This is my Kirby fan character, Phantissimo (his name being a pun on the words phantom and fortissimo.)

A classical music composer and enthusiast, in his life before he died, Phantissimo adored his line of work. However, due to the workings of a mischievous witch, the composer was put under a curse would mean him living forever, composing beautiful music for generation upon generation to hear. 

The only downside is- Phantissimo can only produce said beautiful music when he is sad. The heart inside his chest is a clear indication of his mood- if broken, it means he is saddened enough to produce a good quality piece, and his music usually comes out sounding wonderful…but tragic.

When trying to perform in high spirits, the phantom’s piece will be horrendous to all those who hear it…except to those…who are already tone deaf.

In which comes Kirby, exploring Pop Star and meeting Phantissimo’s ghost in his old mansion, which was starting to fall apart- being tone deaf and having no musical talent, Kirby is the only one who can listen to Phantissimo’s pieces when he is cheerful, which is where their friendship forms.

The ghost has the ability to posess musical instruments, entire orchestras in fact, and perform. (And before anyone says anything, yes, the similarities to him and Sir Passion from the Mother series have already been pointed out to me- I’ve never actually played that franchise…and it killed me a little bit to find out. //Sob.)