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Something about Danny Phantom that bothers me is how the show deals with bullying in regards to Danny himself, particularly in episodes like ‘Splitting Images’ and ‘Reign Storm’.

In both those episodes, Danny finally gets sick of how Dash pushes him around and uses his powers to exact revenge. He then gets taught a lesson about abusing his powers and that doing so makes him no better than any other bully. And while I can appreciate the message, the writers seem to miss one important thing: That Danny has no other way to deal with being bullied.

He can’t fight back against Dash as a human because he’ll either get beat up or punished by the teachers, or both. He can’t go to the teachers because they have blind spots for the A-listers and constantly let them get away with this shit.

He can’t go to his parents because their only choices would be to go to the teachers (which, again, doesn’t work) or transfer Danny to another school, which they would never do because Plot. So the only option left to him is using his powers against Dash, which we’re repeatedly told is wrong.

Now I’m not saying that Danny using his powers to torment Dash is right, what I’m saying is that when it comes to defending himself he’s left with no better options. And while Danny does ultimately take the high road, Dash never does, he just continues on bullying Danny until it gets to be too much and Danny snaps again and takes revenge.

The whole thing turns into a vicious cycle because the writers only deal with a symptom of the problem in Danny’s “ghostly get-backs” rather than the source, Dash’s abuse. It doesn’t matter if Danny decides not to use his powers against Dash if Dash is going to keep coming after him anyway. So the only way to break the cycle would be for Dash to get some character development and realize he was being a creep, or for Danny to settle things as a human outside of school where he couldn’t be punished for fighting Dash (although he could still get the shit beat out of him).

But for whatever reason, most likely the good ol’ Status Quo, that never happens. We just end up on the same rickety hamster wheel where Danny is the only one being held accountable for his violent relationship with Dash. And while this certainly isn’t as bad as some botched bullying stories I’ve seen (like the entirety of Severus Snape’s character in Harry Potter, where Harry is apparently supposed to be the mature one and let a grownass man in his thirties take his issues out on him), it’s still incredibly flawed.

Christine, I Love You (Raoul and Phantom Comparison)
Hadley Fraser and Ramin Karimloo
Christine, I Love You (Raoul and Phantom Comparison)

I love the difference between Hadley and Ramin’s interpretation of these simple lyrics. Each performance is so dynamic in its own way.

Raoul sounds like he’s saying the words for the first time. Realizing that saying them allows joy and happiness to flow from him. His words are sincere, but as he’s saying them for the first time, they sound sudden. As if he had been waiting for the moment to say them all his life. Raoul’s love brings freedom. A future. And vulnerability.

Phantom interprets the words differently. As much as he wants the lyrics to liberate him from his mental prison, the words enslave him more. He knows at this point he’s lost her. She’s gone and he’s left with 4 simple words. Words that remind him how much he’s had to let go. Nevertheless, his words are just as sincere as Raoul. The difference is that Phantom has imagined how the words will sound over and over in his head. He’s practiced it until he’s perfected the art of expressing his love - a love he was never shown. A love he’s had to learn because of Christine. 

I applaud both actors for taking 4 words and turning them into a love story that will never be matched. I could go on and on about this as these are my favorite lyrics from the musical. I love how something so simple can be analyzed so deeply. I love how something so ordinary can become so profound through music.

This is why I love Phantom of the Opera.


Another goodie! I’ve reuploaded the Charles Dance miniseries… But this time, it’s in better quality! It’s a print of the EU version. Here’s a comparison:

I am SO going to Hell for this.

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Title: Comparison between “Magic Kaito 1412” ’s opening and the manga

When I was watching the new anime “Magic Kaito 1412”, I realized that many of the opening’s scenes were taken from the manga or the cover of it, so I decided to make the comparison between them. I’m quite sure they made it on purpose so that we could realize. Here’s a link to watch the op.

Cuando estaba viendo el nuevo anime “Magic Kaito 1412”, me di cuenta de que muchas partes del opening estaban sacadas del manga o de su tapa, y por eso decidí hacer la comparación entre ambos. Estoy bastante segura de que lo hicieron a propósito para que nosotros, los fans, nos diéramos cuenta. Aquí les dejo un link para ver el op.



Anonymous requested –> “Let your soul take you where you long to be!” Christine reaction gifset

(aka longest title ever)

From “Take me now, my body is ready” to “Oh I’m sorry, were you singing, I didn’t notice”, here are a variety of Christine reactions to the above line.

1. Ana Marina, World Tour, 2. Ryoko Nomura, Tokyo, 3. Beatrix Reiterer, Essen, 4. Meredith Braun, London, 5. Gina Beck, London, 6. Colleen Besett, Vienna, 7. Olivia Brereton, restaged UK tour, 8. Trista Moldovan, Broadway, 9. Anna O'Byrne, London

When you think about it, Valerie Gray from Danny Phantom has most of the stereotypical teenage super tropes. 

Spiderman:  Normalish life with aunt and uncle. Father figure gets killed. Goes out on the streets to find the killer for revenge. Finds out he likes to superhero. Gets into more complicated and involved relationships involving superheroing. Billionaire (Tony Stark) sometimes supporting  them and their endeavors.

Valerie: Normal life with one father. Father figure’s job is lost and life is ruined. Goes out to ghost hunt to get revenge. Finds out they like ghost hunting to protect the town. Eventually sees complicated nature between ghosts, halfas, and humans. Gets supported by Vlad Masters for to fund her endeavors.

