So I wrote a Phanteasers fanfic :D

I have shipped Phan for a long time, and I think the Danteasers ship is epic, so I decided to combine the two to create Phanteasers! (PhilxDanxMalteasers) and I wrote a fic for it :D Beware — this has sexual shit that goes down lol

So, Phil and I had planned a night of Sonic, Malteasers and whatever else could follow…
Phil and I had been dating for about three months now. At first it seemed awkward, especially how I told him. Yeah not many people expect to walk in on their best friend and roommate, jacking off to their videos, so you know, quite awkward. I think explaining it was harder. Phil walks in, he thinks I am watching porn until he hears his own voice… he looked shocked and scared, maybe even the slightest bit aroused, but whatever. I had to tell him then that I had feelings for him, and he said that he liked me too, and we went through all the shit you expect. It had been ‘normal’, well as normal as it could have been, until a few days ago…

So there I was just sitting on the sofa, watching Buffy eating Malteasers. When Phil walked in he saw me and said, “Do you have some sort of fetish for Malteasers or something?” I guess he was saying it as a joke. Come to think of it he probably was, how could anyone say that seriously?
Anyhow, I said, “Well, sort of, I think it would be hot to eat them of off someone’s body or whatever.” If we weren’t dating I definitely would not have said that. It’s the truth though; I think it would be fucking hot to eat Malteasers as part of some form of sexual act. I had sort of fantasized about it some nights, I would just be lay there in bed when my brain just suddenly decides that arousal is needed.
I can remember one night in particular, it was about 1am and I was trying to get to sleep after several hours of filming and editing, when I just began to run a scene through my head, it was Phil and I, we were in my bed, making out. When all of a sudden Phil takes this bag of Malteasers out of nowhere and tells me to strip myself and him, and eat them off him. This just going through my mind like a movie, yeah an adult movie, but a movie all the same, it seemed so real, it was frickin’ hot, and I have to say I think that was the best orgasm I had ever had, well with the use of my hand.

Getting back to the point, Phil was stood there; he looked quite shocked and surprised.
“What? Are you being serious?” He finally questioned.
“Yes Phil, it’s sort of a thing that I had discovered a few weeks before we got together. It’s pretty much my fantasies, I have these dream type things, and they always have you, me, Malteasers, and hot sex.” I said trying not to laugh towards the end.
“Well… That sounds interesting…” He was thinking, I could see it in his eyes, he was planning something.
“Phil, what are you thinking?” I said, curiously.
“Well, Danny-Saur. Maybe we could try out one of these fantasises, I would love to see what really turns you on.” Phil finished by winking.
I giggled, Getting quite turned on by just the thought.
Phil and I hadn’t actually had full on sex yet, I think we were just waiting for the right moment. I think that is an amazing thing to do. We know we are going to be together for a long time, but we should keep sex for when the moment is right, not just when we are horny. Hell, we didn’t start sleeping in the same room until a few days ago.

I was really confused at why Phil was acting like this; it went completely against his usual characteristics. He never seemed too bothered about the sexual side of our relationship. Just the snuggling up together on the sofa watching ‘Buffy’ for the thousandth time, or when one of us felt down, the gentle kiss we shared, and the warm embrace that followed.
What if he has had enough of me? What if he just wants to fuck me and be done with it? No, that’s nothing like Phil… But neither are these actions.

So, I went through to the room Phil and I shared, and he was laid on the bed with just his boxers, glasses and socks. I don’t know why, but that hot. I went and sat on the edge of the bed next to him. I felt like a naughty school boy. I don’t quite understand why though.
But Phil told me that I could eat the Malteasers of off him. This was also quite hot. So I took my shirt off and my skinny jeans. I don’t know why it just felt right.
“Phil, Are you sure you want to do this, it’s really not like you.” I said concerned.
“Danny-Saur, I just want to make you happy, I may still be a virgin, but I know youre not and that you probably need this from a relationship.” He said quietly.
“Lion cub, I don’t need sex, I just need you.”
“Are you sure?”
“Yes, Philly. But, could I still eat these off of you, just because they are Malteasers, and it’s you. I don’t want it to lead on to anything heavy; I just want to see what it’s like. Or if you want we can just go watch Buffy.”
“Danny, as its you, and I can see that you really want this…. You can eat them off of me. I just don’t see how it will work.”
“Thank you darling. And if I am honest… neither do I, I guess I just have to try, whatever”

As Phil was still lay down it was less awkward to get this started. But I still didn’t really understand how one should eat Malteasers off of another’s person. So, I pretty much did what I expected should happen.

I climbed over and kind of straddled Phil, I leant down and kissed his gorgeous lips. Phil seemed a little surprised by this as he let out a slight squeak but settled into it and kissed me back, He pulled me down, with one of his hands behind my head and the other on my cheek. My hands were somewhat awkwardly placed either side of the pillow Phil’s head rested on.
As we got deeper and further into the kiss, we seemed to forget what we were meant to be doing, until one of us rolled onto the bag of Malteasers and it had burst and everything it seemed to be crushed. After that, I guess Phil could see the lust in my eyes and face, as he just let me grab the bag and put the contents over his chest. I gave Phil one last kiss on his now puffy lips, and started to lick and kiss the Malteasers off his chest, I could feel myself getting harder as I was doing this, and I was already hard from making out with Phil, but this was like a new extreme of hardness, if that makes sense. I could hear Phil moaning deeply making it even clearer of the arousal he was feeling. Phil’s hand reached down to the top of my boxers and pulled the down, I licked up his chest, and I guess it was to show that I was finished. I kissed him gently once again, as I felt his hand run down my penis, I moaned deeply. With this we both sat up. Phil was already out of his boxers, so this made everything easier. We brought ourselves closer together so I was sat on his legs and we were close to an embrace. We carried on kissing, as we both began slowly stroking at each other’s cocks, we both had different techniques that we knew we enjoyed, when Phil reached the top, his flicked his thumb across the head. Whereas I would give a ‘normal’ hand job, and with the other hand pretty much roam his body. This was clearly working as I could hear Phil moaning my name into the kiss.
We broke apart, breathing laboured. Both moaning. Calling each other’s names. I could feel the know tension in my stomach, I knew my orgasm was upon us.
“D-Dan, I-I’m… I’m gonna… c-cum” Phil called between breaths.
“m-me too” I breathed.
Soon after we both came into each other’s hands calling each other’s names. WE fell into the bed, and lay together hands sticky from each other’s semen. We didn’t care.
“Phil, my darling lion cub, thank you so much for that… I love you.” I said when I finally got my breath back.
“Anything for you my Danny-Saur, I love you too, so much.

And with that, we both lay there in each other’s arms, and fell asleep, leaving the mess we had made until the next morning.