phantom child

Something that would happen and you can't tell me otherwise
  • Wes: *goes up to Danny*
  • Danny: Hey We--
  • Wes: *kisses him*
  • Danny: *blushes green*
I like writing these so much

Danny groaned as he flew slowly into the Justice League’s shared kitchen. He opened the fridge and stuck his head inside, ignoring the strange looks he was getting from his fellow superheroes, who watched the halfa in fascination.

Flash was the one who approached him, asking what was bugging the half-dead teen. Danny moaned and leaned halfway out of the fridge, showing a disheveled white bedhead and bags under his radioactive green eyes, “Just let me cool off man.” The ghost gave a half-hearted laugh at his own joke before shoving his head into the freezer, sighing in relief.

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hopsjollyhigh  asked:

I'm just. Thinking a lot about how never being touched as a baby/child would have affected Erik's emotional and social development and I wanted to mention it to someone because damn that's some of the saddest shit about Erik's life and I don't see it talked about that much

This breaks my heart and I won’t be able to stop thinking about it all night. But honestly YES so much YES

When it comes down to it, so many of Erik’s problems stem from that fundamental lack of love and contact when he was very young and now I need to lie down and cry