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PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN –> Fathers and Children

You knew my father. I knew him. Good man. Good pirate.


Danny Phantom and the Avengers :D

Yeah still one of my favourite crossovers :3

Just Danny been lead around by some Shield Agents to the meeting-room but he got scared by the serious faces all over the place so when he sees Steve he just beelines for him - that is it! :D

(And an upset captain at the last page because, yes, Danny Phantom is a friend to the Avengers and no, dont scare the little ghost boy, bad agents! >:(  )

I’ve been working on those pathetic four pages for almost six months without a cover and without any words and I think that is pathetically slow buuuuuut I finished it anyway so yai to me :D

For my own amusement!

ravenclaw-of-cabinseven  asked:

I agree with Bunny. I've always been a fan of the idea of Bats finding out about Dan and being totally supportive about it. Writing prompt! The League just learned about Batman's contingency plans to stop them if they go rogue. While they through a hissy fit, Danny is the only one who understands and supports his decision which leads to a talk about Dan and gaining of respect all around.

“God damn it!” Green Lantern slammed his hands on the table. The Justice League was at a meeting and everyone found out that Batman knew their weaknesses and actually have plans on how to take them down.

Well, except Wonder Woman. She doesn’t have a weakness.

“Calm down,” Zatara rose a hand to silence Hal.

“Calm down? Calm down? How can I calm down when HE,” Hal jabbed his finger in Batman’s direction, “has legitimate plans to take us down!”

“I will admit, this is disturbing,” Aquaman spoke.

“This isn’t something that I would like to know,” Green Arrow shook his head.

“This is only a precaution,” Batman told the others, eyes narrowing.

“Well, I’m glad that Batman knows how to take me down if I ever go bad,” Captain Marvel admitted, wanting his input to put some insight on the situation.

“But what if HE goes bad?” Green Lantern countered. At this point mayhem went wild.

Shouts, insults, and even rude gestures were catapulted to others. Most of it, however, was aimed at the Dark Knight.

“Enough!” A young voice rung throughout the room. Immediately all quieted. They all felt the air grow colder by a few degrees.

All eyes landed the acid green eyes of one ghost teen. Despite Phantom’s appearance and usually laid back personality, his presence demanded attention.

And attention he was given.

“I think Batman is in the right,” he said.

Outrage was their response.

“Shut it!” Phantom’s eyes glowed brighter, deadlier.


“Let me tell you a story,” he started, “and no interrupting.” He gave Plastic Man a glare, knowing that the man was planning to interrupt in some way, shape, or form.

Everyone nodded.

Phantom took a breath.

“Some time ago something happened to me. Something… unpleasant to say the least. I met with the ghost of time, Clockwork, who watches over the timelines. And in one of the timelines a villain so powerful rose that not even the Justice League could stop him.”

The teen paused, watching as all who attended (except Batman) stiffened at his words.

“I was taken to the future with my two friends and saw that that timeline became my future if something didn’t happen. The only peaceful place left was Amity Park, but the reason for its ten years of peace fell and I met with the ultimate enemy.”

“… who was it?” Plastic Man asked in a audible whisper. Which caused Phantom to glare at him because of the interruption.

The man made of plastic held up his hands and gave an uneasy grin.

Phantom sighed.

“It was me.”

Everyone gasped.

“Well, technically it was me that somehow merged with Plasmius, but that’s not the point. Point was my future self was evil and was destroying everything.” Phantom lowered his eyes.

“Eventually we all went back to the past, and he, Dan,” the name spoke with venom and absolute loathing, “wanted to make sure he would exist. So he planned to have my family and friends killed with a teacher from the local high school.”

At this point the teen’s eyes were shut, hands clenched and trembling with anger and perhaps fear.

“I did something surprising. I gained a power that took him ten years to learn. I beat him,” he chuckled a little at this, “and you know what happened next?”

Many were afraid to answer.

