DannyMay 2017

hey guys! since phanniemay will not be a thing this year, me and a couple of pals from slack chat made this just for yall!

just like the phanniemays before, you have the ability to do anything as long as it corresponds to the theme! this could be fanfiction, fanart, cosplay, amvs, or even music if you wish! 

there are every day themes and weekly themes this year! this way if you’re busy you don’t have do as much but can still have fun!

If you have any questions, you can send me a message or an ask!

the WEEKLY themes are:

  • The Unknown (The first sunday)
  • Emotions (the second sunday)
  • L'appel du vide (the third sunday)
  • Mistakes/Regret (the fourth sunday)

please tag your weekly posts as #DannyMay Weekly, #DannyMay and #Danny Phantom so everyone can see your posts!

Since there are several days for the Daily DannyMay, they’ll be under the cut (or read the offical document here!)

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PhannieMay16: Water

look me in the eyes and tell me Danny wouldn’t be on the swim team

He didn’t know that swimming is so much like flying. Gravity didn’t exist in the water as much as it did on the land. You could do flips and sink to the bottom or float to the top without even thinking about it.

The only problem is air. Humans need oxygen to survive, which is quite annoying at times. It’s something that Danny could definitely get along fine without, but his swimming coaches tended to try to rescue him if he stayed under for more than five minutes.

He swore he just had good lungs.

His teammates were nice, too. They wouldn’t replace Tucker or Sam in a million years, but at least they weren’t jealous of him or tried to shove him in a locker.

But actually swimming? It was like flying in a human body. The way how Danny cut through the water, his body angled so he’ll get less resistance and go much  faster then should be possible at his age was amazing.

He never tried used his ghost powers in the water (Although he may have used his intangibility on some turns because he can’t control his instincts)

His coaches were scared of him. Danny didn’t realize it, but they stopped trying to save him the third time around he hung out longer than five minutes underwater.

Because whenever he’s under there his eyes glow a bright, unnatural green.

Danny Fenton was definitely not a normal student, and if he should drown the coaches would be relieved.


“I know who you are.” Danny didn’t even need to look back toward the voice to know who it was that was trailing obnoxiously close behind him in the hallway on his way to history class. The same teenager had been saying the same thing to him literally every day, starting barely a few weeks after he’d discovered his ghost powers himself.

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Fave AU: Where Dani is four

this au by nova-dragon… I think I made Vlad a bit more evil than he is in the show but…

Danny felt like someone had turned their hands intangible and were pulling his insides apart, ripping into his core and stretching to the point of tearing, trying to force him to transform. Pain, worse than anything he’d felt since the accident, scraped its way through him, clawing through his insides and out his throat. It hurt, hurt to fight it, hurt to give in, but he refused to let Vlad have what he wanted, to let him use him–

“Dad!?” The pain stopped as abruptly as if someone had flipped a switch, and, as Danny opened his eyes, blinking away the water that had accumulated around his eyes, Danny realized that, in fact, Plasmius had flipped a switch, and was no longer smirking down at Danny, trapped in the pod, but instead turned around looking at…

A girl. 

She was tiny, small, couldn’t be any older than five, probably much closer to four, although Danny had never been very good at ages. She was clearly terrified, her eyes flitting back and forth between Danny and Vlad, head scrunched between her slightly cowering shoulders, and bright blue eyes wet with tears that looked oddly familiar… But Danny couldn’t place where he’d seen her before. He racked his brain, trying to place the dark black bangs, hint of freckles, chubby cheeks, and pointy nose, not even trying to figure out what she was doing there so much as remember where he knew her from…

And then, with a sudden clarity, he realized exactly where he knew that face. He’d seen it in old photographs, family picture albums… And those eyes he saw every day when he looked in the mirror…

What the hell?

“Danielle, I–” Vlad was stammering, clearly caught off guard, and Danny could tell by the set of his shoulders he was trying to think of a lie.

“Who is that?” The girl asked quietly.

“It’s no one, Danielle, I told you not to come into my lab.”

“I… I fell through the floor…” She sounded like a crying kid who was being yelled at for skinning her knee.

“Then go back up through the floor.” There was no kindness in his tone, just annoyance.

“Hey, leave her–” The second Danny opened his mouth Vlad’s hand pressed down on a button, sending a shock of electricity through him and turning his words into a shout.

“You’re hurting him!" 

"Go. To. Your. Room!” Vlad’s voice brooked no argument and she turned and fled, leaving Plasmius to turn back to face Danny. “Now, where were we?”

“What the hell is going on here, Vlad?” The girl, the strange ghosts, the bubbling experiments resting in pods all over Vlad’s lab… And Vlad’s claim to need mid-morph DNA… It all pointed to a conclusion but it was impossible, the stuff of science fiction… And yet he couldn’t get the image of the young girl out of his head.

“I thought that would be obvious by now, Daniel. If you won’t become my son, I decided I would have to make one.”

The information still refused to fully process. “You… cloned me?”

“I am attempting to, yes. But the clones I created were unstable, or… flawed… mindless. And I still need from you the final piece.”

“But… you succeeded… that girl–”

“You call that a success?” Vlad laughed, horribly, and the way she had called Vlad ‘father’ threw Danny’s stomach into knots. “She’s weak, unstable, can barely control her powers or follow orders–”

“She’s what, five?" 

"Developmentally, she’s four.”

“And you’re holding that against her?” Danny couldn’t believe what he was hearing. He knew Vlad was messed up but this? This was just… wrong.

