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Me: wow! this fanfic looks great! fantastic storyline, not cliché, it even has artwork!! omg!

Fanfic: last updated December 1752


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Part 1 - Part 2 - About this

I’m not a native english speaker so please let me know if you found any grammatical error.


Danny Phantom and the Avengers :D

Yeah still one of my favourite crossovers :3

Just Danny been lead around by some Shield Agents to the meeting-room but he got scared by the serious faces all over the place so when he sees Steve he just beelines for him - that is it! :D

(And an upset captain at the last page because, yes, Danny Phantom is a friend to the Avengers and no, dont scare the little ghost boy, bad agents! >:(  )

I’ve been working on those pathetic four pages for almost six months without a cover and without any words and I think that is pathetically slow buuuuuut I finished it anyway so yai to me :D

For my own amusement!

Imagine this

At one point it was decided that the Justice League would have a movie night once a week and anyone could join if they have the time and want to do it. It isn’t mandatory so that is nice, but sometimes movie night would change due to reasons. And one movie night Phantom, Green Lantern, Flash, Green Arrow, Captain Marvel, Black Canary, Red Tornado (who wanted to learn more about these characters that are often told to children), and Zatara watched Rise Of The Guardians due to a request from Captain Marvel. Afterwards, Green Lantern, Flash, and Green Arrow would call Phantom Jack Frost, Frostbite, Jackie and the like.

“Wow, those are some very veeery interesting weapons - I think? The shield is kind of confusing. Don’t you use that to defend or is it more like a deathly frisbee?”

“Who - no - What the hell are you?! And how did you get into my tower?!

“Well- you see- my parents have a portal and I- you know what, it’s a long story so-”

“And what was- is that a thermos that can shoot lasers?!

“Oh no no, it’s more like a vacuum. To get rid of ghosts. Well I suppose you could use it as a thermos but-”

“And BOXES?! Why the hell BOXES?!”

“Tony, calm down!”

CALM DOWN?! A dude in a tailor-costume just flew into my bedroom, threw every box he could find at me, wrapped me in bubble wrap while screaming ’Beware!’ before this kid casually pointed a vacuum-thermos at mentoined Tailor-Suit-Guy! Even for Avenger-standards that’s uncommon.”

“He calls himself ‘Box Gost’ and yeah that guy is pretty annoying. Keeps getting out of the ghost zone just to be a huge pain in the- err… I should get going. You are giving me the ’I’m too confused to think rational and might accidently shoot’-look so… Bye.”


Buuuut he already left the place :D

Another Danny and Avengers crossover! Danny is with his class on a field trip to New York. But he’s not getting ghost-free-time ‘cause it is Danny we are talking about. At some point he follows the Box Ghost - who thought hiding in the biggest skyscraper he saw would be a good idea, freaking the shit out of the residenst - and that’s everthing I needed for this picture to happen :D

I got lazy with the background and didn’t even bother to shade anything because I’m that kind of horrible person. Also I forgot about the boxes lyring around when I finished Dannys expression so… ME OUT!

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