phanniemay day 11

Phanniemay day 11- Folklore

The effigy has stood in that place for over a thousand years.

It edges have been beaten by the elements, features becoming softer and less distinct as the years went by. Historians believe it had once been adorned with a metal plaque, long since lost to time.

After the great Crash in the late 2000’s, much of the world’s knowledge had been wiped- having been stored in an immaterial form. Records of the era it was built and the reasons to its creation are nearly nonexistent, with the little information available creating the backstory for strange and fantastical tales.

Some say it was a god, immortalized in stone for the purpose of worship. With the world in the palm of its hand the theory doesn’t seem too farfetched.

Others say it was a creature of unimaginable might, a being who sought to hide the world away from the vast cosmos- to make it untouchable and unseen to any but itself and the creatures of the world.

The strange man- boy?- who sleeps at it’s base tells a different story. A story of a boy who sought to be a hero, who tried to save the world from a piece of space itself and succeeded. He tells the story of a boy who could walk through walls, disappear, and even achieve flight by his own means. Who had become more than human by sheer accident, and who payed a steep price for his own reckless actions.

No one believed the drifter- his ratty clothes and rucksack so grimy and threadbare they seemed to be a millennium old themselves. No- his stories were the ravings of a mad man.

After all many civilizations created Gods, and myths were naught but tales that withstood the test of time.

But superheros?

Everyone knew superheros didn’t exist.

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The Debt

My entry for Phanniemay Day 11, “Folklore.” Thanks to my buddy @caffeinechick who encouraged me to finish it. 

“Jeez, what a douchebag.”

“Gregor’s not that bad,” Sam defended him, of course. Tucker still enjoyed the vindication that she’d known exactly who he was talking about. “When you get to know him, he’s actually pretty sweet.”

“Yeah, to you,” Tucker said. “Guy couldn’t be any more obvious; he probably thinks I’m here to score points on some lame ‘almost outta the friendzone’ scorecard.”

Said douchebag was currently waiting safely back in the van with the rest of Sam’s activist friends, leaving them to do the actual work.

“You mean you’re not?” Sam mock-gasped. 

Tucker snorted loudly since rolling his eyes would have been pointless. “I’m here because I don’t want some noob screwing up and getting you caught.”

“Plus I’m paying you.”

“Plus you’re paying me.”

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I actually kinda like the whole thing with Sam and her parents, specifically her mom.  It’s such a deciding factor in Sam’s personality and I wish we coulda seen more from Pam’s perspective.

Drew some LAME ASS 90’s CLOTHES HELL YEAH also my own unpopular headcanon that Pam is the one dyeing her once-black hair that went gray at an embarrassingly young age

Phanniemay Day #11. 

Oh, it could have been a cute and warm picture, but I decided it would not. [kind of]

I know for sure Sam would be the one giving Danny first aid on a regular basis, but when Maddie’s arround she just backs off and lets momma do the job. And we all know Maddie would die herself before letting anything bad happened to her baby. 

I just love Maddie. <3 Happy hella late mother’s Day. 

Phanniemay Day 11- Folklore

My theory of Danny’s “obsession,” and some other things. This might get rambly, but I do like to think about the show’s ghosts in terms of… well, real ghosts, for lack of a better term. Ghosts of tale and myth. I guess I should clarify that there is no canon basis for any of this.

I like to think of the things the ghosts are fixated on as more as motivations, similar to how ghosts are typically thought to come to our world to carry out a task, like revenge. The DP ghosts don’t really seem to have much of a sense for their former lives, so their goals are twisted into nonsensical obsessions from their own lack of context– but it is still possible for them to fulfill them, though very unlikely.

This is why older ghosts can be calmer and have less clear fixations. After that much time, they’re more likely to accomplish what they were driven to do. Some ghosts just aren’t very vengeful, and stay in a good place unless they’re provoked.

I think Danny is in the latter camp. He has a good (after?)life going in the human world. He definitely isn’t always happy, but he has attention, connections, new experiences all the time– things that fully dead ghosts are deprived of– so he has no trouble keeping his human mentality. 

But he can be agitated and made restless. I don’t think, like I’ve seen other people speculate, that Danny is obsessed with fighting ghosts or heroing, I think that’s of his own volition. But I think he might begrudge the ghosts that enter Amity Park a bit. Because he died (I am assuming that the portal accident killed him, at least on some level) in the threshold between worlds, and the part of him doesn’t like anyone, living or dead, stepping over his grave.

That’s been my explanation for his ghost sense– “someone stepping over your grave,” for hundreds of years, has explained someone getting a sudden shuddering or chill.