Not to mention, Val falls under the “heroes can’t have friends because I need to protect the ones I love trope.”  Val breaking up with Danny to protect him.

If you redid the entire series from Valerie’s perspective, the show becomes a deconstruction of the monster hunter genre. Just saying. 

tarynnasaurus  asked:

Rawl and Erik's how to train your dragon though... Your tags are always amazing.

Haha! Oh dear, my tags are outta control! Glad you enjoy them! 

“I wouldn’t kill him, because he looked as frightened as *I* was. I looked at him… and I saw myself. He tried to kill me, though. Like, multiple times.”


every poem I ever wrote about you revolved around the concept of noise,
like an acrobat
across a tightrope.
like the soft sound made by a cassette tape
between songs,
like slamming doors
and startling laughter, like colorful shoes
on slick concrete.
the way you say
my name
unleashes a spectrum
of colors in my mind.
though I could never figure out
what the loneliest sound is,
I know that you are
the producer
of the loveliest noises.
they say a picture is worth a thousand words, but it would take me millions
to properly convey how you look
when you smile,
or when you take a drag of a cigarette,
blowing smoke out into the atmosphere.

fast forward.

breathe in. breathe out. breath me in. breath you out. breathe you back in; breathe me out and
my god, I’ve forgotten how lungs work,
I am drowning in thoughts of you,
while you are off somewhere, floating in a pool of my tears
and sipping some fruity cocktail.

rewind. play.

I watch the smoke drift and fade away,
and it makes me wonder if that is what it will be like when you go;
me, with the taste of second hand nicotine on my tongue,
between my teeth,
and you,
ascending to the sky on a plane, slowly fading into the horizon.
out of sight,
in mind.


I wish I could freeze this moment and trap your vibrant energy like fireflies in a jar.
when you left me
I left my door ajar
just in case you decided
to come back

fast forward.

I sleep on one side of my bed
instead of the middle
just in case you come back in the middle of the night
and crawl under the covers.
when I go out,
I sit at a table for two
and make small talk with the ghost of you
and though the food is spicy,
all my tastebuds receive are bittersweet memories
of you.


you look at me and a smile
crosses your face
one that makes it all the way to your eyes
my chest aches,
in a pleasant kind of way,
as if you were keeping my heart inside of yours.
behind the hazy cloud of smoke residue,
I can see love in your eyes.
you slide your sweaty palm into mine, and give it a squeeze.


the way your lips move, shaping around the words
“I love you,”
the way they coat me like caramel on an apple,
the sticky, sickly sweet sensation clogging my pores and enveloping me whole.

pause. fast forward.

he smiles at me.
I smile back,
but can’t help but notice
his nose doesn’t scrunch like yours,
his lips don’t curve the same.
but you are thousands of miles away,
forgetting me with every breath you take,
memories of me fading like smoke
in the distance,
while I try to memorize someone else’s landscape.
I wear the perfume
that you loved the most
and it makes me think of you
so while he tells me he has finally found
the one,
that I feel like home
I get lost in thoughts of you,
hands in my hair,
tangled up in a warm, golden kind of silence,
not caring nor knowing
where I begin, and you end

pause. rewind.

you squeeze my hand once more,
to stop me from trembling,
because I know that all too soon,
we will untangle
from the web of love
that we have weaved,
sit in a melancholy blue kind of silence,
and say goodbye.
and when you walk away for the last time,
I will finally know what the loneliest
sound in the world is,
that even the supernatural power of phantoms will pale in comparison
to the noise made by your footsteps when you walk away,
because that fading sound will haunt me forever.
and when the door shuts between us,
we will finally learn
where you start and I end.

—  if missing you is art, then I will be creating masterpieces

3 years of practice makes a huge difference. 
TwT)/ Remember kids, you’re always improving when you practice, it just takes hard work and trying different things. 

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Think of Me Cadenza Comparison
Harriet Jones, Emmi Christensson (alt.), Lisa-Anne Wood (u/s)
Think of Me Cadenza Comparison

A comparison of all three current West End Christine Daaes singing the Think of Me Cadenza. All recordings are from 2015.

1.) Harriet Jones, Principal

2.) Emmi Christensson, Alternate

3.) Lisa-Anne Wood, Understudy

Suzugamori Ren's Dialogue for Phantom Blaster Overlord & Revenger Phantom Blaster "Abyss"
Abe Atsushi
Suzugamori Ren's Dialogue for Phantom Blaster Overlord & Revenger Phantom Blaster "Abyss"

something that the subtitle’s didn’t quite catch is that Ren’s invocation for Revenger Phantom Blaster “Abyss” in this episode is identical to his invocation for Phantom Blaster Overlord in ride 58


Konton naru seijaku ni sakibishi zetsubou. Maboroshi sura mirarenu, yami yori kuraki yami no chikara o ware!

58 & 65: “Crying out in despair in the chaos that is silence…The power of shadowy darkness, obscuring all vision, is mine.”

175: “Screaming despair in the chaotic silence! Give me the power of darkness from the shadows through which not even visions can be seen!”


Phantom Comparison - ‘Twisted Every Way’

Made and uploaded by request. A comparison of various Christines singing 'Twisted Every Way’. For the sake of length, I cut it off before Raoul’s part. Apologies for the first video, which freezes during the last thirty seconds or so.

EDIT: I mislabeled Julia Udine as being from Broadway; she was actually in the new restaged tour going around the US. (Oops. This is what happens when you start making and labeling videos on autopilot.)