Carry On;

Apparently, Minato forgot to mention it was a bit cold in California despite its hot nature. A groan as he shifts his weight onto his left foot while waiting to get off the train. He’s supposed to meet some Morty guy, a friend of the blue haired man.

Not to mention that somehow, Minato was able to break the man’s mind with…Something? He didn’t know for the guy was shady on the details.

A soft groan as Green noticed the train coming to a stop, jerking the passengers just a bit – he mumbling an apology to the woman after his arm hit her back. She huffed but nodded, getting off while he did the same not too long after.

The place was crowded, Green shifted the strap of his bag on his right shoulder. Right… Time to look for this Morty guy…


The streets were so empty. Mostly everyone was inside some kind of bar or club, drinking away their night or dancing either great or on moron-level. He had no intent of joining a drunk crowd and even if he wanted to, he wouldn’t be able to get in because god decided he would let him live life with a face you couldn’t tell what age he was and most clerks would resort to asking for his ID. This town almost seemed to be owned by party-goers and that had one pro to it; the restaurants open late weren’t that crowded. He was starving, this being an exaggeration.

Several minutes later he could hear a quite enjoyable sound lingering in thin air. Red closed his eyes to listen, following the harmony which lead him to a quaint restaurant. Great, because this meant he could get something to eat and listen to what was the sound of a violin being played. 

Upon entering and taking a seat somewhere near the window, he ordered a simple sandwich. It wasn’t much later when the sandwich was gone, and the first thing he noticed was that the violin had gone quiet for a longer time than usual. Maybe the player went home or got a drink? He finally turned to take an actual look at the violinist, only to somehow manage to nearly choke on his water; The magician? The man probably didn’t remember him at all since their conversation was brief, but it was worth a shot. Standing from his seat, he walked up to the blond haired man who even now, was wearing that stupid bandanna-headband like he had the first time they met. Did he feel like a pirate? “Magician, Violinist, surprise me. What’s your other job?”