phantom 25th tour


Influences on the Restaged Tour -> 25th anniversary Concert

One of the more interesting things about the restaged tour is how it took inspiration from other major works or adaptations on ALW’s show. Here are some (but not all) possible ways the 25th anniversary concert at the Royal Albert Hall may have influenced the restaged tour:

  1. Hannibal: The concert’s version lacked several major props, with one of the most notable being the elephant in Hannibal (likely due to difficulties with getting the objects onto the stage). Instead, Piangi merely kneels on the floor (and has a brief struggle with his “sword”). Similarly, the restaged tour did not have an elephant (though they have a cardboard prop of it peeking out), and Piangi undergoes a similar tug-of-war with his own sword.
  2. The red rose: Both the concert and the restaged tour feature Raoul giving Christine a red rose when he greets her in ‘Little Lotte’. The reason for this is likely because of a line in Love Never Dies, in which Christine claims that Raoul always gave her a red rose after her performance. The addition of it in the original is probably meant to make that connection to the sequel.
  3. Il Muto: As with Hannibal, the concert’s version of Il Muto lacked one of its largest props, the bed that Carlotta and Christine sit on during the show. The concert instead had the two sitting on what appears to be a fainting couch, and the restaged tour similarly copies that.
  4. The rooftop: In both the concert and the restaged tour, the rooftop scene has Christine collapsing to the floor in grief and terror, prompting Raoul to come over to her and beginning ‘All I Ask of You’.
  5. Strangling Christine: The concert’s version of the ‘Final Lair’ lacked the portcullis that would normally keep Raoul out, and so the blocking was changed so that the Phantom would strangle Christine, a threat to keep Raoul at bay. The restaged tour mimics this, even down to Christine falling to her knees as she struggles to breathe.