Got Questions?

Well…suffice it to say, it’s pretty much been the crappiest month of my life.  It’s over, and now it’s about finding footing and finding happy again, and I’m getting there.  But in the meantime….

I’ve made a huge makeup supply reorder in preparation for BroadwayCon, and plan on doing a run through just to play with some stuff and “knock the rust off.”  Therefore, since I plan on being in makeup anyway….

Do you have any questions you’d like for me to answer in makeup and costume? 

If so, please send in an ask (specify if for the costume video), reply below, or email them to!

I will take questions up until I start shooting, which may be as early as next weekend, or as late as the end of Dec, depending on my schedule.  Either way, send them in sooner rather than later to ensure they’re answered! 


Another Y/K boot.

  • Me, rapidly looking back and forth while raising and lowering my voice several octaves: Why have you brought me he- Don't take me back there! We must retur- He'll kill me! His eyes will find me th- Christine don't say that! Those eyes that bur- Don't even think it! And if he has to kill a thousand men- Forget this waking nightmare! The phantom of the opera will kill and kill again! My god- my god who is this man? Who hunts to kill- this mask of death! I can't escape from h- who's is this voice you hea- I never wi- with every breath! And in the labyrinth where night is blind, the phaaaaa ntom of the opera is here, inside my mIND! THERE IS NO P HANTOM OF THE OPERA!R A O U L I'VE BEEN THERE!