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At least I think that’s today’s theme.  I am very behind oh wow.

My favorite headcanon: Mr. Lancer figured it out.  He knows about Danny.

If you pay attention to his characterization throughout the series, he goes from a pretty mean teacher, adding more antagonism to Danny’s already stressful world, to a really, truly understanding adult figure in Danny’s life.  

He begins the series with a huge bias towards Dash, athletes, and the popular crew for some reason.  But once you hit “Teacher of the Year,” BAM.  Something changes, and Mr. Lancer doesn’t really retreat back into that stereotypical version of himself again.  

In “TotY,” he is hard on Danny, as usual, but he explains that it’s because he sees great potential in Danny and thinks he has a lot more to offer.  Considering his parents are scientists and his sister is the smartest kid in school, this is a totally valid assumption, and it becomes founded when Danny actually sits down with Lancer to study and applies himself.  He gets an A, and Lancer is proud.

I think he keeps a particularly close eye on Danny after this.  The kid clearly has the potential to do great things and get good grades, but he doesn’t apply himself.  Why?  

It’s not like Mr. Lancer has a riveting personal life to speak of (“Fright Before Christmas”), so it’s pretty reasonable to say he spends a lot of time thinking about his students and his lesson plans.  I mean, the dude is like the English teacher who sometimes teaches some Science and History and possibly Math (even though he hates math??) and is a camp counselor and seems to have a lot of authority so maybe Vice Principal too?  He puts a lot into his work.  And I think he puts a lot of thought into his students.

We see a similar side to him again in TUE, in which he is hard on Danny but cuts him some slack in the end.  As though he knows there’s something else, something bigger, going on in the boy’s life to drive him to desperate measures.  

He goes from being extremely and irrationally hard on Danny (giving him detention in early episodes basically just for existing) to being much softer and more forgiving, treating Danny with a special kind of respect.

I gif’d this scene because I feel like it’s a subtle reference to the possibility that he knows.  Danny (as Phantom) is up on stage with Tucker, Sam and Jazz during this presentation.  When it’s over, the first people to clap in support are the Fentons, and the next?  Is Mr. Lancer.

He claps before Tucker’s own parents.  Or Sam’s.  And then he mentions all of them collectively when he sardonically comments that “They never put that much effort into their school work.”


I doubt he’s including Jazz in this statement, and it’s perfectly reasonable to assume he’s just talking about Sam and Tucker.  But the only two doing the actual talking/presenting are Danny and Tucker.

Danny as Phantom.  And Tucker.

And this supports my favorite headcanon that Lancer figured it out and kept it quiet, gradually coming to understand Danny and his predicament.  He really is responsible and driven, but grades, Lancer finds out, are not his first priority.  And that’s why he treats him differently, with more empathy, as the series goes on.

Because he knows.

this is probably the most spontaneous fake title card ever but oh well I am very pleased with it

based on an early discussion about Sam and Paulina; if you take Sam’s attitude towards girls as a character flaw instead of white middle-aged male writers not knowing that “not like other girls” is harmful to feminism, it leaves plenty of opportunity for Sam to learn a lesson about “girly girls”, and what better way then swapping bodies with someone like Paulina?

My guess is this happens after Sam and Danny start dating and Paulina makes an offhand wish about “being the ghost boy’s girlfriend”.  Either Desiree overheard it and Paulina’s just super confused about waking up in Sam Manson’s body or she knowingly asks Desiree to make her the ghost boy’s girlfriend and she spends the whole time in Sam’s body wondering why the heck Sam is dating Phantom.  But basically Sam learns that being girly isn’t bad and Paulina learns to be a little more humble and one step closer towards girl friendships????? and also Desiree finally gets to appear on a title card yes


“Ugh, Dipper, what did you do to upset them this time?”

“What?  I–n-nothing!  They just want me to do the Lamby Dance again! Can’t you just beat them up or suck them into your thermos?”

“You got yourself into this mess, and you’re gonna get yourself out.”


Phanniemay - Secret Trio/Crossover

Somehow, Danny and Dipper are familiar with each other.  Babysitter or just a random ghost he sometimes summons or whatever.  

Either way, Danny’s on the ghosts’ side this round.

making this killed me i have no masking only chroma keyer what death i have experienced.


Phanniemay is back for its third year, a little different than usual!  As you can see there’s less themes - while it was a noble effort, 31 different themes was a lot of things for people do, and not a lot of people have that kinda time.  Even I haven’t gotten halfway through one Phanniemay. Thus, we now have themes in segments!  

For those of you concerned about the change, I have a proposition for you: if you still want to do 31 different pieces, the challenge is now to interpret the theme differently for each day.  So for Dreams you would do four different pieces, three for Girl Power, two for CrossOver, etc.  

This is not an art-only calendar, nor a writing-only one.  Any type of submission is welcome!  Be it art, writing, cosplaying, crafting, music, video editing, etc.  Whatever you can do to participate is fine!

The official tags for this event will be #Phanniemay and #Phanniemay15 (no space), so please tag it appropriately!  Remember not to post progress shots or casual, non-fic text posts in the tag as it’s for completed submissions only, and please tag for any triggers should your submission contain them.

If you don’t understand the themes, don’t worry - each theme will have a little description and a reminder on its first day.  You are not required to make something for each and every one, and any interpretation of the theme is good, as long as it vaguely relates to the word(s).

Any other questions?  Ask me!  Otherwise, have fun!!!

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phanniemay day 6: Anniversary/Fave Headcanon

got a few in one go actually. I love me some ghost speak and green skin tone/ blush. the skin tone especially simply because it makes more sense then what we have in the show. green blood and normal skin tone….not really gonna happen XD (and of course “glowstick” jokes *cough*)

A little late, but it’s finally ready!  Phanniemay is back at it again with the white vans for its fourth year!  We’ve gone back to the 31 individual themes versus last year’s two to four day segments.  Can you create something for all 31 days?  If so, send me a message and receive a little congratulatory gift!

Phanniemay is a 31-day celebration of the show Danny Phantom, so as long as you create something involving elements from the show along with some interpretation of that day’s theme, it counts!  You can write a fic, draw a picture, take a cosplay photo, make a craft, edit a video, anything you can think of!  

If you don’t understand one of the themes or can’t think of any interpretations of it, don’t worry!  I will be making daily reminders for each day with a description and any relevant background information.  Some days will have alternate themes if you check out the event page.  Late entries are always welcome if you’re too busy to do this in May!

Please be sure to tag any of your contributions with appropriate trigger warnings!  And if you see any themes that may lead to a specific, uncommon trigger, please let me know so I can tell people how to properly tag their entries on that day’s announcement.

The official tags for this event are #Danny Phantom, #Phanniemay, and #Phanniemay16 (no spaces!)  

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Do you have any other questions?  Message me!

Thank you, and have fun!!