny: But don’t think this means that I’m done with you~
Danny: Winks

Danny: Walks away

Wes: Flushes

Wes: Mumbles Stupid Fenton…