“I failed them! They died in that explosion and I couldn’t save them!” Pure anguish was heard from the ghost teen. Tears leaked out from his eyes that were screwed shut. Slowly, the tension slipped away from his form.

“Thankfully Clockwork decided to be good to me. He set back time and brought them back,” Phantom looked back up at the Justice League, “and I count my blessings every day.”

The heroes relaxed at that.

“However I’m still not in the clear.”

They all tense back up at that confession.

“He still has a chance of existence until those ten years are up. So because of this I agree with Batman.”

No one said a word as Phantom left the meeting.

“Wow, those are some very veeery interesting weapons - I think? The shield is kind of confusing. Don’t you use that to defend or is it more like a deathly frisbee?”

“Who - no - What the hell are you?! And how did you get into my tower?!

“Well- you see- my parents have a portal and I- you know what, it’s a long story so-”

“And what was- is that a thermos that can shoot lasers?!

“Oh no no, it’s more like a vacuum. To get rid of ghosts. Well I suppose you could use it as a thermos but-”

“And BOXES?! Why the hell BOXES?!”

“Tony, calm down!”

CALM DOWN?! A dude in a tailor-costume just flew into my bedroom, threw every box he could find at me, wrapped me in bubble wrap while screaming ’Beware!’ before this kid casually pointed a vacuum-thermos at mentoined Tailor-Suit-Guy! Even for Avenger-standards that’s uncommon.”

“He calls himself ‘Box Gost’ and yeah that guy is pretty annoying. Keeps getting out of the ghost zone just to be a huge pain in the- err… I should get going. You are giving me the ’I’m too confused to think rational and might accidently shoot’-look so… Bye.”


Buuuut he already left the place :D

Another Danny and Avengers crossover! Danny is with his class on a field trip to New York. But he’s not getting ghost-free-time ‘cause it is Danny we are talking about. At some point he follows the Box Ghost - who thought hiding in the biggest skyscraper he saw would be a good idea, freaking the shit out of the residenst - and that’s everthing I needed for this picture to happen :D

I got lazy with the background and didn’t even bother to shade anything because I’m that kind of horrible person. Also I forgot about the boxes lyring around when I finished Dannys expression so… ME OUT!

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Like usual Chopper wears many hats. From slicer, to gunner, to navigator, to scanner and now infant care. To his credit though he does try and succeed with only his usual gruffness as a cost.

Of course if you ask him he probably thinks HE is the the owner of the Ghost crew and they are all PETS (Except Hera. She’s clearly his mom.)


Sassy, sarcastic characters who typically come off as cold, unfeeling jerks who intentionally isolate themselves from society but occasionally slip up and have a total mental/emotional breakdown (in either canon or fanfiction) where they really need a friend are my kryptonite. I just want to give them all a hug and help them find their happy endings.

Imagine this

At one point it was decided that the Justice League would have a movie night once a week and anyone could join if they have the time and want to do it. It isn’t mandatory so that is nice, but sometimes movie night would change due to reasons. And one movie night Phantom, Green Lantern, Flash, Green Arrow, Captain Marvel, Black Canary, Red Tornado (who wanted to learn more about these characters that are often told to children), and Zatara watched Rise Of The Guardians due to a request from Captain Marvel. Afterwards, Green Lantern, Flash, and Green Arrow would call Phantom Jack Frost, Frostbite, Jackie and the like.


Steven Grant Rogers had never been one to believe in ghost. When he came back, the only ghost he knew was Bucky, and he was alive and running from the government of several countries. But walking through walls and disappearing ghosts, well, those he never concerned himself with. They were all just a myth. After all, if ghosts existed he would see more of them.

He would have seen the Commandos.

But looking around in this green sky and purple ground, he might have been having second thoughts. He had been sent here by Loki and his dumb portal, and then captured by a knight who claimed he was a ghost. The walking through walls, disappearing type. 

He was led by the silent knight to a large, medieval castle that was mostly white with a green trim. Strange.