“She’s useless–”

Useless!? You don’t want a kid, you want a slave– aaahh!” Vlad had pressed the button again and the horrible tearing sensation was back. But he wasn’t going to let Vlad win, wasn’t going to let him just create life and then throw it away. If he could just concentrate, summon enough energy to–

The wall exploded behind him, breaking the back of the pod and cutting off the flow of electricity, freeing him from the pain… and his cuffs. Vlad didn’t know what hit him…


“You ready to go, Danny?” Sam asked, as soon as he’d taken out Vlad and pulled the plug on as many experiments as he could find. 

“Yeah, just… One more thing. Wait here.” He didn’t wait for a response, just flew up into the rest of the house. 

It was really a miracle that he found her, in a mansion that large, but he did, simply by following his instincts and heading towards that. He found her in what looked like a guest bedroom, much smaller than the one he’d stayed in when he first visited, though, and completely bereft of anything that might be of interest to a four-year old. She hid behind the bed when he entered.

“Hey…” He didn’t really know what to say to her, didn’t have much experience with kids, but tried to be as calm and soothing as possible. She poked her head out over the top of the bed and he crouched down, not trying to get any closer. “You’re Danielle, right?”

She nodded, her eyes just barely visible, watching warily and he sent her a smile that wasn’t returned. 

“I’m Danny.” He tried. 

“Where’s dad?” she whispered. 

“He’s… fine. He’s downstairs.” Tied up, but he wasn’t sure how she’d react to that information. She nodded again and made no move to further the conversation.

“Look, Danielle, I’m here to help–”

“Why did Dad have you in the basement?” Geeze, starting right off with the hard questions. He didn’t know what to tell her… so he decided on the truth… Or as close to it as she could understand.

“Look… that man… isn’t your dad. He’s been lying to you–”

You're lying!” She backed away from the edge of the bed, suddenly angry. Green ectoblasts formed in her hands as she spoke “I can do this because he–”

She broke off as identical green ectoplasm formed in Danny’s hands in front of her. It was remarkable how similar they were, practically resonating and growing stronger as her hand came out to compare them. Even the way the energy moved inside of them was the same, ebbing and flowing in unison. She stared at it, transfixed and Danny got an idea. 

He molded the ectoplasm, letting it solidify, slightly, in his palm, rising up and forming a shape. The faint image of a ghost, human torso, spectral tail, came into view and he let it fly around, watching as the young girl’s face lit up excitement. It was a trick he’d been practicing with Pandora, who claimed forming something small but complex would help him gain more control. He let the spectral tail thicken, the ends splay out until a mermaid came into being, swimming in the air above his fingers. He let the human half become a fish, let it fly up a back down in a flip and smiled as Danielle’s eyes followed it, mouth hanging open. He made it swim around her head and she reached out to grab it– and Danny’s concentration broke, the ectoplasm dissipating as the girl’s face fell.

“I’m sorry!” She was suddenly terrified, cowering, as if she expected him to start yelling at her… and Vlad probably would have.

“It’s okay! Here, look!” He held out his hand again, letting the ectoplasm form, but this time covering it in a thin layer of ice. “It’s okay, you can touch it. Come on.” He coaxed her hand closer, letting it fully solidify as soon as she laid her fingers on it, falling into her hand. Her gaze jumped back up to his.

“Souvenir.” He told her, but immediately corrected when he realized she probably didn’t know that word “A gift.”

She beamed “Can I do that!”

He laughed. “Probably. I can teach you. But not now, some other time.”

“Okay!” She was ecstatic, all fear and anger completely erased as she gazed at the fish in her hand, running her fingers over the scales. He wondered if Vlad had ever given her enough time to even play with her…

“Look, Danielle, do you like it here?” She looked at him, confused. “Because… You could come live with me, if you want. I’ll teach you how to do that, how to control all your powers.”

“Dad’ll be mad at me…” She looked down, curling into herself.

“I won’t let him be. I will never let him hurt you. I won’t let him anywhere near you if that’s what you want.”

He could see her thinking, worried, confused, and he wished he had some way to explain this better, to get her to understand that she really needed to come with him… But he wasn’t going to force her, not the way Vlad would…

“And… you’ll teach me things like this?” She was turning the fish over in her hands, feeling the weight of it.

“Yep. And you can meet my mom and dad, my sister Jazz. I know they’d love you. We’d take care of you, a lot better than Vlad would. I can take you flying; I know the constellations, I could teach you the stars–”

“You’ll let me go outside!?" Danny was going to kill Vlad. He knew the man wouldn’t exactly let her out on her own, or risk being seen with a girl who coulnd’t control her powers, but to keep her locked up…

"Of course! We’ll take you to the park, let you play in the grass. We’ve got a back yard. It’s not that big but–”

“Okay!” And she was hugging him, wrapping short little arms around his waist. And then she froze, as if she’d realized what she was doing and expected to be punished for it. But Danny didn’t let her pull away; he wrapped his arms around her just as fast, picking her up as he stood. Judging by the way she jumped and clung to him for dear life, Vlad didn’t pick her up very often, either…

“Come on, Dani; let’s go home.”

PhannieMay16: Wes

Wes Weston was not bisexual, thank you very much.

He was gay as fuck.

But he didn’t have time for that type of stuff. With a schedule so busy as his with basketball and school and then his even gayer father he couldn’t put in time for a relationship.

Or that’s what he thought. Kissing Fenton behind the school was not in the plan. At all.

He was about to transform into Phantom, that much he knew. Fenton was crouched behind a dumpster as a ghost attacked random students inside. Wes had a video camera and everything, ready to record the solid proof that Danny Fenton is a ghost.

Fenton must have heard him, because he turned around. He gestured for Wes to come closer, and Wes cautiously did.

Then Fenton had grabbed his shirt, kissing him full on the lips. And by god were they much softer than Wes had ever let himself think about.

Then Fenton pulled away too soon, transforming right in front of him and flying off.

That asshole.