phaniepack replied to your post: Before the sun

Were you always a morning person? Or is this a side effect from having kids?

It’s a glorious side effect like the broken blood vessel in my eye from labor, the saggy now ‘B-ish’ cups, the constant need for caffeine, a developed tolerance to Laurie Berkner, and my sexual attraction to Steve from Blue’s Clues. 


Chocolate and Marshmallow Vodka Ganache

- 12 ounces milk chocolate chips

- 8 ounces heavy whipping cream

- about half an airplane bottle of marshmallow vodka (or frangelico, or cake vodka, or grand marnier… depends on what you’re using it for.)

- ¼ cup confectioners sugar

Put chips into METAL bowl.

Bring cream and liquor/liqueur to boil.

Pour cream mixture over chips and cover with foil for about 2 minutes.

Uncover and stir (first with a fork, then a whisk, then hand mixer)

Use hand mixer while adding the confectioners sugar and mix for about 4-5 minutes to thicken.

Let sit for at least 20 minutes until thick.

Cover every piece of fruit, cookie, cake, twinkie, cracker, sandwich, hot dog, whatever - COVER EVERYTHING IN YOUR FRIDGE WITH THAT SHIT.