My photos of my Komachi Onozuka are back! Unfortunately a lot got messed up because my (pink) petticoat was showing in a lot (new plan is to just stop cheaping out and get a new good white one LOL), but these came out beautifully! I sure got lucky to have been so sleepy during the shoot cuz it sure added to photos LOL

Please give Photo Otokos’ Facebook page a look and a like. Not only are they both long time friends of mine, but they do all of their photoshoots 100% free of charge and always will - so if you go to Georgia cons, they’d be a great choice as your next photographer!

This was my first time buying and altering a cosplay and I don’t regret it - it’s great when you’re living in a dorm with limited sewing machine access. Currently I’m commissioning a scythe from a friend, and I’ll be wearing a more improved version for AWA 2016, complete with a Shikieiki alongside me!

Komachi Onozuka: Me
Photographer: Esper of Photo Otokos. Facebook page:
Convention: MomoCon 2016
Costume from: Alexipress, but altered by me

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