Phanniemay day 6: fav headcannon

Gettin some of the earlier ones done. My favorite headcannon is Danny exibiting ghostly things in his human form (lower body temperature, glow in the dark eyes, lightweight, etc) and human things in his ghost form (heartbeat, breathing, higher density, warmer core temp, etc.) I like how it brings his forms together, making it more obvious that this is one person, two sides of the same coin. :) Also freckles because that is the most freakin adorable thing srs~


Still catching up! Not at this rate shiiii

Day 2: Fav episode

My first thought was Forever Phantom, because I’ve always liked the  idea of Fenton stuck as Phantom pretending to be Fenton, although it isn’t how the episode went. Then I remembered Micro-Management, which has to be my fav hands down. :D Dash getting along with Phantom not realizing its his daily punching bag? Danny’s secret is in Danger? Yes please sign me up.