This is Breaking, or Break for short, she is a female U. Phantasticus.

Breaking is an unusual animal because her tail is all red with that charcoal tip.  Why is that unusual?  Well, it wasn’t that color when I bought her, but it has changed over time.  This is also her original tail, she has never dropped it (as Phants cannot regenerate tails anyway).  Her tail continues to change color gradually.


Codex Phantasticus beast #1: Bumblecat! (NOT to be confused with Bumbaclot, which is, well, something entirely different). Bumblecats can be seen buzzing around anywhere there is a freshly blown bubble (soapy or of the chewing-gum variety) as they come equipped with a sharp stinger on their forehead which they use to pop said bubbles. Quite mischievous, they are also known to frequent birthday parties and other such events that have balloons around for decoration, as they rather enjoy scaring the absolute bejeesus out of people. The Bumblecat’s motto is “Cute but Sharp”.

(I’m having way too much fun. Look for more installments later…)


The Art of Camouflage

As Monty Python pointed out so wisely way back when, the objective of practicing this art is not to be seen (don’t hide behind a bush is my suggestion) and the wonderful named satanic leaf tailed gecko (aka Uroplastus (flat tail) phantasticus) is a master of the subject. As you can see from the photo it masquerades as a dead rotting and insect nibbled leaf, hanging off trees and branches awaiting unwary insects that might fly a little too close to its jumping tongue. It is endemic (ie only found in) to eastern Madagascan forests, where it lurks amongst the canopy, hunting at night.

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«Qui camina amb un card al pit caminarà sempre per un camí dolorós. En canvi, qui porta una rosa al cor, camina tota la vida per un dolç jardí, diu la vella dita sufí. Les Meravelles del Món són només un mirall dels jardins delicats i els abismes inquietants que s’amaguen en el teu cor.»

radfursandstuff asked:

Show me a cool plant!

look at this beautiful leaf

Though… something about it seems… off.

Why does that leaf… have legs?


This is Uroplatus phantasticus, also known as the satanic leaf gecko. The smallest Uroplatus in body size, this creature’s tail is one of the best plant mimics in the animal kingdom! Every tail is unique and, well… really, really, really looks like a dead leaf!

And because you were a good sport, here’s an actual plant. This plant is called Mimosa pudica, the sensitive plant!

What makes this plant so cool is its response to pressure on the leaves!

It’s native to Central/South America, but now it’s a pantropical weed- it grows everywhere it’s warm and damp enough to do so! You can grow it at home if you like! (That being said, from here on out let’s keep these to herps- reptiles and amphibians only!)

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Check out this amazing Uroplatus phantasticus by @reptiliatus ! These are endangered geckos indigenous to the island of Madagascar that really require more captive breeding and what he is doing helps this species tremendously. He is working hard to establish a sustainable captive population of these extraordinary geckos and if you wish to learn more about his work, like and follow his Facebook page at “Phantastic Geckos” and follow him on Instagram @reptiliatus for more of these beautiful geckos! 😊 #leaftailedgecko #gecko #herpetology #madagascar #endangered #breeding #snakebytestv #reptiles #exoticpets #reptile