Comics I am excited about in 2016

I’ve got a lot of webcomics to read this year. It’s really cool to see webcomics as an art form coming into its own in a huge way - and why not? They’re free, they’re super accessible, and they let incredibly talented people showcase the best of their work.

Here’s some comics in the coming year you may not have heard of that are worth keeping an eye on:

First we have Rock Mary Rock by Nicky Soh and Jeremy Lawson. I’m a really big fan of the format in this one and the really clean art style. It’s already got a pretty sweet start and I can’t wait to see where it goes.

Second we have Phantasmagoria by Ana Critchfield. Ana’s a PDX local so I’ve had the pleasure of watching her work on some upcoming pages - there’s a really cool mood and tension she’s got going so far.

Finally we have Bloom Saga by Colin and Mark Febrache. There’s incredible expressiveness in these pages and they are absolutely gorgeous. There’s also fiction below the comic, which as you can probably guess, I am a huge fan of. I know I’ll probably obsessively check this one.

Check them out! There’s an insane amount of talent here. Furthermore, if you have a webcomic you’re booting up, you are now obligated to shoot it my way. I’m always looking for stuff to add to my list, and I’m constantly surprised by how much great stuff is out there.

Happy reading!