keepitobsessed  asked:

You're a Cambridge student!? Where? 0: /I might be late on this, I'm sorry :x

Haha yer, Cambridge University, I know it doesn’t show. And by where, do you mean which specific college do I go to? If that’s the case, Pembroke College. I study Social and Political sciences, but this year I’ve started to specialise in political ethics and comparative politics. 

keepitobsessed  asked:

✓ and ✖ and ✌ yes yes yes

✓: tell 5 facts about yourself

  • i’m craving cheese really bad right now
  • i’m an aquarius 
  • but i can’t swim
  • i hate pineapple so much just thinking about it makes me angry
  • eggs are my favourite food
✖ : something you hate
  • PINEAPPLES also cucumbers.
✌: share 5 things that you really want
  • cheese
  • chips
  • maybe cheesy chips omg
  • a holiday to germany
  • no work tomorrow