The large (green) double doors opened, showing Steve the long red carpet and neat stonework of the interior walls. At the end of the carpet sat an empty throne, a staff leaning against it.

The knight pushed Steve forward harshly, and he was pretty sure he was going to have a bruise there. He probably would have fallen if he hadn’t been Captain freaking America. Unfortunately, the knight had taken his shield and wore it himself. The color scheme looked awful against the purple armor.

“Listen, I’ll take care of Fright Knight, darling. You go and have the housemaid give you a back rub. I’ll be there soon.”

It was only a few moments later that the voice came out. It belonged to a white haired man who had glowing green eyes. On his head was a crown with green and purple jewels, and on his shoulders was a long, dark cape.

“Fright Knight, let him go. I’m sure this is all a big misunderstanding,” he said, waving the knight off. What kind of a name was Fright Knight? It didn’t matter though. The knight stepped away and the obvious king stepped forward.

“Hello, Captain,” he said politely, sticking out his hand for Steve to shake. It didn’t want to piss off royalty, so he shook the white glove that was outstretched. The king gave him a warm smile despite his touch being colder than ice.

“Where am I?” Steve asked. He didn’t want to come off as rude, but he needed to get back tot he fight. His friends were probably in trouble.

“You, sir, are in the Ghost Zone. Home of all ectoplasmic beings. Now, what brings you to the afterlife? You’re obviously not dead.”

Steve glanced behind the king at a portrait hanging above the wall. It was a photo of him and the Commandos and Peggy, all smiling at the camera and having a good time. So he was a fan.

“I’m in trouble. I was sent here by Thor’s brother, Loki. We were fighting him in South Africa,” he stated simply. He had no time for small talk. But the kng seemed to perk up at that.

“Loki? The Asgardian? Father of Hela?” He asked, bewildered. Steve nodded, sneaking another glance at the picture above the throne.

“Nice picture you have there,” he said.

“Yes, thank you. You can;t tell, but I’m in between Dugan and Barnes. Just invisible. You guys were an inspiration. Anyway, I can take you back to your friends and take care of your little Loki problem. He’s disturbed my realm and Hela’s for long enough now.”

He put his hand on Steve’s shoulder and squeezed. Steve blinked, and somewhere in that split second they had gone from the throne room to a charred city where Iron Man was being blasted into a building. Steve’s shield was back on his arm where it never should have left.

“How did you do that?” He asked. The king scoffed.

“Please, I’m the king of the Ghost Zone, man. And call me Danny. King sounds to formal if you’re not Fright Knight.” With that, he winked and then flew straight up and towards wherever Loki was. Steve followed him on foot.

“Loki! How are you doing?” Danny called, his cape billowing in the wind. Loki actually looked intimidated.

“It’s been a while, Dragaur,” he said snidely.

“Yes but I’ve become much more powerful since I took thr throne. Now, we could do this the easy way, where I send you back to Odin, or I can beat you within an inch of your life and send you back to Odin.” His hands errupted into green energy, making him look all the more powerful. “It’s your choice.”

Loki rolled his eyes and stood up. He pointed his staff at Danny, thought for a moment, and lowered it again before placing it on the ground and holding out his wrists.

“As I thought. Now, Captain, I believe he is all yours. And if you guys ever need anything just stop by. There are natural portals to the Zone everywhere. Buh-bye now.”

He gave a little wave and disappeared, leaving them to take care of Loki on their own. Clint sighed in awe.

“Man, do you have a story to tell us.”

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This one’s got Chopper falling, screaming, complaining, frying, fearing and being the most important one on the mission since without him they can’t even get the Y-Wings to fly.

Chopper is rarely afraid of anything but his trauma from being shot down while in a Y-Wing during the Clone Wars makes him reluctant to get in one again. So much so that Zeb has to literally pick him up and force him into one. :P

Well this Choptalk marks the last of aired Season 3 episodes. Next up I’ll be finishing Season 2. Then season 1. Don’t know why I’m going backwards but I am.